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  • 1. A Northern task force saving starsfrom themselves in the epicentre ofcelebrity breakdowns and fuck-ups.***WHAT?The mission is to locate Charlie Sheen and meet him in person. During the meeting, a carefullyput together Finnish health-pack courtesy of Visit Finland is to be handed over. This is for hisown good. And failure is not an option.***WHO?Two persons have been hand picked by Visit Finland for the quest. They are being sent to LosAngeles, USA, to complete the rescue mission.Luca Deasti: A dark and mysterious italian native. Being a prominent DJ, he has developed the so-cial skills needed to penetrate the in-crowd of Hollywood. Luca is a natural born techie, and is ableto solve any kind of difficulty involving 1s and 0s - be it rocket science or computer brain surgery.Fredrik Glimskr: A blonde, handsome and sharp-minded Swede. As a former child-actor he isequipped with a great understanding for silver screen star-psychology. Also, Fredrik is about twometres tall in upright position, which comes in handy while overlooking crowded areas.***WHY?Finland is simplicity, silence and solitude. A natural retreat in what could be considered the mid-dle of nowhere. It is the ultimate place for anyone in need of a good rest. So, who is the one thatreally needs to relax - right now? Well, how about Charlie Sheen? You have probably seen him.Center stage of a mass media circus. Ranting about tiger blood and the art of winning. Franticallysharing his views on producers, relationships, drugs and whatnot with anybody willing to listen.Under constant surveillance and pressure. It must be exhausting.That is why Visit Finland has decided to give him some much needed Finnishness.

2. lazer moose proudl y presents:los angeles - stockholm - helsinki 3. user activation. media.***WHAT?During the 4 days exhibition at Berghs School of Communication, we hosted a live-streamingbooth, following the adventures of our two special agents in Los Angeles. A maxi touch-screenwas displaying updates from the mission, connected to multiple social media services such asTwitter, Foursquare, Vimeo and Instagram. In Los Angeles, the team sent non-stop updates aboutthe mission - just using a smart phone.***websiteThe same content was displayed on the website, whereusers were encouraged to help the team finding Charlie Sheen, giving clues and useful informa-tions. A real conversation has been established with several finnish people currently living in theLos Angeles area. 4. berghs exhibition 1011.***BERGHS SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONTeam Finland Hollywood rescue is a project part of award winning Berghs School of Communi-cation final exhibition. The booth, placed in a strategic position just by the entrance of the exhibi-tion, has reached a number of impression of 3000 people in three days. Most of the guests wereprofessionals working in the advertising industry.***exposureThe project got also interest from the media, that reported the news. Article about Team FinlandHollywood Rescue were featured in,,,, andmany more.Links to the story here: 5. NUMBERS.***SOME USEFUL INFORMATIONS ABOUT THE WEBSITE TRAFFICDuring the second day of the exhibition, we woke up in Los Angeles with the best breakfast wecould expect. In less than 24 hrs, our website reached over15.000 unique visitors. We launched the website the 26th of May, statistics for that month showswe reached 22.578 unique visitors in 4 days, promoting Finland as THE country for quiet andpeace as a travel destination. 6. lazer moose proudl y presents:los angeles - stockholm - helsinki 7. Thank you.***TEAM FINLAND HOLLYWOOD RESCUE.We had an amazing experience. We learnd. We created. We loved the bried.We believe in this project and in any possible future collaboration.We want to take this further with you.Sincerely,LazerMoose