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Telecom Offering

TelecomTABS, is an integrated software package designed for the mobile, ISP, and traditional fixed network services. This capability provides us with a solution that is already well versed in supporting Local, International. TABS convergent Customer Care & Billing system undertakes the whole billing process of a single converged system and rates all services against a single unified rating scheme.

TABS solutions have been implemented in 38 sites for the major telecom groups providing Non stop services for over 100+ customers.

Prepared By : Prahlad Jat (BLR2081)Reference Purpose1/9/2015 Confidential : 2014


1SOAThe ITS solution is based on SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), which helps business owners respond more quickly and in a cost-effective manner to changing market conditions. With SOA, business changes can be easily met through customization rather than traditional custom development, making it easier to quickly implement changes without requiring radical system modifications. The ITS SOA-based solution also simplifies interconnection with and usage of existing IT assets, which facilitates integration with existing systems and increases interoperability.1/9/2015 Confidential : 2014 2

Telecom SolutionsTABS Billing.TABS Convergent Charging.TABS Customer Care.TABS CRS.TABS Interconnect.TABS Revenue Sharing.TABS Business Intelligence.TABS Call Center.TABS Loyality Management.TABS Retailer Management.TABS Dealer Management.TABS eSelfcare.TABS Kiosk self Management.TABS Mobile Sales.TABS Mediation.TABS Provisioning

1/9/2015 Confidential : 2014 3

TABS BillingThe TABS Billing engine is designed to handle charging for multiple telecom industries and generate a single invoice for the customer. The system handles unlimited customer hierarchies, where billing entities can either be the Contract or the Subscriber.

Brand new features include convergent billing, redefined financial concepts, distinct product modeling, multi-level flexible products, charging rules, splitcharging functionalities, as well as MVNO/MVNE support.

1/9/2015 Confidential : 2014 4

TABS Convergent Charging

The TABS RTCC is a high-performance, real-time charging platform that allows service providers to launch services independently of the payment method. This modular and open design solution for fixed and mobile networks enables convergence of voice, data and content applications, and makes it possible to evolve seamlessly from 2G to 3G networks. TABS Convergent Charging provides a solution for all advanced billing and customer care needs, which includes world class real-time network control, a rich rating engine and proven CRM Systems. The solution provides a single view of the customer base, supporting family and multiple accounts, and also offers web-based self-management, flexible discounting and bonus schemes, and advanced lifecycle.1/9/2015 Confidential : 2014 5

Customer CareTABS Customer Service enables service providers to organize their complex customer structure in a multi-level hierarchy, offer their customers services and facilities that put them ahead of their competition - such as configurable financial arrangements - and integrate with third party applications, and adapt easily and quickly to new market demands.

The product is characterized by its high performance, new business features and redefined financial concepts that put it ahead of the rest of the market. In fact, the product introduces new concepts such as the expansion of the financial definitions and processes over the whole of the hierarchy, support of split charging and multi-level cost basket rules, as well as the payment responsible.

The product is adorned with useful features, ranging from the ease of use and graphical representation of the user, to intelligent features such as user guidance, interactive and behavioral analysis, which preempts customer requests with propositions according to likely scenarios. In addition, the product provides an implementation-specific configuration, supports MVNO/MVNE models.

It is also convergence compliant, relies on a robust SOA architecture, and enlarges the flexibility scheme for quick future adaption without the need to make modifications to the application.1/9/2015 Confidential : 2014 6TABS Customer Care1/9/2015 Confidential : 2014 7

CRSCRS is a solution that enables organizations to implement a seamless, integrated arrears management solution that covers all stages of the debt collections and recoveries lifecycle, including delinquency and change-offs, internal recovery, legal recovery or external placement.

CRS focuses on automating a considerable number of collection procedures that can help in enhancing the business life cycle and productivity, maintaining consistency and control of the organizations collection and recovery business processes, as well as reducing operational costs. The system can serve diversified industries: telecom, financial, utilities, and credit agencies.

1/9/2015 Confidential : 2014 8

InterconnectTABS Interconnect Billing is a way of offering solutions to meet the needs of carriers in the control of local and international wholesale traffic, Least Cost Routing and Billing.

TABS Interconnect can provide different ways of charging, settlements, revenue sharing, reconciliation and dispute resolution. It provides full billing features required for origination, termination and transit traffic."The solution is designed to serve multiple technologies."LDI ( Long Distance & International) operatorsLL/WLL operators for their interconnection with LDIsCellular mobile / GSM operators for their interconnect partnersVoIP operators for wholesale origination & termination

1/9/2015 Confidential : 2014 9

Revenue SharingTABS Revenue Sharing 2.0 has been designed to support the business where operators need to distribute their revenue (on a monthly basis) with telecom regulators as the legal bounds for operation in a given country.

It is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) compliant enterprise application that adheres to open standards of modularity concepts, and is easily pluggable into TABS products or any other third party billing system.

It facilitates sharing a portion of revenue generated through usage (airtime, interconnect or roaming charge) or services charges (installation, disconnection, package upgrade, migration from prepaid to postpaid or vice versa, etc) with respective partners as per their contract.1/9/2015 Confidential : 2014 10Business IntelligenceBusiness Intelligence refers to the use of Business Analytics to significantly enhance decision-making at all levels of a business.

ITS Telecom Business Intelligence helps give management full visibility of their business and supports decision-making.

ITS Business Intelligence SolutionCoping with current and future business and technology requirementsQuicker realization ofROIAchieving timeliness andquality of dataOne source for all categories ofinformationAccurate authentication of dataUser-friendly reporting and analytical toolsHereinafter, some general features of the open expandable design of ITS Business Intelligence Solution:The solution analysis areas are integrated together to explore different dimensions of the dataIntegrated analysis areas to enable exploring different dimensions of the dataAnalysis areas are built using the star schema methodology, including different fact tables and different aggregations and summaries that are used in report generationUse of the time dimension as a basic dimension on all models to provide more detailed historical analysis (trend analysis)Easy management of archiving of aggregations, summaries, and detailed fact tablesAbility to develop extra aggregations and summaries to fulfill any additional requirements not included in ITS basic solutionEasy integration with any data mining system fulfilled through the use of summaries and aggregations as a data sourcesTracking and monitoring of churners and classification of data based on churn reasonsLinking of data to other analysis areas to explore other dimensions of the churners, like monitoring churners behavior and revenue loss

1/9/2015 Confidential : 2014 11Call CenterContact Center (CTC) is a customer-centric business strategy that requires alignment among people, processes and technologies in order to achieve growth and profitability. It is the most advanced tool for delivering superior customer care services.

CTC is designed to provide customer service and support to customers by handling phone, fax, e-mail, SMS, and web interactions with equal responsiveness and consistent quality. CTC is a collection of hardware and software technologies, people and processes that must work together to meet the goal of customer service and support.

CTI Integration, a crucial component of CTC, delivers comprehensive solutions that provide intelligent routing and call treatment with transparent blending of multiple communication channels. CTI segments the customers, monitors resource availability, and delivers each contact to the most appropriate resource anywhere in the enterprise. In CTC, inbound phone interactions are answered initially by the IVR. The caller chooses the self-service they want to receive from the IVR menu. There are separate menus available for customers and non-customers.

Customers can receive services like account inquiry (balance details, transaction history, etc.), financial transactions (transfer funds, bill payment etc.), cards inquiry, or inquiries about products, campaigns, programs and exchange rates. Non-customer callers have a limited capability on IVR self-service, allowing only inquiries related to products, campaigns, programs, e