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Transcript of TEST/INTERVIEW SCHEDULE FOR M.PHIL ISLAMIC STUDIES of Candidates (Quran and Tafseer).pdf¢ ...


    QURAN & TAFSEER As decided by the Admission Committee for M.Phil Islamic Studies Semester Spring

    2018, the Short-listing Criteria for appearance in written test is as follows:

    1- 2nd Division in M.A Islamic Studies 2- At least 2nd Division in B.A

    Candidates, who fulfill the short-listing criteria as mentioned above, are advised to

    appear in the written Test for admission in M.Phil Islamic Studies (with specialization in

    Quran & Tafseer) Program scheduled as per following details:


    Sr.# Event Date & Day Time Place 1. Written Test

    for Admission Test at par with GRE (General)

    30th April 2018 09:00 A.M Regional Office, Karachi Regional Office, Multan Regional Office, Lahore and AIOU Academic Complex, Islamabad.

    Subject Test 30th April 2018 1:30 P.M

    2. Display of Result for Written Test.

    -- 4th May 2018

    before 04:00 P.M

    AIOU website

    3. Interview -- 7th May 2018 10:00 A.M

    Faculty of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Block No.12, AIOU.

    -- 9th May 2018 10:00 A.M

    Above mentioned Regional Offices through Video link.

    Note: 60% marks (minimum) are required in both written Tests



    Test Date: 30th April. 2018 at 09:00 a.m.

    NOTE: Test will be held at four regions, Islamabad, Karachi, Multan & Lahore. The

    candidates are advised to appear in any of these Regional Centers. For

    further detail please Contact: 051-9057787 051-9057834 Roll

    No Name Father’s Name Test Venue

    1 Mr. Abdullah Muhammad Riaz Awan Islamabad

    2 Mr. Khalees ul Janan Mehfooz ul Sultan Islamabad

    3 Mr. Muhammad Banaras Muhammad Younas Islamabad

    4 Mr. Muhammad Hafeez Muhammad Yousaf Islamabad

    5 Mr. Muneer Ahmad Muhammad Farid Islamabad

    6 Mr. Tahir Zaman Safdar Zaman Islamabad

    7 Mr. Alam Din Khair Din Islamabad

    8 Mr. Amna Mobeen Muhammad Saleem Islamabad

    9 Mr. Ghazanfar Abbas Sher Khan Islamabad

    10 Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed Muhammad Ahsan Islamabad

    11 Mr. Muhammad Ajmal Khan Abdul Ghani Khan Islamabad

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    No Name Father’s Name Test Venue

    2 | P a g e

    12 Mr. Muhammad Farooq Ahmad Noor Islamabad

    13 Mr. Muhammad Naseer Muhammad Yaseen Islamabad

    14 Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Muhammad Akram Islamabad

    15 Mr. Tariq Mahmood Muhammad Akram Islamabad

    16 Mr. Zulqarnain Fazal Din Islamabad

    17 Mr. Muhammad Aqeel Khan Muhammad Shafiq Khan Islamabad

    18 Mr. Imran Khan Mumtaz Hussain Khan Islamabad

    19 Mr. Abdul Hakim Abdul Karim Islamabad

    20 Mr. Abdur Rahim Rahmat Said Islamabad

    21 Mr. Khalid Khan Zyarat Gul Islamabad

    22 Mr. Muhammad Hussain Rahmat Said Islamabad

    23 Mr. Rooh Ullah Ikram Ullah Islamabad

    24 Mr. Abdur Rehman Rehmat Jan Islamabad

    25 Mr. Hayat Naser Muhammad Ilyas Islamabad

    26 Mr. Muhammad Waseemullah Shah Muhammad Zahir Shah Islamabad

    27 Mr. Asif Hameed Abdul Mujeeb Islamabad

    28 Mr. Ihsan ul Haq Maulana Abdul Manan Islamabad

    29 Mr. Muhammad Liaqat Siraj Ahmad Islamabad

    30 Mr. Noor Islam Abdu Mujeeb Islamabad

    31 Mr. Ibraheem Muhammad Amin Islamabad

    32 Mr. Israr Ahmad Nazir Muhammad Islamabad

    33 Mr. Arshad Mahmood Karam Rasul Islamabad

    34 Mr. Asmim Waqar Khalil ur Rahman Islamabad

    35 Mr. Javed Qayyum Abdul Qayyum Khan Islamabad

    36 Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq Muhammad Akram Islamabad

    37 Mr. Nouman Umar Muhammad Iqbal Islamabad

    38 Mr. Tasveer Hussain Meharban Ali Islamabad

    39 Mr. Zagham Abbas Ghulam Sarwar Khan Islamabad

    40 Mr. Amir Muhammad Noor Muhammad Islamabad

    41 Mr. Bakhtyar Ahmad Zayarat Gul Islamabad

    42 Mr. Khalid Khan Aslam Khan Islamabad

    43 Mr. Muhammad Salman Raham Din Islamabad

    44 Mr. Siyarullah Ghufranullah Islamabad

    45 Mr. Yasir Amin Rooh ul Amin Islamabad

    46 Mr. Zia Ur Rahman Noor ur Rahman Islamabad

    47 Mr. Jehan Zeb Ahmad Muhammad Farooq Islamabad

    48 Mr. Nasir uddin Hafiz uddin Islamabad

    49 Mr. Mudaser Hussain Ghulam Raza Islamabad

    50 Mr. Zain ud Din Muhammad Din Islamabad

    51 Mr. Alam Zaib Khan Zardad Khan Islamabad

    52 Mr. Ashabuddin Abdul Azim Khan Islamabad

    53 Mr. Ayaz Ullah Muhammad Rasool Khan Islamabad

    54 Mr. Fayaz Ahmad Muhammad Umar Islamabad

    55 Mr. Matiur Rahman Fazal Rahman Islamabad

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    No Name Father’s Name Test Venue

    3 | P a g e

    56 Mr. Noor Zaman Khan Masal Said Islamabad

    57 Mr. Saz Muhammad Sultanat Khan Islamabad

    58 Mr. Sharifuddin Sultan Amir Islamabad

    59 Mr. Tahseenullah Fazal Subhan Islamabad

    60 Mr. Mirzahud Din Hazrat Ali Islamabad

    61 Mr. Ali Muhammad Ghulam Hussain Islamabad

    62 Mr. Abdul Hameed Himmat Khan Islamabad

    63 Mr. Bulbul Jan Gulab Shah Islamabad

    64 Mr. Amjad Khan Gulzar Khan Islamabad

    65 Mr. Babar Khan Sultan Muhammad Islamabad

    66 Mr. Muhammad Amjad Muhammad Zaman Islamabad

    67 Mr. Muhammad Shabir Muhammad Rafique Islamabad

    68 Mr. Naeem Shahzad Waris Din Islamabad

    69 Mr. Sana Ullah Khan Muqarrab Khan Islamabad

    70 Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Muhammad Ghufran Islamabad

    71 Mr. Hafiz Abdullah Shah Syed Munawar Shah Islamabad

    72 Mr. Arfan Ahmed Shair Zaman Islamabad

    73 Mr. Rja Muhammad Afaq Khan Raja Muhammad Safeer Khan Islamabad

    74 Mr. Syed Amjad Aftab Bukhari Syed Aftab Hussain Bukhari Islamabad

    75 Mr. Abdul Mueed Abdul Majeed Mubasher Islamabad

    76 Mr. Abdul Rauf Hafiz Mazhar ullah Memon Islamabad

    77 Mr. Abu Bakr Siddique Qari Muhammad Mansha Zahid Islamabad

    78 Mr. Adnan Haider Qurban Ali Islamabad

    79 Mr. Ajmal Saeed Faqir Muhammad Islamabad

    80 Mr. Anas Zahid Tirmizey Syed Zahid Ali Zahid Islamabad

    81 Mr. Aqeel Ahmed Siddiqui Abdul Sagheer Islamabad

    82 Mr. Asad Mahmood Khokhar Muhammad Razzaq Khokhar Islamabad

    83 Mr. Asad ur Rehman Mumtaz Ahmed Islamabad

    84 Mr. Awais Talat Abbasi Talat Mehmood Islamabad

    85 Mr. Farmanullah Nazir Khan Islamabad

    86 Mr. Ghulam Abbas Shakoor Ali Islamabad

    87 Mr. Habib Ullah Raz Gul Islamabad

    88 Mr. Hafiz Isam uddin Muhammad Miraj ud Din Islamabad

    89 Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah Ghazi Khairullah Islamabad

