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  • 1. Smart Testing Method
  • 2. 2 About SE-Mentor Solutions (P) Ltd Testing and Test Automation Services SE Mentor is a pioneering IT services company focused on Software Testing Software Engineering consulting and training Pioneers ATP (Provider) Authorized Training Leading providers of Testing and Test automation Services We are among the best in providing of Test automation solutions with Commercial / open source tools . No : 1 service providers in India for IBM s Rational Brand on the consulting /training services front. Have executed more than 100 software engineering projects in IBM Rational domain Clientele includes 90% of top 100 Indian IT companies including Fortune 500 companies and MNCs
  • 3. 3 Smarter Testing Using Enablers Automate all possible stages of testing effectively Selection of Enablers covering more Cycles Commercial and Open Source Tools Reduce the manual effort Increase the productivity
  • 4. 4 Conventional Approach Increasing the test coverage by increasing the number of test cases Increase in the number of resources required Exhaustive test case execution Difficult to achieve the test coverage in the given time Conventional Testing Approach
  • 5. New Approach Approach Test Case Optimization Increase the test coverage by reducing the number of test case Test Case Cleansing Automate Test Case generation Test Case Prioritizing Assign score while test case generation Smarter Test Coverage
  • 6. 6 Why Test Case Optimization To reduce the number of unused/unwanted test cases To find the hidden defects by designing the perfect combination of inputs parameters Effectively reduce the number of resources required Effective utilization of time
  • 7. 7 Prioritize Test Prioritize test case Prioritize application breadth Functionality Aspect Functional Change Impact Provide Score for Test Cases Give score from 1-10 Make the test case selection process person independent By selecting the prioritized test cases
  • 8. 8 Test Case Optimization Techniques Test Case Optimization Approaches.. Pairwise test case generation Orthogonal Array Hybrid Optimization Bacteriologic Algorithm
  • 9. 9 Test Case Generation- Automation Combination Test Case Generation Auto Generate Effective Combination of parameters Increase the Coverage Avoid Exhaustive combinations Avoid Duplicate/ Invalid Test Combinations Use of Test Case generation tools Free Commercial Auto Generation of Combinational Test Case is to enhance the testing Not to avoid test case writing
  • 10. 10 Test Case Generation Tools- Partial List Hexawise AETG Pro Test Test Cover Test Case Generator All Pairs CombTest Web Spec Explorer
  • 11. Automated Test Case Generation Hexawise 11 Demonstration
  • 12. 12 Hexawise- Demo Hexawise Test Case Generation and Optimization Tool Commercial Tool Multiple level Test case generation Automatic Test Generation Define inputs for test Select Level of Test Case Generation Generate Test Case Combination https://app.hexawise.com/login
  • 13. 13 Hexawise- Create Test Plan Test Plan Creation Test Plan Name Select Project
  • 14. 14 Hexawise- Input Parameter Defining Input Input Parameter for Test Case generation Providing values for parameter Predefined input parameters available
  • 15. 15 Hexawise- Automatic Test Case Generation Test Case Generation
  • 16. 16 Test Case Generation Level Multiple Levels Vary number of test combinations Hexawise- Test Case Generation Strength
  • 17. THANK YOU 17 sarath@se-mentor.com 09846118510