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It was Friday night

It was Friday nightI stayed working till late in the night, I was the last one to left the building, I was completely alonethe path till my car seemed to be an infinity journey...never like this empty parking lots by the way I have always wondered that someone could easily kill me in this places and people would notice just in the next day

Tonight I am not going outProbably many people by this time are going out with their friends to some bar or night club, but not me, not tonightI had others plan in my mindI have just one thing in my mind and I wanted to get home as fast as I couldI had someone to meetFinally got home, in the parking lot i saw somebody that was not familiar to me, probably is the new neighbor, he was moving some boxesWeird guy thoughFinally..home.And was there waiting for me as I have imagined during all the way.My bed.Some noises started from the apartment on top of seems that stuffs are being moved from side to side

ZzzzZzzzzzZzz, so tired that this not even bothers me.09 amI suddenly woke up with some big noises coming from every were, it seems there is a fight taking place in my living room?!

OR someone broke into my apartment?!Oh my godno.Soon I realized that my neighbor was aDrum player!SO LOUDThe sound was so loud! Even me that have a deep sleep could put up with it. I love to sleep till late in the morning but is the time that he likes to practice!!No fair resolution, for meI tried to talk with him and he told he would not stop playing, that pissed me off!

then I arranged a meeting with the building manager and he said that legally he could not do anything because it was during working hours..I always wanted toI always wanted to thisbut I never had the guts for it, I like to maintain the low profilebut I guess it would help me to release my stress.

Why not? Why a can use this as an excuse? And do it? Many people do without hurting themselves I decidedI decided that I would do it he would not stop playing anyway and in consequence I would not be able to sleep anymore I startedBoxing classes during the mornings