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Have you been struggling with ambitious crowd-funding, mobilizing your community, or how to sustain your venture in the long-term? The LearnServe Social Action Summit presented topics about how to integrate social media into venture plans.

Transcript of Tell Your Story With Social Media


2. ABOUT MARISA PEACOCK As Chief Strategist at The Strategic Peacock, I help small businesses and non-profit organizations enhance their online presence. I own a pit bull named Sampson, and am fond of dinosaurs. 3. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA? Share information Promote awareness Build networks Engage community Learn from others 4. ICE BREAKER 17 social networks Each participant will get a sticker to wear on their forehead (no peeking) Ask questions of others to figure out which social network is on the sticker. 5. WHO USES SOCIAL MEDIA? 16-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 250% 200% 150% 100% 50% 0% source: 12 Awesome Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2013, Jeff Bullus 6. CONNECT WITH OTHERS Identify influencers, interesting people and follow. Follow back and interact. Be social. Be transparent, true and find your voice. Know your message. Add value, not noise. Respond appropriately to all types of feedback. 7. MAKE OTHERS CARE ABOUT YOUR STORY Identify your advocates. Make it easy for others to get involved. Have fun and be yourself. Experiment. Make it about them, not you. 8. SCENARIOS & DISCUSSIONS 9. FOR EACH SCENARIO Break up into groups 4 groups, 4 scenarios Identify the appropriate message audience social network plan for engagement 10. SCENARIO 1 YOU HAVE SECURED A ANGEL INVESTOR FOR YOUR COMPANY, BUT THEY WANT YOU TO DEMONSTRATE THAT YOU CAN RAISE $20,000 ON YOUR OWN. 11. SCENARIO 2 IN ORDER TO MOVE FORWARD WITH YOUR BUSINESS PLAN, YOU NEED TO FULLY UNDERSTAND THE ISSUES FACED BY THE AUDIENCE YOU HOPE TO TARGET WITH YOUR PRODUCT/CAUSE. 12. SCENARIO 3 THERE IS AN OPENING FOR A SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER FOR A BRAND YOU LOVE. HOW WILL YOU DEMONSTRATE THAT YOURE THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB? 13. SCENARIO 4 YOU ARE UNABLE TO MAKE IT TO #SXSW, BUT YOU HOPE TO GET THERE SOMEDAY TO SHOWCASE YOUR BRAND/PRODUCT/CAUSE. HOW WILL YOU BUILD YOUR NETWORK? VIA THEULTRALINX.COM 14. THANK YOU! MARISA PEACOCK PRINCIPAL, THE STRATEGIC PEACOCK WWW.STRATEGICPEACOCK.COM @MARISACP51