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1 © State of New South Wales, Department of Educaon 2015 Welcome to the TAS/Technologies e-Newsletter The TECHTalk e-Newsletter is designed to support teachers of all TAS/Technology subjects Years 7—12. Term 4, 2015 TECH TECH talk talk
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Final version of TechTalk for 2015. Contains information to support NSW Secondary TAS Teachers: Australian Curriculum, STEM, AG Forum

Transcript of Techtalk t4 2015

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education 2015

    Welcome to the TAS/Technologies

    e -Newsletter The TECHTalk e-Newsletter is designed to support teachers of all TAS/Technology subjects Years 712.

    Term 4, 2015 TE




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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education 2015

    Inside this issueInside this issue

    STEM Action Schools 3

    Australian Curriculum Update 4

    Hunter Secondary Head Teacher Meeting 5

    Ag Forum 6

    Agriculture and Food week 7

    TAS Leadership Network 8

    Industrial Arts Machine Tools Contract 9

    Professional Associations 10

    Term 4, 2015

    This is the final TechTalk for the year and it has plenty of news and information about what is

    happening in TAS. Have a good look at the STEM Action School project EOI on page 3 as it will

    need your attention immediately if you want to be considered.

    The endorsement of the Technologies Curriculum has been an interesting development but

    please look at the article on page 4 for an explanation of where we stand on the Australian Cur-

    riculum. I have also included some information about the professional associations that serve

    our different subjects. Please consider joining as a faculty or individual in order to access the

    opportunities they provide.

    Agriculture education is very topical at the moment as the recommendations of the Review of

    Agricultural Education and Training in NSW by Professor Jim Pratley are being implemented

    across the state. In this issue I have featured one of the activities undertaken with the Agricul-

    ture Lighthouse Schools and the four Agricultural High Schools. From 2016 every school in NSW

    will need to implement an Agriculture and Food week to celebrate and appreciate the role

    that agriculture and food make to the health, wealth and wellbeing of society. I have included

    a page with some information and a link to the website. Watch this space for more resources

    and opportunities.

    Other news is that I was successful in being appointed as the TAS Advisor 7-12 for the next

    three year contract period so I am looking forward to working with you to keep technology ed-

    ucation in NSW moving forwards.

    Dan Rytmeister

    TAS Advisor, Years 7-12

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education 2015

    STEM Action Schools

    Secondary Education invites schools to submit an expression of interest for identification as a STEM Action School for the 2016-2017 school years. The expression of interest will be advertised in SchoolBiz this Friday 20th November 2015. The aim of this project is to identify, support and link together a range of schools to share effective STEM pedagogy, illustrate innovative practice for student engagement in STEM, and demonstrate effective leadership,

    professional learning, student career path planning and industry partnerships. Each successful school will be provided with a seeding grant of up to $10 000 for each of 2016 and 2017 to support sharing of effective practice in STEM education. The seeding grant will be negotiated based on school size, location and other factors.

    If your school is interested in applying for this project consult with your principal and complete the attached Expression of Interest Document for STEM Action Schools Project, closing date for submission: COB Monday 7 December 2015. We look forward to reading your application for the Stem Action School Project.

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education 2015

    Australian Curriculum Update

    I have had a number of enquiries about where we are with the Australian

    Curriculum and what we should be doing at the moment regarding its


    The short answer is do nothing but teach the existing BOSTES syllabus.

    Under the Education Act In NSW we must teach to a NSW developed syllabus and, although the Australian Curriculum was endorsed on 18 September, 2015, we must wait until the BOSTES releases a syllabus before we can address the new curriculum.

    When this Newsletter was published, the BOSTES had not announced

    whether they will be reviewing the existing syllabus documents to reflect the

    Australian Curriculum. If the BOSTES does make the decision to review the

    existing syllabus, there will be a full process of syllabus development as

    detailed in the Syllabus development handbook and ALL will be consulted.


    Based on the processes already used by the other subject areas, I would not

    expect any new syllabus to be ready to deliver before 2018.

    What can you do in the meantime?

    If the BOSTES does review the current syllabus, make sure you participate in

    any consultation process to ensure you get to have your say.

    Join your relevant professional association and engage in the process.

    Learn a bit about coding and computational thinking. The one thing that is

    specified in the Australian Curriculum that is not mandated in the current

    Technology Mandatory Syllabus is computational thinking and coding.

    Watch this space for opportunities for professional learning in 2016.

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education 2015

    Hunter Secondary Head Teachers Meeting

    State Office curriculum advisors

    supported the Hunter Secondary

    Head Teachers Meeting on the

    14 October. After the keynote

    speaker, the TAS Head Teachers

    broke off and I ran a session on

    what is happening in TAS. This

    covered a range of topics and

    generated some useful

    discussion. The network spent

    the last session doing a hands on activity in a littlebits maker space led by

    Peggy Mangovski of West Wallsend High School.

