Taxis vs Trams

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A pictorial comparison of Victorian taxi and tram services

Transcript of Taxis vs Trams

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    A pictorial comparison of Victorian Taxi and Tram services


  • Foreword

    This pictorial comparison of Victorian taxi and tram services has been undertaken to

    juxtapose the quality and standards of these two important transportation modes within

    the Melbourne metropolitan area. The taxi industry has received significant attention

    over the past 12 months with regards to standards of quality and service. The authors

    felt that any inquiry into the taxi industry should not be done in isolation but rather, that a

    holistic view of the other transportation modes also be considered.

    A pictorial approach was adopted to convey, first hand, the experiences of customers

    and tourists on both modes of transport. The results paint an awkward picture for the

    quality of Victoria's tram network. By comparison, the taxi industry is an exemplar of

    cleanliness and efficiency.

    The images in this report were taken between July 1 and November 1, 2012.*

    To ensure spontaneity, the authors took the photographs on mobile devices which may

    account for the inferior quality of some images. Images have not been manipulated,

    enhanced or altered in any way.

    Victorian Taxi Owners

    Contact us via twitter @TaxiOwners or


    *The image for Undersupply (2) is sourced from the PTUA.

  • Oversupply (1) vs Undersupply (1)A glut of taxis means lengthy waiting periods

    for cabbies sitting idly on ranks.

    Too few trams means lengthy waiting periods

    for customers: 22mins in this instance.

  • text

    Oversupply (2) vs Undersupply (2)Friday night peak hour in Melbournes CBD

    and taxis queue waiting for work.

    Serious overcrowding on popular tram routes

    stretches for hours over peak demand,

    compromising both comfort and safety.

  • Respect vs DisrespectA typical taxi interior: clean, comfortable and


    Graffiti and sand paint an ugly picture of

    Victorian tram services to locals and tourists.

  • High standards (1) vs Low standards (1)Comfortable clean seats and footwell await in

    this cab.

    Grotty seats, cracked footwells and dirty floors are

    standard fare on Victorian trams.

  • High standards (2) vs Low standards (2)High standards of interior cabin comfort are

    commonplace in Vic taxis.

    Poor, decripd standards pervade Victorian


  • High standards (3) vs Low standards (3)Cabs windows are so clean they double as a mirror. View to the outside beauty of Melbourne is

    tarnished for tourists by incessant tagging.

  • Clear visibiity vs Tagged glassA clear line of sight for driver and passengers. The sun shines on graffiti tagging on many trams.

  • Inviting vs RecklessWell maintained cab interiors reflect pride in delivering

    quality service to customers.

    Most parts of trams are covered in tagging or


  • Passionate vs InsultingThis 25-year cabbie veteran takes pride in his vehicle

    and in providing excellent customer service.

    Customers using seats on trams as footrests is a

    common sight: fines are not a deterrent.

  • text

    Helpful vs UnhelpfulAnother cabbie enhancing Victorias reputation

    as world class destination for tourists.

    Another tram customer leaving his legacy for

    tourists...on the seat.

  • Attention to detail vs Wrong type of attentionAnother cabbie taking pride in the presentation

    of his vehicle: note the window cleaner.

    Unacceptable presentation of the Worlds Most

    Liveable Citys tram service.

  • Quality vs DistastefulQuality vehicles are the hallmark of Victorias taxi industry. Low standards of care confront tourists and

    regular commuters on Victoiras tram network.

  • Caring vs Second rateRain, hail or shine, Vic cabbies contribute to Victorias

    reputation as a safe and cosmopolitan tourism destination.

    Gorging on fast food in front of tourists and daily

    commuters, this passenger gives new meaning to the

    term Restaurant Tram.

  • Doing the job vs Urban decayAnnual roadworthies and regular servicing ensures

    a reliable fleet of cabs on Vic roads.

    Tram stops continue the theme of shameful tram

    service standards.

  • The daily grind vs An inferior service?Despite the current oversupply - and without a fare increase in

    four years - Vic taxis are clean, safe and reliable contributors

    to Victorias transport system. (Note: this photo was taken through

    scratched glass on tram route 96)

    The sun sets on Vic trams begging the question, Why has

    so much attention been focused on the taxi industry when

    drastic action is required for Melbournes tram network?

  • Enough.

    Its time to stop the hysteria about Victorias taxi industry. The Taxi Industry Inquiry has

    stirred up much criticsm about the Taxi industry and perpetuated myths about the

    industrys inefficiencies. The truth is, the Victorian taxi industry does not provide sub-

    standard service; the Victorian taxi industry is not in decay; the Victorian taxi industry cur-

    rently operates under the 2nd cheapest fares in Australia.

    Its time to end the unsubstantiated hysteria about Victorias purported ailing taxi industry.

    As this document illustrates, lets focus on fixing mass transportation such as Victorias


    If youve found this document enlightenting, please forward a copy to the Hon Terry

    Mulder Victorian Transport Minister, the Hon Ted Ballieu Premier and your local member.