Technical Services Involvement with New Services: Are there Silos Within the Library?

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Technical Services Involvement with New Services: Are there Silos Within the Library? Sharon Wiles-Young Director of Library Access Services ALCTS- Heads of Cataloging Interest Group ALA Midwinter January 23, 2012

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Technical Services Involvement with New Services: Are there Silos Within the Library? Sharon Wiles-Young Director of Library Access Services ALCTS- Heads of Cataloging Interest Group ALA Midwinter January 23, 2012 . Lehigh University Libraries-Library and Technology Services. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technical Services Involvement with New Services: Are there Silos Within the Library?

Sharon Wiles-YoungDirector of Library Access Services

ALCTS- Heads of Cataloging Interest GroupALA Midwinter January 23, 2012

Lehigh University Libraries-Library and Technology Services

Library Technical Services teamsAfter merger into LTS in 1996Client Services TeamsLeadership role of Team Leader and Director

I would like to accomplish today is how TS is getting involved with user services and I will explore 2 examples of new initiatives in the libraries and the opportunities for TSFirst I have some context on Lehigh Libraries because our organization does have impact on TS involvement in projectsMerger Administrative. Academic computing, Telecommunications, distance education, Faculty development-writing across the curiculum- 170 staff toaltTS and technology management teams similarity in staffing 2Transition to Electronic/Digital InformationEjournals open the door to user centered servicesCommunicating directly with TS departmentSFX Link resolver, assist with databaseLTS Strategic plans- user focused, student/research focusedGoals-Support Lehigh scholarship and institutional memory through the creation of a digital archive of Lehigh scholarship that also encompasses distinctive Lehigh archival materials.

Electronic journals as collection grows access issues. User issues communicationSFX staff help to update local holdings, access problems knowledge of holdings and subscriptionsInvolve ILL /document delivery staff to help proactively communicate access Director starting to produce strategic plan services and direct user service accountability measuresPreservation and access to research materials on campus

3Digital Information/Unique CollectionsThe digital/electronic information world has opened opportunities to cross train staff and to provide staff with new responsibilities and focus attention on redefining service needs and examining user needs BUTWhat can we let go of and what should we be spending more time on?Example: gift books student copy cataloging shelf ready booksstaff move on to other metadata digital responsibilities Bindery staff member to storage facility serial checkin staff less checkin so free to copy catalogintg projectsOther staff a reduction in duties? Night staff at circulation desks? Students at circulation desks?Gift book processing outsource or use student staff?

4Redefining the Academic LibraryRedefining the Academic Library: Managing the Migration to Digital Information Services by the University Leadership Council: IV: Redeploying Library Staff Library leadership must identify areas of activity that can be reduced or eliminated and begin to migrate staff to higher-value responsibilitiesPost DocsMention in passing that libraries are pulled to identify new user services what do user want move to new initiatives BUT same time repurpose shelf space into Collaborative spaces HOW if staff pulled to other duties, who will edit bibliographic records process materials for withdrawal5Example 1:New Initiatives and StaffingCLIR Fellow (Council on Libraries and Information Resources)Background in some special collections catalogingUnderstood skills of cataloging staffMetadata projectsInventory projects materials coming from labs- documents needing sorting organization before digitizedIncluded Head of Cataloging on the IR planning committee

POST DOCS- Report suggests to add to the knowledge base and offer to teach courses6Staff involvementTrained staff on metadata techniques- added keyword metadata on spreadsheets to ingest into Content DMIncluded all librarians in webinar and other activities to select a new software platform for the IR Digital CommonsClir fellow trained copy cataloging staff to select and enter metadata to start IR metadataMeetings to discuss new software for IR move away from Content invited several vendors 7Future for IRAcknowledgement that TS skills will be needed specifically: Acquisitions to metadata Question: Should all librarians be involved with author rights discussions? ACRL Scholarly Communications Road Show at Lehigh but the involvement of all librarians ended thereAll Librarians and some staff have a chance to meet with faculty formally or informally should have a general knowledge and make appropriate referralsInventorying new materials coming in to IRThe Other aspect and training going on campus Client Services discussing rights= share with Librarians so can suggest faculty to submit their research and workall have interactions 8Example 2: VuFind anotherLibrary InitiativeDesign and implementation of new interface to the online catalogSirsi webcat not updated since the 1990sCommitment to open sources softwareVuFind chosen and developed with othersSoft roll out of the new interface Systems librarian with collection development librarians- discussions held in those meetingLibrary does not have a discovery layer9What Happened with VuFindSystems staff realized that the catalogers were of vital importance and talked one on one but not in meetingsAsked to attend the in house demo- discovered the serials displays a problemNeed of catalogers to talk about data found in the holdings records and possible use of that information and displays of that informationUpdate Last week the VuFind was released and once again the librarians met with systems and I took the initiative to ask if we could attend the meetingNeeds more work- problems with holdings, call number search and locations- TS could have worked on locations before released but did not know10Skills and PartnershipsNew initiatives in partnering with other libraries to assist with staffingHave libraries reorganized internal staff wisely and built partnerships in houseIdentify staff skill sets and offer training Example: Government Documents coordinator- now metadata quality control member of the Digital TeamNew idea to combine staff at several institutions to assist with projects help with thin staffing Lehigh using staff wisely building partnerships such as VuFind developmentDe Selecti

11ConclusionEliminate some processes and services as identify new roles and new strategic goalsProblem: still in transition- print materials to storage, weeding decisions Increases Involvement of Technical Services librarians in planning of new services and examine staffing options Another opportunity at Lehigh is Kuali/OLE development, an open source ILS systemEliminate- Government documents, gift books, current copy cataloging trained acquisitions and processing staff/students Reduction in print purchases and reduction in book budget because of subscription costsMore record loads for large collections ebooks less one by one record catalogingMove to cataloging unique materials, metadata for Institutional repository and digital projects12Final ObservationsAn important aspect of teaching and learning in higher educations is:Collaborative learningProvide students with effective team learning experiencesAre libraries effectively using team collaboration to examine services and new initiatives ? Are libraries effectively identifying skill sets and interests of librarians and staff?Libraries are talking about redesigning library space to create collaborative spaces for studentsEbook committee ILL/Circ staff member Very important to look at our planning and implementation teams for VuFind IR to include many different skills and knowledge- increase with more staff to know what is going on others can ask others for advideGovernment Documents digital copy catalogers can process few print government documents eventually not much will be processed in fact pulling print from government documents need staff to process withdrawn government materials 13