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Presentation, video of the event, and creative dialogue focussing on the ideas-action extracted from II International Unconference of Dreams in Action: “Living in the Era of Art”

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  • Presentation, video of the event, and creative dialogue focussing on the ideas-action extracted from II International Unconference of Dreams in Action: Living in the Era of Art Directed by: Rosana Agudo (TTi, Technology for Inner Transformation) Date: Tuesday, 11th February 2014 Time: 19:30 to 21:30 Venue: Sala de las Juntas Generales (Hall of the Biscay Assembly),(Hall of the Biscay Assembly), Hurtado de Amzaga, 5. Bilbao Admittance free. All welcome. Telf. 94 444 18 38E-mail info@asociacionmirra.com Organised by Design and dynamics by Supported by
  • The Unconference has helped me become more conscious of our profound need for beauty. I have seen it in the Artlivingmakers, in the organisers of the workshop, in those who have supported us, in those who attended.... I have faith in the fact that this desire for beauty will be satisfied in many different ways and I feel that this Unconference helps me ADELA INNERRITY PRESIDENT of LUR GOZOA that this Unconference helps me prepare myself to recognise it and express it.
  • I feel deeply happy and grateful to life for having allowed me to take part in and share the experience of the Unconference. ROSANA AGUDO ALONSO Dreamer Vision Coach To be able to express what my heart and my thought needed to say and to share this in an atmosphere of respect and enjoyment has been a moving experience full of deeply-felt hope.
  • Art as an attitude to life. It was a fascinating idea. JON SARASUA Bertsolari Composer of spontaneous oral poetry As well as that, the morning began with a good omen: on the way into Bilbao The II Unconference was a fresh opportunity to sense the flow of reality and learn a little more. An industrial building reconverted into a cultural venue, and a large group of people disposed to listen, learn and, in any case, draw the outline of some idea. a good omen: on the way into Bilbao daybreak had an unusual orange colour and, as I drove in through Txorierri, my car passed under a 180 degree rainbow.
  • You read the press, listen to the radio, watch TV, and often have doubts: maybe we dont have the strength to revolutionize ourselves and revolutionize society, maybe we live in a passive universe, resigned to its decadence. However, this feeling of being alone disappeared for me when I took part in the II Unconference, held in Bilbao, Living in the Era of Art. During a one-day workshop, that felt too short for many of us, I had an opportunity to move beyond the historical pessimisms and discover that active participants exist, that they move, that they intervene directly in the world; first of all to denounce its failings (superficiality, stupidity, injustice) and, then, to change it through a common project that is ambitious, Happier, too, because the Unconference highlighted a key question that is forgotten so many times in the big speeches of our time: that in the same way as the world belongs to us, we belong to it; and so, every journey towards knowledge and self-improvement is both personal and universal. I find it difficult to imagine that any person could be unaffected after living through an experience like the Unconference. What was proposed there, apart from the concrete experiences and personal work, was a vision: of what we can be, of what we can do, of how we can live and intervene. The echo of those reflections, all of them inspired by art as a tool for construction, leaves the kind of sediment that is impossible to ignore. change it through a common project that is ambitious, more democratic and more just.
  • CRISTINA LINDEGAARD La Canela For me there has been a before and an after. My proposal to share with those attending a little piece of Flamenco for the Soul has purely and simply convinced me fully and reaffirmed me in my feeling that I am on the right road with my project, that it is useful, that it can make people feel better about A day full of inspiration, full of creative energy, innovative, of dreams to be turned into reality and dreams that are already coming true, of hopes, of shared experiences, of laughter and the feeling that from the heart and with the wings of the butterfly we can do, create and live everything. useful, that it can make people feel better about themselves, that it is a great tool for making people happier and that dancing through consciousness can transform people.
  • CONSTANCE LITTLE President of Mirra In the silence we can feel it, and also when The Age of Art is here. It is subtle, and its energy is within each and every one of us. In the silence we can feel it, and also when we meet with people who are in contact with it...whenever we have an open heart... we can get in touch with our need for harmony and beauty and make them appear in our lives and in the world through our own creativity... - A pearl of wisdom I rescued from the II Unconference of Dreams in Action
  • The old recipe of music, dance, poetry or, in short, culture being able to bring together people with different curricula, has worked once again thanks to the warm, gratifying FELIX B. BOPP Creator of the Club of Amsterdam Rooted in old traditions such as flamenco, spontaneous oral poetry in Basque (bertsolarismo) to name just a couple of the contributions and interventions and combined with a sense of belonging to some unifying force, with the same values, it seemed I was drinking from a source of energy that will allow us to cooperate, will make us able to adapt ourselves to the changes that come and to have a positive influence over our future not only at local level, but also with a great global impact. Thanks to everyone for the splendid time weve spent together. once again thanks to the warm, gratifying atmosphere during the event in Bilbao.
  • INMACULADA MARTNEZ Tantra Instructor Life Coach To describe in one sentence what I experienced during, and what I carry with me from, the II Unconference Dreams in Action, I would say: To live in the Era of Art we must develop a deeper vision of human beings, their relations, their life experiences, their decisions, their way of seeing and interpreting the world.
  • MIKEL ALVIRA Novelist - Poet Without doubt, for me the Unconference that took place in Pavilion 6 has been one of those opportunities to grow, to check where we find ourselves and feel part of a network. A personal opportunity to grow, while learning from enterprising people. At the same time to deepen my awareness of reality, to check where I The fact is that, apart from the aesthetic enjoyment of the space and the organisation, as well as the warmth generated and the explosion of emotions managed throughout the day, afterwards there have been contacts, nods, encounters, meetings that have meant the spirit of the Unconference has helped to tighten things up in my tasks and, above all, my being. Finally, the opportunity to remove the fear of being alone and realise that there are many of us who are journeying with a desire to evolve, weaving a network of synergies. deepen my awareness of reality, to check where I am, to reflect on the positions I adopt. I would even say, not only learning about intangible matters, so necessary for emotional construction and reflection, but also practical matters that are effective and efficient when it comes to developing entrepreneurship.
  • IIGO LPEZ AGUDO Musician Probably the most enriching outcome I take from the II Unconference is knowing that the art one brings out of oneself, despite what the artist might say, generally appears as something extraordinary to the eyes of others. This revitalises both the artist and the art itself and it gives it a new dimension: that work of art now belongs to all those who can perceive its beauty.
  • The Unconference showed me there are people creating another reality. That good intentions, innovative ideas, creative projects are becoming realities. It reminded me that we have the power to act and change our surroundings. It reminded me that it is possible to do this and it is being done. Awareness in action, thats what it was for me. Thanks for BELN MAYA Flamenco Dancer thats what it was for me. Thanks for inviting me and letting me be a part of it.
  • What is ART for me and how do I express it in my life Art begins when living is not enough to express life. Art is what is inside a look, the sound of the soul, dancing with life, listening to it..., it is the touch of the air, the smell of life. Art is beauty, beauty is in every sensation whether positive or negative, the beauty of black and white and the whole infinite rainbow between light and darkness. Art is keeping company. Having expressed ourselves. Emotions talking and dancing. Becoming more aware. Being alive. Power to transform. Art is connecting with an essence that interests you and interpreting it (the interpretation the howprocess. Art is process). The art of looking after life. Life is art if you open yourself to inspiration. Art is bringing out a sun we carry within us that we didnt know we had. Art is play and poetry. Art is when you express yourself as you really are, without limits, being free. We are not alone.
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