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Transcript of Tech Talent Recruitment Makeover infographic Align · PDF file Retirement Plans While most...

  • Tech Talent Recruitment

    Is your company attractive to IT workers?


    Compensation Are you up to speed with prevailing wages in your area?

    $53,000-$66,000 Base salary range for a Tech Support Analyst in the US.

    National average: $60,000 Ranges will vary across the country.

    Competition for tech talent is stiff. How will you stack up against larger or better-known companies?

    Better yet, contact Align Technical Resources for your complimentary “Tech Recruitment Makeover.” We’ll help you identify and lead with your strengths.

    These tips can get you started.

    Talk to us, we know regional IT salary variances. Contact us to request a free IT Talent Recruitment Makeover for your company.

    Benefits Does your company go above and beyond? Or just the basics?

    Healthcare 46% of employees cite health insurance as a key factor when evaluating offers.

    What benefits matter most? • Prescription drug coverage (51%) • Preventive and emergency care (47%)

    Retirement Plans While most employees like the idea of being automatically enrolled into a 401(k) plan, only 22% of employers do it.

    Nearly 50% of workers want to be able to ease into retirement by working part-time or shifting to a less stressful position. Yet only 20% of employers have such programs in place.

    Vacation Time We are not sure if limitless vacation policy will take off, but more and more companies are getting creative in this area.

    Employees rate paid vacation as the No. 2 most-important benefit, after health care.

    Flexible Schedule Do you offer IT staff flexibility of schedule and/or location?

    Tech workers are tethered by bandwidth, not cubicle availability. They need a computer, VPN and server access.

    Can you offer flex options to your IT staff?

    IT Workers Value Balance An OECD study ranks US 30th out of 38 nations for work-life balance

    How lack of work/life balance affects the workplace

    68% 41% 36%41% Poor morale Burn-out/fatigue High turnover Poor productivity

    You can’t afford to offer everything to IT job seekers. We can help you pinpoint where you stand out and where you are lacking.

    Career Growth Is your company on an upward trajectory? Do you offer training and a clear growth path for your IT staff?

    Share your successes and let tech prospects know how expansion will boost their career.

    Companies that offer training have 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalized training.

    The Intangibles Can Be a Difference Maker

    Social Responsibility Is your company a non profit? Does your firm take a stand for social causes?

    One survey showed that 72% of graduates entering the workforce

    cited “making an impact” as important for their happiness.

    Free College Tuition? Savvy tech employees seek opportunities for continuous improvement (such as learning new software or technologies, or earning a Master’s degree). Do you offer full or partial continuing education benefits that IT workers would highly value?

    Employers can provide up to $5,250 in educational expenses as a tax-free benefit to employees. This includes undergraduate and graduate level courses.

    60% 62% 54%

    would pick a job with strong development potential

    over one with regular pay raises

    want to continually learn new skills

    have already taken classes while in the


    Lead with your strengths and know where you stand with tech candidates, in your industry and in your region.

    Contact us for a free 20-minute phone consultation – your company’s first step

    toward an IT Talent Recruitment Makeover.


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