Television Genre. Traditionally: 2 genre Traditional Genres Melodrama Melodrama Comedy Comedy...

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download Television Genre. Traditionally: 2 genre Traditional Genres Melodrama Melodrama Comedy Comedy Workplace Workplace Domestic Domestic Crime Crime Police

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Transcript of Television Genre. Traditionally: 2 genre Traditional Genres Melodrama Melodrama Comedy Comedy...

  • Television Genre

  • Traditionally: 2 genre

  • Traditional GenresMelodramaComedyWorkplaceDomesticCrimePoliceDetectiveAction AdventureWorkplace

  • MelodramaSeries Typically serial (large story and usual characters, carries from episode to episode)Can be anthology (idea and format carry from episode to episode in a series)RARE: repertory (same characters, new stories)FORMULAIC -Episode contains dramatic structure (exposition rising action climax falling action resolution and denouement)

  • Melodrama continuedHeroesSocial norms and villains and foolsSocial deviant/absurdCan use almost anything as a sourceExample: Law and Order takes plot lines from headlinesDemands justice (usually good is rewarded or deemed better)Emotionally intense

  • Sample Melodramas

  • Workplace ProgramsTraditional prime timeEmphasizes American work ethicDepicts:Working conditionsProfessional ethicsWorkplace camaraderieMostly: male-based, heroics

  • History:Cops and docsWorkcomWork and home com/dramaAlmost disappears (domcom winning)1980s Hill Street Blues and St. ElsewhereSerial storyDocumentary style (focus on realism)

  • ComedySituational Comedy Continuous castCast is usually randomized, mix of types of peopleOften have shared place (work, school, home) hourResolved within episodeVerbal sparringSometimes divided into actcom (action comedy), domcom (domestic comedy) and dramedy

  • Domestic ComedyCharacter based humorWe care about themWarmth, family, moralsCharacter learnsOriginally only in house, very melodramatic, nuclear familyModern hybrid, nontraditional and nonliteral families90s more satirical than funny haha


  • Workplace ComedyCharacters and situations are work-basedUsually involves characters of different backgroundsHumor comes from:Personality of charactersInteractions of charactersSituations encounteredComedy OFTEN related to social concernfoolProblem: youth didnt care

  • Workplace Comedy Examples

  • Action AdventureCan include:Crime (cop and detective)WesternScifiSpyWarOther adventure

  • AAStyle contains:Jolty camera movementsConflictMovementIncluding exotic situations*Critics: stupid show, just escapismJeopardyThrillViolence: Strike first, think laterSex (women = objects or exotics)Rise of nudity

  • Problems with AApornography of violence Began violentExample: The UntouchablesThen regulatedLate 1970s all violence is after 9pmRepeat

  • CopsCombination of social values and action/violenceCar chases, gun battles, fistfightsJustice, social order, lawINITIALLY Presentation of Status Quo (1 correct social order)

  • Cop HistoryPrior: Radio40s: all good cops50s renegade good cops Intro good cop and bad cop70s wacky copExample: cop and dog sidekick1980s beginning realismExcept Miami Vice

  • Detective3 typesPrivate eye (tough guy, rebel, loner)Puzzle solver (Sherlock Holmes-esque)Hybrid: screwball comedy + mysteryOften married peopleEx. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

  • Other Major GenresGame/QuizRealityMockumentaryDocumentaryNews-style (soft)Soap Opera (melodrama)Science Fiction (aa)

  • Game and Quiz ShowsLate 1950sScandals (cheating people out of prizes, family members receive prizes) regulated by Supreme CourtEarly were physical, then focus began on trivial and factual knowledgeCultural imperialism: competition, success

  • RealityEarly: news, magazine-style news shows, tabloid and entertainment showsThen: amateur showsNow: mix of documentary style footage, interviews, and editingOften promotional

  • Soap OperaOriginally a serial radio program, sponsored bySOAP.Long-running serial (storyline rolls from episode to episode)Focus: everyday lifeStrong emotionFemale demographicExcess and extremesGossipRelationships

  • SciFiFuturistic or fantastic settingsSpeculative storylinesTechnologyScienceSometimes magical or alienTypically serialTraditional: low budget (sorry, Star Trek)Modern: epic budget (thanks, Lost!)