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    Testimonial Letters ... from our cu stomers

  • I am Didi, 37 years old and a registered nurse.

    As a professional nurse, I’ve been working hard caring for my patients. It is a great joy to me if I am with patients and able to meet their needs physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    One day, a disease medically called Lupus struck me. It is a degenerative disease that is fatal. This is a dreadful disease that affects the immune system. While I was caught up with this disease physically, I felt generalized weakness and pain all over my body. I could hardly walk because of the vascular necrosis that affects the femoral joints of my hips. My orthopedic doctor scheduled me to have a total hip replacement. In spite of these ailments, I never lost hope that someday I would recover. I leave everything to our dear Lord Almighty, my precious life. He has given me strength, and I know he will never leave me alone.

    When I went home to the Philippines to visit my family, this disease seriously attacked me again. My body became swollen. I was very weak, unable to eat, and totally bedridden. My days were numbered. I was confined at Manila Medical Center. The medical staff did everything. In spite of their dedicated services to make me well, I am diagnosed as critical. I cannot be transported back to the US because I am almost dying. I was very aware of what was happening to me and as I said earlier, I never lost hope to get well. I have deep faith in our Lord Almighty. While I was in this critical and dying condition, my family prepared my dress for my burial, and arranged funeral services in the event I will have my last breath. My family here and in the Philippines, had already accepted my situation. All of them were very much affected emotionally by my case.

    But miracles happen day by day. One morning my doctor advised me to go home, and instructed me to follow treatments at home. At the same time, I am to seek further treatments back in the United States, if I am able to go back. I was discharged, and transported via wheelchair.

    I arrived in the United States still in a weak condition. I was able to ambulate with the aide of my wheelchair and walker. I am disabled, and not able to go back to work. I felt demoralized being helpless. I’ve been a hard worker, I can’t accept being idle. But God is so gracious to me. One day during our Bible Study, I met Sister Fleur de Jesus. She is also a nurse, and was so concerned about my situation. During the course of our conversation, she mentioned the Bio-Mat. We had a very good discussion about the Bio-Mat, how it how can help people with diseases such as Lupus, which is my diagnosis, cancer, etc. Considering her professional background as a professor at USC College of Nursing, she’s knowledgeable about the exchange of negative and positive ions which the Bio-Mat plays an important role in the prevention of diseases.

    I was enthused to know more about the Bio-Mat, she gave me brochures. I read it and was delighted to know that there is something to help me. Sister Fleur and her husband, Brother Lito, offered their help to drive me to a clinic to meet Dr. and Mrs. Barlicos, who are the coordinators of a Los Angeles clinic. I lay on the mat, and a few minutes later I could feel the warmth all over my body, and the pain is somewhat relieved. Right then and there I decided to purchase the Bio-Mat. Although I am financially low, I asked my friend if she could help me finance, and I would pay her in installments. She consented without ado, and finally I got one.

    Days pass since I’ve used my Bio-Mat. I feel the therapeutic effect within my body. My aches are relieved, my appetite is restored, and my strength has been regained. The stiffness of my hips, joints, and legs is gone, and the bluish marks all over my skin, have faded and is clearer. I observe my body’s reaction to the treatment closely. I am now able to walk without the help of my walker.

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  • Sister Fleur and Brother Lito have been nice to me - recommending that I see their private doctor for a complete medical examination. I have been under the care of their doctor since then. He has submitted me to different tests, prescribed me some medications, and along with this, I am an avid user of the Bio-Mat. I never let a day pass by without using my Bio-Mat. A few days after the doctor had seen me, he declared to me that my Lupus had been cleared. He even said that it is like a mystery. I told him that I have been using the Bio-Mat.

    Well this is the story of my life. Thanks to God that the Bio-Mat was discovered, and it’s a great miracle. I will not trade in the Bio-Mat for anything. I owe my precious life to our dear Lord Jesus who “leadeth” me to use the Bio-Mat.

    Many thanks to Brother Litoand and Sister Fleur, Dr. and Mrs. Barlicos for being instrumental in helping me to have a healthy life. Now, I am in the best of health and able to serve our Lord spiritually.

    - Didi Kawaling -

    My name is Mario Y. Hermosilla. I am a 47 years old military

    veteran currently living in San Diego, California together with my wife and two children. When I retired from the U.S. Navy after twenty-four years of service, I was awarded 40% disability, which accounted for lower back pain, migraine headaches, and others. Although my migraine headaches are controllable by prescription drugs, the frequency and intensity have increased gradually which required constant medication. The side effects of the medication had interfered with my daily work and quality of life. For a while there, I surrendered to the fact that there is nothing that can make me regain my usual health-life without migraine headaches. I prayed for the day when something can be invented or discovered that could ease my suffering from this dreaded ailment. That day came when I discovered Bio-Mat.

    Earlier last summer, close family friends of mine introduced

    me to the Bio-Mat and the Jade Pillow. They made me try the products and let me experience first hand the effects of negative ions and far infrared rays. Within fifteen minutes from the time I laid down on the Bio-Mat, I started feeling the tensions on my back go away. The sharp pain that I felt between my shoulder blades and lower back seemed to have gone away. The warm soothing feeling I got from the Bio-Mat was a welcomed relief on my knotted back muscles and tired body. I readily bought the product and used it daily. Coming home and using my Bio-Mat for one to two hours right after work is almost a ritual because it relieves the tense and tired muscles after a full days work. After each session, I feel so rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to tackle other tasks at home. My wife felt the same way since she uses it as well right after coming home from work. Best of all, using the Bio-Mat for overnight sleep is indeed blissful, a must for my wife and I.

    Then two months ago, I underwent a triple bypass heart surgery. With a fresh 7-inch incision on my chest and a badly bruised left thigh with a 3-inch cut, I started my slow recuperation at the hospital recovery ward. That was probably the longest five days for my life being away from my Bio-Mat. Sleeping became a problem for me since I can only sleep on my back. Every little movement on either

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  • side puts pressure on my chest incisions causing pain. Although the hurting was mostly controlled with pain medication, which had to be taken every four hours, it was indeed miserable to say the least. Additionally, pain pills put me to sleep every time I used them. With such a limited movement, I started getting backaches, cramps, and knotted muscles. By the end of the fifth day in the recovery room, I was released from the hospital and started my outpatient recovery at home. The first order of business as soon as I got home was to lie down on my Bio-Mat and experience once again its soothing warmth and healing effect. It was indeed very welcomed relief. Although my incisions on my chest and

    left thigh were still fresh and painful, I managed to move around the house on my own. The first thing I noticed from the time I started using the Bio-Mat is that the black and blue bruises on my left thigh, which ran from my groin all the way to about two inches below the knee, disappeared within two days. Just simply gone! But the best thing about recovering at home is that I was able to use my Bio-Mat most of the time, which relieved me of all the back pains and knotted muscles. It also seemed to relieve the incision pains and swelling, which allowed me not to use the pain pills anymore. It was then that I realized the tremendous effect Bio-Mat had on my health. I owe my trouble free recovery to my Bio-Mat and its healing powers from its negative ion and far infrared technology.

    After six weeks of recovery, my doctor released me with a clean bill of health and favorably commented on me speedy and uncomplicated recovery. I was told that the recovery time for such procedures normally takes three to six months depending upon a lot of factors. I was removed from my disability status and was allowed to return to work right after. This amazing produc