Ten Biggest Real Estate Investor Mistakes

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Who Is Scott Carson?


The Note Guy

Who Is In The RoomNewbiesWholesalersFix & FlippersLandlordsPrivate LendersNote Investors


What Business Are You In?Why Are You Here?

#9Are You In Business Or Just A Hobby?

Business vs HobbyLLC, S-Corp, C-Corp not DBAYou Have A Domain NameYou Have A WebsiteYou Have A LogoYou Have Business Cards!You Have Business Plan & Executive Summary


Build Your DatabaseStart Building Your Tribe NowEveryone Is A Buyer, Seller Or Funding SourceWe Will All Be In Real Estate For YearsUse Linked In, Meetup.com, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Engage Regularly With ContentDont Wait Until You Need It To Build It!!!

#6Brand Yourself

Brand YourselfBe Yourself, Not Someone Else! Embrace Your UniquenessWould You Buy From You?Use Your Email SignatureSimilar ColorsHave A Tag Line80% of Sales Are Made After 5th ContactHow Long Is It Taking Your To Make That 5th Contact???


FocusHow many wholesaler, fix & flip, landlord, private lenders, realtors do we have in here?Pick Your One Thing & Stick To It!At The Most, Have Two IF You Have A Job!A Jack of All Trades Is A Master Of None!Use the 80/20 Rule To Determine Your Focus!

#4Market Smarter Not Harder

Work SmarterLearn To Delegate Below Your Pay GradePut Systems In Place At The Beginning!Track Your MarketingUse What The Big Boys Are UsingControl Your Own Schedule!1:1 Ratio Vs 1:Thousands

#3Tell More Stories

What Draws People InImagesDetailsHot Buttons.Low Price, Low LTV, High Returns!Give The Info YOU Would Want to KNOW and SEE!Realize Every Deal Is An Opportunity To Tell A StoryIts Okay To Use Adjectives In Your Marketing!

2 Week Closing!

#2Use More Video

Use More Video

#1Seek Counsel, Not Advice

How Do We Find Counsel


21st Century InvestorsUse CRM Tools Like Mailchimp, Aweber RegularlyUse Multiple Social Media PlatformsEmbrace Change As A Way To Beat The CompetitorsUse Their Phones To MarketProvide Content Instead Of Sales PitchesProfit By Solving ProblemsImplement Now vs Waiting For Right Time!!!

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