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Technology That Controls Humans. By Brandon Kraus. Observation. Location: Glenbard North f ootball game People: A group of about 6-8 high school students consisting of both males and females Controlling Technology: Cell phones. How People Were Controlled. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology That Controls Humans

Technology That Controls HumansByBrandon Kraus1ObservationLocation: Glenbard North football gamePeople: A group of about 6-8 high school students consisting of both males and femalesControlling Technology: Cell phones

2How People Were ControlledPositive of the Control (Manifest Function)Negative of the Control (Dysfunction)The cell phones allowed the students to communicate with other people who were not attending the football game.The students were very focused on their phones and seemed almost obsessed with them, which caused them to ignore their friends who were at the game and isolate themselves from the rest of society.

3Who/What Was Actually In Control?The technology - Cell phonesThe technology was definitely controlling the people in this situation. Although the students were using their cell phones for their benefit by communicating with others, they were becoming consumed with their phones and had little interaction with the people around them. Every time someones phone received a message, they immediately looked at their phone and completely forgot about their surroundings. The technology separated each person from the rest of the group and made it clear that the people were not in control.

4Break From The TechnologyTurning the technology (cell phones) offSome of the students cell phones were not on during the football game, and this caused them not to be controlled by their phones. These students were able to break away from the technology, which then gave them the opportunity to socialize with their friends at the game. Turning the cell phones off was the simplest option that the students had in order to break from the control that the technology possessed on them.

5What I LearnedAlthough technology is an important part of our society, many types of technology can damage it by causing people to became more isolated and less involved with the rest of the people living in the societyLimiting the use of technology would benefit everyone in our society because it will cause people to be less dependent on technology and more dependent on their own knowledge. Also, it will increase the interactions between one another in person.