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description is a Telecom Company in Chandigarh who offers telecom jobs in chandigarh, telecom training in chandigarh for fresher and experienced.

Transcript of Telecom Jobs in Chandigarh | Telecom Training in Chandigarh - Scope Telecom

  • HISTORY SCOPE Telecom Private Limited is a Telecom Company established in the year 2013.
  • Mission of Scope Telecom is To assist GSM operators for integration with continually growing technological trends and work more efficiently by providing globally qualified services.
  • INTRODUCTION A basic telecommunication system consist three primary units Transmitter that take information and converts it to a signal. Transmission medium is also called the physical channel that carries signal. Receiver that takes signal from from channel and convert it back to usable information.
  • But whats cellular? HLR, VLR, AC, EIR MSC PSTN BS
  • 1st Generation Start to use in 1989 Call forwarding All calls No answer Engaged Unreachable Outgoing calls barring Incoming calls barring Global roaming
  • drawbacks Poor voice quality Poor battery life Large phone size No security Limited capacity
  • 2nd Generation Finished process in 1995 SMS(Short Message Services) Multi Party Calling Call holding Call waiting Mobile data service Mobile fax service Call line identity Advice of charging Cell broadcast
  • drawbacks These system are unable to handle complex data such as videos
  • 2.5 generation 2.5G is a technology between 2nd and 3rd generation, Features Phone calls Send and receive email messages Web browsing Speed 64-144kbps Camera phones Take a time to 6 to 9 minutes to download a song
  • 3G GENERATION 3G Generation introduce in year 2000 Data transmission speed increase from 144kbps to 2mbps. Typically called smart phones Features increase its bandwidth Increase data transfer rate to accommodate audio and video files
  • GENERATION Capable to provide speed 100mbps-1gbps High security Provide any kind of service at any time as per user requirement any where battery uses is more Hard to implement Need complicated hardware Expensive equipment
  • GSM Architecture
  • GSM Overview
  • GSM Channels Physical Channel: Each timeslot on a carrier is referred to as a physical channel Logical Channel: Variety of information is transmitted between the MS and BTS. Different types of logical channels: Traffic channel Control Channel Downlink Uplink Channels
  • BTS houses the radio transceivers of the cell and handles the radio-link protocols with the mobile BSC manages radio resources (channel setup, handover) for one or more BTSs
  • MSC Mobile Switching Center The central component of the network Like a telephony switch plus everything for a mobile subscriber: registration, authentication, handovers, call routing, connection to fixed networks. Each switch handles dozens of cells
  • HLR database of all users + current location. One per network VLR database of users + roamers in some geographic area. Caches the HLR EIR database of valid equipment AuC Database of users secret keys