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  • Technology, Design & Engineering Program New Lebanon Jr. / Sr. HS Mr. Jason

  • Why Technology?

    Technology courses provide students at New Lebanon HS with the necessary foundation skills to be successful:

    In collegeIn a vocational program In our rapidly changing world

  • Skills Learned in Technology1. Problem Solving & Research Skills

    2. Designing, Sketching & Drawing Skills

    3. Creating Models, Mock-ups, & Prototypes

    4. Teamwork, Leadership, & Literacy Skills

    5. Using Tools & Power Equipment Safely

    6. Processing Materials into Finished Products

  • Technology Course Offerings

    DDP - Design & Drawing for ProductionCAD I & II Computer Aided DraftingPrinciples of EngineeringProduction SystemsTransportation SystemsResidential Structures

  • DDP Design & Drawing for Production Full Year 1 credit course

    Content: Sketching, design, lettering, multi-view drawing, pictorial drawings, CAD drawing, problem solving & prototyping.

    Projects: Design, Draw Plans & Produce a Cell Phone or an I-pod holder and a Lamp

  • CADComputer Aided DraftingHalf Year credit course

    Content: Learning how to draw and design on the computer using CAD creating 2-D & 3-D models, wire-frames, & objects.

    Projects: Use CAD Software creating Multi-view & Isometric Drawings Create Mock-ups of Controllers and Prototypes of Ping Pong Paddles, Ice Scrapers, & Puzzles

  • Innovation & Design

  • Principles of EngineeringFull Year 1 credit course

    Content:Explore six areas of engineering: mechanical, civil, bio-technical, chemical, electrical, and product design. Problem solving, designing, creating, testing & evaluating.

    Projects: Mousetrap Catapult, Egg-crash Safety Vehicle, Hydroponics & Greenhouse Garden, Surveying, Wind Turbine Generator, 3-D CAD Modeling, & Reverse Engineering a CPU

  • Production SystemsHalf Year credit course

    Content: Exploring the different systems of setting up, operating and managing a manufacturing enterprise.

    Projects: Create a Company Name, Logo, & Trademark, Elect Managers, Sell Common Stock, Mass-produce a Product, Package, Advertise & Market the Product

  • Transportation SystemsHalf Year credit course

    Content:Exploring land, marine, air, rail, and aerospace transportation systems.

    Projects: Designing & Building a Marble Roller Coaster,Tearing Down & Rebuilding a Four-stroke Cycle Engine, Hull Design & The Cardboard Boat Regatta, & Building an ROG Model Plane

  • Residential StructuresHalf Year credit course

    Content: Blueprint reading, construction principles, framing methods for the deck, walls, roof & finish work. Useof carpentry hand tools and power equipment.

    Projects:Design & Build a Construction Wood Bench, Build Forms & Pour Concrete, Construct a Modular Wood Shed, Erect Shed on Site & Shingle Roof