Ten steps to remaking your career

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Ten Steps… Presented by: Avon Hart-Johnson, PhD Candidate August 2014 Remaking yourself and Career©

Transcript of Ten steps to remaking your career

Ten Steps…

Presented by: Avon Hart-Johnson, PhD CandidateAugust 2014

Remaking yourself and Career©

My Bio• Former Manager for Information

Technology in the Private Sector

• Project Scheduler Presidential Inauguration

• IT Project Manager

• Former software application developer

• Former business analyst

• Consultant for the Federal Government

• Life skills instructor, half-way house for females, District of Columbia

• Adjunct Professor at UMUC

• Future goals: Work with ex-offenders in Second Chance Initiatives to help them find jobs, stabilize after prison, and rebuild their lives and relationships to enjoy a second chance at life and new focus on career. Secondly, prepare resource clearinghouse for families of offenders, so that they may stay connected when their loved one is in prison.

• BA, Information Technology

• MS, Information Systems

• MS, Forensic Psychology

• PhD Candidate, Human Services Counseling

• PSI CHI Honors Society

• NOHS Honors Society

• American Counseling Association Member

• Served as Vice President for foster care initiative, CASA

• Mentored Youth – University of Maryland mentoring program

• Guiding Light Mentor

• Set up a nonprofit sports organization for at risk youth

Ten Steps in remaking your career…

• Step 6: Reject –


• Step 7: Do the Work

• Step 8: Take Care of


• Step 9: Be all that You

Can Be

• Step 10: Respect Others

• Step 1: Build Your Plan

• Step 2: Set Goals and

Monitor Them

• Step 3: Network

• Step 4: Prepare,

Prepare, & Prepare

• Step 5: Invest in


Planning• A) Write it down (your

goals) or type it on something

• B) Visualize what it would feel like to accomplish your goals and hang on to that dream; it will become your reality!

• C) Make a list Place your goals list where you can review it everyday; stuff it in your wallet, purse, journal, on your smart phone, iPod, etc.

• Step 1: Build Your Plan. Take advantage of second chances. Start where you are and know where you are headed. Decide who and what you want to be; know that things often change as opportunities present themselves and your goals become clearer.

Goal Setting• Sometimes it will be

easy, other times it will be really difficult. Only you will determine how much you are willing to work to make your vision of success come true. . .

• Step 2: Set Goals and Monitor Them. Decide what you want to do with your life and work like crazy to accomplish it. There are no shortcuts in second chances.

Networking• Which people will

further your career or hinder it? Two things will happen: o a) you will succeed and they

will still be rooting for you in your corner;

o b) you will fail and they will say I told you so –you choose.

• Step 3: Network. Build your dream team. There are many people in your corner to support you. Take advantage of this network. Evaluate your relationships. Pick relationships that build you up, not tear you down.

Preparation• Bring your “A-Game.” to

interviews, class, and other important moments of opportunity. You are telling people who you are by the way that you present yourself.

• Create your Brand! Your brand is your specialty, who you are known for, what you do special. Are you well spoken, are your quick on your feet? Do you have a special smile, really good at art? Speak well? You decide and promote that image that you want others to see of you….Dream BIG.

• Step 4: Prepare, Prepare, & Prepare. Now is the time to practice. Take advantage of the resources that you have at your fingertips. They are there- you just need to seek them out. Use these resources to ask questions, prepare for an interview, find out more about programs, jobs, etc. Remember, they are here for you.

Self-Investment• Each day, be fully present no

matter what task you are working on.

• Remain focused and think about how your current task, effort, or responsibilities will help you reach your goals.

• Everything that you do not only affects your life, but in some way, it affects the lives of others, whether you can see it manifest or not.

• Your life is important, therefore whether good or bad, it will always has an impact on others. Represent yourself well.

• Step 5: Invest in Yourself. Take what is being offered to you as a gift to yourself. Use it as an investment of your future. What you are learning here, will prepare you to take on and receive even greater offerings that you can use to make your life what you want it to be.

• Why? Because every person deserves to live their best life, possible.

Building Endurance• Dig deep• Focus on the goal or vision• Know that some people

complain about the storms in life, learn to dance in the rain

• Develop “Grit”

• Step 6: Reject –the Rejection. No matter what level that are, currently, never let rejection stop you from seeking your goals. There are people in life who do not believe in second chances, who could care less about what you have been through. Don’t let that discourage you. Your success is right around the corner. Only you can determine how long that will take to get there.

Working Smart• Some days it is hard to

show up and focus. Life happens and its not always pretty, but you must learn to see the vision as bigger than the circumstances and push forward beyond temporal problems. You define how you will respond to these circumstances. You decide how you will perceive them. You are the author of your story; the author of your life-- represent yourself well.

• Step 7: Do the Work. To be a success in anything, you must invest and do the work. People will be there to help you, but you must work to become the person who you wish to see in your mirror- strive for your vision and goals for your future. Yes, it is all about you. Do the work.

Well-Being• Step 8: Take Care of

Yourself. This means mentally, physically and spiritually. No matter if you have faith or not, your spirit is your attitude, beliefs, mental health and well-being. Take care of your mind, body and soul. Your peace is your key to life.

Potential• Step 9: Be all that

You Can Be. Don’t sell yourself short. Only you can decide how far your will go in life and in your career. Only you can truly control your future. You deserve to have the best out of life- construct it as your vision and see the vision come to past.

Respect Others & Yourself

• Treat yourself with respect and dignity as well.

• You get one body, one life. This is not a dry-run, a rehearsal for life, this is the real thing. Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. Love yourself and you will receive love back.

• Now go out and become who you are!

• Step 10: Respect Others. As your travel this journey of life, don’t forget to say thank you to those who have been in your corner helping along the way.

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