    Start a TAS teacher network in your area. If you run an event with a number of teachers from different schools in your

    area, then I can come to you to run an information session or a workshop.

    This year I have attended after hours workshops for faculty groups in

    Agriculture and STEM.

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education 2015

    AG Forum 2015

    The Agriculture Lighthouse Schools and the Agricultural High Schools came

    together for a forum on Friday 6 November and Saturday 7 November to

    share practice and engage in some professional learning.

    The event started with an introduction from Professor Jim Pratley who led

    the Review into Agricultural Education and Training in NSW and a keynote

    address from Mick Keogh, Executive Director of Australian Farm Institute.

    Both presenters were highly

    engaging and reinforced the need to

    develop innovative agricultural

    practice in our students.

    The Agriculture Lighthouse schools

    have been established to provide

    examples of effective practice and support Agriculture education through

    mentoring. If you would like a fresh approach to Agriculture in your school

    or information about a particular enterprise, give myself or Sally Bannerman

    a call and we can link you up with the

    right teacher.

    Call Dan Rytmeister 9266 8514

    Or Sally Bannerman 9244 5520

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education 2015

    Agriculture and Food Week

    Agriculture and Food Week is a recommendation of the Review into

    Agricultural Education and Training in NSW.

    The aim of Agriculture and Food Week is to celebrate and appreciate the

    roles agriculture and food make to the health, wealth and wellbeing of


    The site has been designed to stimulate teaching and learning ideas that can

    engage students and help them develop an interest in the origins of food.

    Embedding these ideas into integrated learning activities may provide

    opportunities for practical and authentic life-long learning for students.

    Both the primary and secondary sections contain drop down menus for each

    of the learning areas.

    Teachers are encouraged to make comment about the existing stimulus

    ideas and contribute their own ideas. It is envisaged that this site will further

    develop to become a comprehensive collection of teaching and learning

    strategies over time.

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education 2015

    Join the TAS Leadership Network

    Teacher EOI still open!

    The TAS Leadership Network has been launched with a two-day induction

    for TAS leaders.

    In the TAS learning area there are specific knowledge and skill sets required for each of

    the TAS material/skills backgrounds. The TAS Leadership Network has been established

    to support Department of Education TAS teachers through mentoring and advice.

    The project focuses on safety and compliance, programming, assessment and pedagogy

    specifically related to TAS subjects.

    The Teacher EOI is still open.

    This is a great opportunity for teachers to access support that is specifically related to

    their TAS learning area.

    Teacher participation: Scheduled virtual meetings will be conducted no more than twice per term and ongoing

    online collaboration will support communication and professional discussion. There is no

    cost to the school or the teacher

    for inclusion in this project.

    Group leaders are all

    experienced teachers in their TAS

    subjects and will coordinate and

    mentor their groups.

    How to apply: discuss with your supervisor

    and principal

    complete the EOI online.

    Teacher EOI





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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education 2015

    Industrial Arts Machine Tools contract released

    Two copies of the Industrial Arts

    Machine Tools Contract has been

    sent to every high school in NSW.

    Safety is a critical aspect of TAS

    subjects and procedures must be

    revisited regularly. Please ensure

    you consult this document before

    purchasing equipment and follow

    the procedures provided. Following

    these procedures will protect both

    you and your students.

    Principals are advised that use of

    this contract is mandated and is

    specifically excluded from

    alternative methods of

    procurement including the Local

    Schools, Local Decisions Policy

    purchasing arrangements. This is to

    prevent substitution with equipment

    that does not meet DoE safety

    requirements and prevent purchases

    from alternate suppliers. Schools

    must not purchase any machine tools other than those available on Contract DECAM-


    Soft copies of the document are available from the Asset Management Website:


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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education 2015

    Professional Associations

    In this edition of the TechTalk newsletter I am taking the unusual action of promoting the professional associations that represent Technology teachers.

    With the new curriculum likely to be written soon it is important that you get to have your say. The professional association play an important part in this process and a strong membership gives them the capacity to contribute to the consultation with some authority.

    Our professional associations often provide professional learning opportunities and regular conferences that allow us to share our knowledge and experience with like-minded teachers.

    The following pages display flyers from each of the associations that were able to provide this information. Please consider membership.

    HEIA Home Economics Institute of Australia

    ICTENSW Information Communication Technology Educators of New South Wales

    IIATE Institute of Industrial Arts and Technology Education

    NSWAAT New South Wales Association of Agriculture Teachers

    TEA Technology Educators Association


    ICT Educators NSW

    2016 CONFERENCESave the Date

    ICT Educators NSW is a professional organisation supporting quality teaching with digital technologies in New South Wales schools. ICTENSW represents all teachers interests to state and federal governments. It speaks out on matters of curriculum and equity, and promotes best practice in the use of learning technologies. We run workshops through the term and hold an Annual Conference in March

    ACU North Sydney 11 - 13 MarchConference Strands

    Digital Technologies Primary and Secondary Senior Secondary Computing - IPT / SDD / ITVET and Ind Tech Multi STEM MakerSpace Digital Leadership

    Why should you attend? Network with peers, leaders and decision makers Access leading experts Participate in seminars and interactive workshops presented by key thinkers and leaders in

    their fields Gain BOSTES accredited professional development points


  • Become a member of the NSW Association of Agriculture Teachers Inc!

