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How to find and test pre-release versions of Firefox, safely and enjoyably.

Transcript of Testing Baby Foxes

  • 1. Testing baby foxes. Dietrich Ayala, Mozilla

2. Help us help you. Try out pre-release versions of Firefox. Blog, tweet, chat about your experiences. Report bugs. 3. Constant flux. Massive codebase. Unintended consequences. Testing localized builds. 4. Hold up. This software can bite. Backup your data. Back it up again. http://support.mozilla.com/en-us/kb/profiles 5. Branch Nightlies Stable. Mostly. http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nig htly/latest-firefox-3.6.x/ 6. Alphas, Betas https://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all- beta.html 7. Trunk Nightlies Living dangerously. http://nightly.mozilla.org/ 8. Updating Windows: Help/Check for Updates Mac: Firefox/Check for Updates Linux: Help/About Firefox 9. Foxes and foxes. Windows: Install to a different directory. Mac: Rename the .app file. Linux: Install to a different directory. 10. Profiles: Gotta manage 'em all! -profilemanager on the command line Profile Manager http://people.mozilla.org/~jgriffin/profilemanager/ 11. Safety Dance Backup with Dropbox, Time Machine, etc. Firefox Sync, new in Firefox 4 (Weave add-on) Copy profiles to back up 12. Uh-oh. Windows: Feedback button Mac, Linux: Help/Submit Feedback https://bugzilla.mozilla.org Blog it, tweet it (#firefox) 13. Thanks! @dietrich on Twitter. [email protected] http://flavors.me/da Pictures are CC license, from Flickr.com.