Teamlab Startup Battle Pitch for TechCrunch

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Teamlab Startup Battle Pitch for TechCrunch 2012, Moscow.

Transcript of Teamlab Startup Battle Pitch for TechCrunch

  • 1. Erasing boundaries between desktop and online

2. Rich toolsetCollaborationHigh-quality formatting Quick sharingSpeed Online access 3. I need an internal systemof documentmanagement . I have BOBHead of IT Department several departments all in a large industrial companyover the country. Securityis my main priority 4. I want to enable my usersfor editing documentsright in their accounts. I DANIELThe developer of aalso need whitelabeling cloud application 5. I have clients and Id liketo offer them innovativeSaaS solutions. MAXReselling newcomerAre there any betterterms than those, offeredby Microsoft and Google? 6. I want an effectivecollaborative platform formy team. I need projectALEXThe founder of amanagement toolset, crmmiddle sized companysystem, email aggregatorand office apps, of course 7. Teamlab Office. Facts more than 500, 000 usersOnline Office Apps over 270, 000 projectsProject Management toolset almost 2, 000 000 tasks more than 160 countriesCRM 18 languages (+34 in progress)Email AggregatorSaas and OpenSource 8. SAAS PRIVATE CLOUD 9. ALEX BOBDANIEL MAX 10. Our Team