    Membership of the NSW Association of Agriculture Teachers gives you access to a Professional Association which aims to promote the role of Agricultural training in the development of Australia, and support those teachers who are teaching the courses in schools in NSW, both Public and Private.

    It provides a regular publication (BAAT) which contains many items of practical interest to Agriculture teachers.

    The association also has a very active Facebook page and an Edmodo group, where a great deal of networking and sharing resources occurs. A great reason to become a member today!

    A tip: Get your school to fund the membership!

    The association will contact you when urgent matters arise such as curriculum change and restructuring, legislative requirements, resource issues, etc.

    Membership allows you to participate in a Biennial State Conference and attend the National Conference.

    Allows you to become part of a collegial group who support each other through sharing of ideas and expertise.

    The association website has a members only area with curriculum links, syllabus support material for Agriculture (Senior and Junior) as well as Primary Industries VET courses. The association also has a social network webpage on Facebook for sharing ideas and resources.

    The cost for 2015 and 2016 has been set at $60.00 pa or $120 for 2 years.

    The membership year is from 1st January to 31st December.

    Full membership is open to those teachers who are teaching agriculture OR any person with an interest in Agricultural education.

    Student membership is available to trainee teachers and students at half the annual fee.

    Fees may be paid annually or for the two years between conferences. (odd years)

    Please find the membership application on the next page.

    The NSW Association of Agriculture Teachers is NOT registered to collect GST

  • ABN: 81 639 285 642








    MEMBERSHIP School Individual Payment Method

    Email this Membership form to: [email protected] and make cheques payable to NSWAAT

    Post cheque to: OR Pay via Direct Deposit:

    Treasurer NSWAAT Account Name: NSW Association of Agriculture Teachers Graham Quintal BSB: 082 939 16 Finlay Ave Account Number: 639 757 522BEECROFT Reference: Your Initial, Surname and "Memb".NSW 2119

    MEMBERSHIP FEE: $60 / annum ($30 for students / trainees)



    * Membership is based on a calendar year.

    Office Use Only

    Date Received Receipt # Receipt Sent

    The NSW Association of Agriculture Teachers is NOT registered to collect GST

  • End of year equals reports, timetable allocations, tidying your desk and classroom before the holidays! It also means renewing memberships. Why. You ask? Should you renew your membership with TEA?

    QTC registered PL - We will continue to work with PTC to ensure that professional learning will be QTCendorsed (this will become even more important as we approach 2018 when we all need to maintain accreditation). Membership entitles access to all TEA Events and covers insurance at these events.

    Meeting the needs of our diverse members - This year we ran our first collaborativeand highly successful Teacher Day at the Hotel School in Sydney. We are introducing new venues to allow greater access to our members. Other events were held at Oatley Senior Campus and ACU in Strathfield. Next year we are branching out to the south west, starting in Canley Vale.

    Supporting our regional members -There are amazing professional development opportunitiesbeing led by outstanding educators in many regional areas. In 2016 the TEA will focus on consolidating regional groups as sub-committees of TEA. WE are looking at clear and transparent processes that will ensure sustainability of the TEA, as well as continuing to provide high quality professional learning for all of our members.

    Involvement in your professional organisation Engage with professional teachingnetworks and broader communities (Australian Professional Standard for Teachers #7).

    Communication - Newsletters -Four glossy high quality printed newsletters! In this digital age we are stillmindful of balancing print and digital methods of communication. The design of new and improved communication channels has been a priority for the TEA. We are pleased to announce the launch of our updated website .

    Website: PO Box 222 Oatlands NSW 2117

    [email protected]

    Supporting and advocating for technology educators

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    State of New South Wales, Department of Education 2015

    TAS/Technologies curriculum contact:

    Dan Rytmeister TAS Advisor Years 7-12 Secondary Education Learning and Leadership

    Level 3, 1 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, 2010, NSW T: (02) 9266 8514

    [email protected]

    If you would like to be added to our TAS/Technology communication network please

    send me your details.

    If you do not want to receive future communications please

    remove me from communication network

    If you have feedback or suggestions for professional development or future articles

    please send me an email.

    The non-DEC products and events listed in this e-Newsletter are to be used at the readers discretion. The inclusion of product and event information is not an

    endorsement by the Department.

    We would love you to join us on our

    Facebook page: