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Transcript of Team Ceres 486/CS/09-Projects/Ceres 486/CS/09-Projects/Ceres

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  • Team Ceres 486/CS/09-Projects/Ceres 486/CS/09-Projects/Ceres 486/CS/09-Projects/Ceres Noah Hilt (Team Leader, Communicator) Steve Koechle (Recorder, Communicator) Josh Chapman (Facilitator) Mentor - Dr. Dieter Otte
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  • Introduction Clean Air Action Corporation Helps communities and businesses clean up the air sooner and at lower cost. Focused on helping businesses follow laws while minimizing costs The International Small Group and Tree Planting program (TIST) Helps subsistence farmers to reverse the devastating effects of deforestation, drought, and famine.
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  • Problem Statement PDAs used to collect data about trees Form editing program used to upload data However system to get data from database is too simple All data publicly available Very little filtering No per user information available
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  • To create an easily accessible application that will allow users to attain pertinent and relative information in a straightforward manner. Focus on simplicity PHP using MySQL for data access Few classes, only used for abstract concepts, rest flat files Localization and Authentication are core focuses as well Filtering is the primary added feature
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  • Requirements Gathering Requirements Software MySQL 4.1 Compatible Usability Very Low Bandwidth (8 kbps) Simple Terminology Simple Interface
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  • Requirements (cont) Features Web Accessible Admin Interface Send Relevant Data Only Compatibility with main Browsers
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  • Implemented in PHP GUI Interface CSS design XHTML compliance Server Side Database Interface MySQL DB connect DB queries Abstract query methods parameterized Two Databases
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  • Translation Module Server side PHP files/config. Administration/Authentication Module Authentication avoid plain text password with hash Creating users Deleting/Editing users Admin page GUI Data Download Advanced Information Upload Review Progress Report Advanced Project View Help/Instruction Page Plain text
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  • Design(2/5/09 - 2/19/09) Implementation(2/19/09 - 4/2/09) User Testing(4/2/09 - 4/16/09)
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  • Problems and Challenges Specific version of MySQL must be supported Very large database 12GB+ Very restricted server environment Extremely slow download speeds English not primary language of users Vast range of education amongst users
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  • Solution covers problems and challenges as well as requirements Execution plan - ready for design and implementation