Team Legend Looks After New Players

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Big ‘E’ Properly Introduces Shipmates to the Fleet

Transcript of Team Legend Looks After New Players

  • SHUTTLEtheUSS Enterprise (CVN 65) - Tuesday July 12, 2011

    Graphic Illustration by MC2 Aaron Chase

    Team Legend Looks After New


  • adjust, learn their job, and also feel like they can have someone to talk to. Imagine being a new Sailor eager to check aboard the worlds first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and walking up the brow in the middle of the post-deployment leave period. While most Sailors on board will want to get their job done and then head home, this new Sailor needs a shipmate to take him/her under their wing and show them a proper welcome to their new command. Proper sponsorship, especially post-deployment, can mean the difference between quickly bringing a new shipmate into the fold, or setting them up for challenges that could otherwise be avoided. For more information about how you can help new shipmates integrate into the Enterprise team, talk with your chain of command, especially if your division is anticipating a new check-in during the next few weeks.

    the Page 3Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    Enterprise NewsSHUTTLE

    By MC1(SW) Rebekah AdlerUSS Enterprise Public AffairsUSS ENTERPRISE, At sea The popular saying you never get a second chance to make a first impression, is especially true for new crew members checking aboard for the first time. While the aircraft carrier USS Enterprises (CVN 65) mission winds down and the ship soon enters its post-deployment leave period, its important for crew members to not forget about giving their new shipmates a warm welcome. Over the past six months, the entire crew of Enterprise has formed into a powerful team. In Norfolk over the next few months, there will be many new crew members checking on board who want to be part of the team as well. How they are treated as they arrive will mean the difference between a smooth integration into the team or a rocky start. The first 72 hours for a new check-in are really criticalthats when you have to make that first impression, said Personnel Specialist 2nd Class (SW/AW) Latrina Flemons, a transfer supervisor. It helps make a person feel welcome, especially if theyre away from home for the first time. During those 72 hours, Flemons says that some of the most significant things to remember are:- If not already present, call the Sailors department to make sure someone comes to greet them, help them get settled in, and make sure they have a rack ready for them. - Take the new check-in to disbursing to get all of their receipts, pay and travel

    taken care of.- Update their SGLI, page 2, and other important documents.- Offer to get them something to eat, no matter what time it is, day or night. Other ways a sponsor can help make a positive impression on their new shipmate is to get to know them, their likes, and interests. Its good to try to get them involved in command activities such as MWR events, and EJSO; this can help the Sailor feel more at home, especially if theyre new to the Navy like myself, said Personnel Specialist Seaman Dennis Howard, who checked on board Enterprise two months ago. According to Howard and Flemons, neglecting a new shipmate can impact a Sailors outlook on the command and Navy overall. Being left by yourself can be chaotic and confusing because you dont know all of the rules yet, or

    where everything is, said Howard. By not being a good sponsor, this not only reflects poorly on you, but also your department and the command. Its helped me out a lot to have someone to show me around and answer any questions I had, Howard noted. I didnt have a sponsor when I first checked in on board, but fortunately, Ive been on a carrier before, so I knew where to go, said Flemons. Its really important to be a good sponsor to get that shipmate started off in the right direction. I always do my best to take care of them to make sure what happened to me, doesnt happen to someone else. Flemons added that good sponsorship also helps a Sailor stay more focused on the mission. When a Sailor feels taken care of, they seem to perform better and at a higher standard, said Flemons. It helps them to

    Big E Properly Introduces Shipmates to the Fleet

    Personnel Specialist Seaman Cora CorrealRomero shows Personnel Specialist Seaman Dennis Howard how to properly fill out a command check-in sheet aboard USS Enterprise (CVN 65).

    Photo by MC1(SW) Rebekah Adler

  • YN3 Clifford, admin clerk and awards yeoman for the Red Rippers of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 11 joined the Navy three years and eight months ago to get a break from college. To Clifford, the most rewarding part of his job is helping people and seeing the smiles when shipmates are awarded. His goals are getting his surface warfare pin and finishing his degree in business administration. In his spare time, Clifford enjoys spending time with his daughter, Breyah.

    Sailors of the DayYeoman 3rd ClassBreylon Maurice Clifford - Clairton, Pa.

    Photos by MC3 (SW) Jared M. King

    DCFA Parsons, a maintenance man for Big Es Engineering department, joined the Navy a year ago. To Parsons, the most rewarding part of his job is meeting new people and knowing that he is making a difference. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his family and sleeping.

    Damage Control Fireman Apprentice Riley A. Parsons - Landrum, S.C.

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