    90 Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Saqlain Asif Nawab Asif Islamabad

    91 Mr. Hazrat Bilal Nasir ud Din Islamabad

    92 Mr. Ibrahim Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahim Ashraf Islamabad

    93 Mr. Ijaz ur Rehman Qazi Ihsan ur Rehman Islamabad

    94 Mr. Mahmood Khan Shah Dar Gul Islamabad

    95 Mr. Mudassir Ahmed Mukhtiar Ahmed Islamabad

    96 Mr. Muhammad Amin Bashir Ahmed Islamabad

    97 Mr. Muhammad Arshid Muhammad Hussain Islamabad

    98 Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Qari Allah Bakhsh Shakir Islamabad

    99 Mr. Muhammad Naeem Saddique Taghabun Islamabad

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    No Name Father’s Name Test Venue

    4 | P a g e

    100 Mr. Muhammad Shhid Muhammad Nazir Islamabad

    101 Mr. Muhammad Tahir Muhammad Yousaf Islamabad

    102 Mr. Muhammad Umair Qureshi Muhammad Azeem Qureshi Islamabad

    103 Mr. Muhammad Zakir Ullah Muhammad Saeed Ullah Islamabad

    104 Mr. Naeem Jan Amin Jan Islamabad

    105 Mr. Nasreen Akhter Kayani Abdul Majeed Kayani Islamabad

    106 Mr. Naveed Iqbal Kala Khan Islamabad

    107 Mr. Nazakat Ali Manzoor Hussain Islamabad

    108 Mr. Nisar Ahmad Muhammad Jabbar Islamabad

    109 Mr. Rafaqat Ali Liaqat Ali Islamabad

    110 Mr. Rukhsar Gul Muhammad Khan Islamabad

    111 Mr. Shabbir Ahmad Nasee Ahmad Islamabad

    112 Mr. Shoukat Ali Muhammad Iqbal Islamabad

    113 Mr. Sultan Sikandar Allah Bakhsh Islamabad

    114 Mr. Syed Adil Hussain Shah Shah Pir Islamabad

    115 Mr. Syed Ghulam Mehar Ali Shah Syed Sadiq Hussain Shah Islamabad

    116 Mr. Tahir Shah Abdul Tatif Islamabad

    117 Mr. Tariq Mahmood Muhammad Khubaib Zafar Islamabad

    118 Mr. Ubedullah Fida Hussain Mangi Islamabad

    119 Mr. Yasir Khan Abdul Rehman Islamabad

    120 Mr. Zia ur Rehman Muhammad Shafiq Khan Islamabad

    121 Mr. Rashid Bashir Noor Hussain Islamabad

    122 Mr. Malik Muzaffar Iqbal Malik Abdul Jabbar Islamabad

    123 Mr. Masud abbas Janjua Zahoor Ahmed Janjua Islamabad

    124 Mr. Adil Jan Awal Jan Islamabad

    125 Mr. Asmat Ali Khan Wahib Gul Islamabad

    126 Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Muhammad Abdul Wahab Islamabad

    127 Mr. Nasim ur Rehman Allah Min Gul Islamabad

    128 Mr. Nijat Ullah Muhammad Rahim Islamabad

    129 Mr. Wasil Niaz Sher Badan Islamabad

    130 Mr. Aziz ur Rehman Hafiz Muhammad Ramzan Islamabad

    131 Mr. Muhammad Fida ur Rehman Miyan Aziz ur Rehman Islamabad

    132 Mr. Muhammad Naseem Luqman Hakeem Islamabad

    133 Mr. Wahid Shah Mehboob Shah Islamabad

    134 Mr. Inayat ur Rehman Shafiq ur Rehman Islamabad

    135 Mr. Ubaid ur Rahman Hafeez ur Rahman Islamabad

    136 Mr. Zia ur Rehman Sahib Din Islamabad

    137 Mr. Fazal Khaliq Failaqoos Islamabad

    138 Mr. Fazal ur Rahman Molvi Abdul Mustan Islamabad

    139 Mr. Siraj uddin