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Next cycle begins: April 13, 2013.Sign UP:

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Volunteering for Rahbar Three cycles are held every academic year at multiple schools between January February, April June and October December. Our next Rahbar cycle begins on 12 January, 2013 in Karachi. If you are interested in being a part of TCF Rahbar Program please register yourself on our website: VolunteerRequest.aspx For more details contact us on111823823 (111TCF TCF)or 03212432514. The next cycle will begin mid January in Karachi and Dharki.

Influence a Young Life - Become a RahbarAbout TCF The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a professionally managed, non-profit organization working to improve the quality of education in Pakistan. As of April 2012, TCF has 830 purposebuilt school units nationwide in urban slums and rural areas with an enrollment of more than 115,000 students. TCFs vision is to remove barriers of class and privilege to make citizens of Pakistan agents of positive change. What is Rahbar and the role of a mentor? The word Rahbar means one who guides the way. TCF Rahbar is a mentorship program aimed at the development of youth as responsible individuals and productive members of society.

Above: Mentors with their mentees at an exposure trip at a biscuit factory.

Faisal Jawaid Software Engineer Elastica Inc.For me I think that the Rahbar program teaches both mentors and mentees about each other, and it has helped us all grow and learn so much more than I thought possible. The content of the program is so useful and motivating that more often than not, I feel the need to apply what I learn in my own life. These are life lessons for all of us, and we make great friends along the way.

In line with this, the role of a Rahbar is to encourage the mentee to develop a positive thought process, a vision for his/ her future, the plan to realize that vision and the capacity to deal with the failure that he/she will inadvertently confront on this journey.

TCF Rahbar program is not just a mentoring program for the mentees. For us it has been an experience where the worth is much, much more than we invested. Each school brings a unique flavor to the program, but what is constant is the innocence, passion and hope within young minds that are the future of our country. The crux of the program is to trigger positive thinking and promote self development in mentees. However, the experience has been just as effective in helping us do the same for our own selves. Our Rahbar journey from the mentees, to the mentors, to the people running the program has been truly inspirational.

Rumina and Umair Nasir Rumina is a Production Designer while her husband is a Film Director at Num Films.

TCF RAHBAR PROGRAMRahbar thus far The program will complete eleven successful cycles by December in various cities including Dharki, Faisalabad, Khushab, Quetta and Rawalpindi. In the brief span of four years, we have been able to reach over 7600 students with the support of more than 1850 volunteer mentors from all walks of life. Our mentors have included people employed in the corporate sector, housewives, lawyers, engineers, scientists, doctors, teachers & retired personnel - just about anyone who would like to make a meaningful difference in young lives. What will be the time commitments for Rahbar? A group of five to seven students will be assigned to a pair of mentors for the duration of the program, that is, seven Saturdays between 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. I am interested - what is the next step? If you are interested in being a part of TCF Rahbar Program please fill out our volunteer form by visiting the following link: px For more details contact us on 111-823-823 (111-TCF-TCF) or on 0321-2432514TCF Rahbar program has helped me focus on nurturing good human beings which our motherland needs, instead of churning out just good students. Trying to improve ones self through interacting with mentees from varied cultural backgrounds, meeting new people and making new friends is what this Tabinda Rehman program has given me. Home Maker

Sharjeel Ahmed, Partner, Ernst and Young

The focus of the program is sowing a seed of positive thinking, aiming high and realizing ones potential. Therefore, where this program provides you an opportunity to contribute to the betterment of Pakistan, at a personal level, it gives you a chance to meet new like minded people, share and learn from each others experiences and grow. I would encourage you all to join and experience the pleasure of being a Rahbar.

Rahbar is an ideal platform to give back to society. I take nothing for granted anymore and have learnt to appreciate the bravery and potential of the children I mentored. Rahbar has encouraged positive thinking, not just for the mentees but also for myself. I hands down recommend that everyone register for the Rahbar program. Trust me when I say that the smile of your mentees will change your life forever.

Summaiya Mirza Legal Advisor, UEP

Above: Hand made gifts by the men tees for their mentors.