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Teams & Blended Learning Interaction & Peer Engagement. Alisa Cooper, EdD d Faculty, Assistant Chair / eCourses Coordinator English Department Glendale Community College. Teams and Blended Learning. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Teams & Blended Learning Interaction & Peer Engagement

Interaction And Peer Engagement In The Blended Course

Teams & Blended LearningInteraction & Peer EngagementAlisa Cooper, Faculty, Assistant Chair/eCourses Coordinator English DepartmentGlendale Community CollegeTeams and Blended Learning2

Which best describes your experience with student teams or team based learning?Discussion3V3Using TeamsBased on the work of Larry Michaelsen (University of Central Missouri) http://www.teambasedlearning.org3 KeysPromoting ongoing accountability Using linked and mutually reinforcing assignments Adopting practices that stimulate idea exchange4

V4Promoting Ongoing Accountability Require pre-group work Require group members to express individual opinions and monitor via another memberInclude peer evaluation in gradingReadiness Assurance Process

5V5Adopting Practices that Stimulate Idea ExchangeUse of assignments that create conditions that foster give-and-take interaction Assign roles Use permanent groupsAllow some in-class group work Size: 4-7Diversity of opinion, ideas, and perspectivesNot too easyNot too much writing Employ, select, apply concepts from the course


Team Teaching TipsOutline learning goalsTeach team skills Clear and detailed instructionsRubric Stages of team development Forming - polite but untrusting Storming - testing others Norming - valuing other types Performing - flexibility from trust9

V9Team Contracts Purpose, goals, and missions Expectations RolesConflict resolution strategies MeetingsCommunication Decision-making policy AgendasRecord-keeping 10

V10Other TBL ResourcesGetting Started with TBL TBL Videos 11

V11DiscussionHow might the team based learning approach or parts of TBL fit into blended learning? 12

V12Interaction And Peer Engagement In The Blended CourseFacilitating and AssessingInstructors should not participate or only participate in supportive role if interaction and critical thinking is to be facilitatedMeaningful discussions/Make them countFacilitating and Assessing online discussion and collaborative exercises1418 Tips for Successful Peer Collaboration/Engagement18 Tips for Successful Peer Collaboration/Engagement18 Tips for Successful Peer Collaboration/Engagement18 Tips for Successful Peer Collaboration/EngagementLedman R. & Roby T. Introducing online components to a class: How to increase the likelihood of success. Developments in Business Simulation and Experiential Learning, Volume 31, 2004. GroupsStudent Facilitators

Assigned weeksProvide resourcesAssessment itemsWorksheet or quiz questionsSummarize salient pointsFishbowl TechniqueOne group = fishOnline discussion visible to allRead the postsCommunicate privatelyStudent on outside may provide:SuggestionsRaise questionsReport correspondence

Student Generated Questions

TeamsWrite questionsExchangeAnswer questionsOne team chosen each weekAnswer questionsReading DiscussionsReciprocal Teaching

Research Current/EventsConnecting course content to published research or current eventsVote on best post

Evaluate student performance

Evaluate student performancemeaningful feedbackprompt

Take-AwaysHow will you ensure that students come prepared to class? Or that you know theyre not ready before class? How will they know theyre not prepared and what can be done to preserve the quality of in class time? How can the blended delivery mode help you in supporting particular areas of difficulty in your course? Will address developing competency in a later presentation