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Transcript of TAT- Tourism Authority Of Thailand Communication Plan Final

  • COMPETITOR STUDY Based on the requirement, total tourist can be divided into two catagories. 1. Tourism 2. Medical Tourism Tourism: Tourist and vacation lover people usually goes to the following countries. Direct Competitor 1. India 2. Nepal 3. Malaysia 4. Singapore 5. Bhutan Growing Competitor 1. Sri Lanka 2. Indonesia 3. UAE
  • REASON TO TRAVEL THE COMPETITOR COUNTRIES INDIA 01. People can travel india at low cost. 02. Visa processing is simple and people can make quick plan to travel. 03. Many popular tourist spot of india is very well known among the people of Bangladesh. 04. Shopping facilities is an another reason to travel India. NEPAl 1. Mount Everest is the main reason to travel Nepal. Bhutan, Malaysia and Singapore 1. To see the natural beauty 2. To spend some time at luxury style. 3. Relaxation COMPETITOR STUDY
  • PROMOTION IN BANGLADESH MEDIA Because of the increasing demand, different hospital and travel company promoting in Bangladeshi media. Advantages of Local media: 1. More localized promotion. 2. Establish trust on the mind of consumer. 3. Usually get more attention Example : Press advertisement in Bangladeshi newspaper.
  • Medical Tourism:In every year, many people goes abroad for the medical treatment. Popular countries by the peoples choice are Competitor 1. India 2. Singapore Reasons to go to India: 1. Low cost treatment in compare to other countries. 2. Cultural similarities. 3. Easy VISA processing system. 4. Acceptance of language. 5. High Profile Doctor 6. Good communication with Bangladeshi doctor. Reasons to go to Singapore 1. High Profile doctor 2. Modern hospitality 3. Technological advancement in medical sector. 4. Positive image regarding the hospital COMPETITOR STUDY
  • Survey Report On Newspaper Circulation Survey Period:15-25 October 2012 Newspaper /magazine Circulation Prothom-Alo 531,110.00 Kaler kantho 270,230.00 The Daily Star 48,862.00 Canvas magazine 15,000.00 BD Monitor 10,000.00
  • Client: Tourism Authority of Thailand(TAT) Work Detail: Press Media Plan Duration: 2 months (27th November 2012 to 31st January 2013)
  • Prothom-Alo is the number One Bangla Newspaper. Distributed in all over the country. A newspaper of 60 lakh readers. Online version of the newspaper is the worlds number 1 Bangla web by reader. NOKSHA is the supplement of Prothom Alo publish in every Tuesday . Content: Fashion and Beauty New Fashion House Cooking Restaurant and food Shop Tour and travel PROTHOM ALO Circulation: 531,110 .00 in every day
  • Target market Age group:13-40 Social Class: Middle to upper class of the society Most popular supplement . Highest circulation in Bangladesh. Beauty conscious and economically solvent woman of Upper class people mostly lives in Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi etc are the very attached with this. Its tour and travel page considered as one of the trusted guideline to tourist and vacation lover. Circulation increased on the day of NOKSHA.
  • The Daily Star is the number One English Newspaper. Distributed in all over the country. Most popular daily newspaper by executive of corporate house and different financial institution. THE DAILY STAR LIFESTYLE is the supplement of The Daily Star publish in every Tuesday . Content: Fashion and Beauty Metro Life Upcoming events . Restaurant and food Shop Tour and travel Technology Talk Circulation: 48,862.00 in every day.
  • Target market Age group:17-40 Social Class: Middle to upper class of the society Occupation: highly educated employees of different private and public corporate house. LIFE STYLE Most sophisticated weekly supplement from the number one English daily The Daily Star. Its rich content is the main strength which is the main reason behind the popularity among educated middle to upper middle class . Fashion conscious woman preserve it by their own interest.
  • KALER KANTHO KALER KONTHO is ranked 3rd daily newspaper based on the readers. Distributed in all over the country. A to Z is the supplement of daily bangle newspaper publish in every Monday . Content: Beauty Healthcare Fashion Travel Circulation:270,230.00 in every day
  • Target market Age group:15-40 Social Class: Middle to upper class of the society Occupation: Executive, Beauty conscious woman and beautician. Second highest circulated Bangla supplement in Bangladesh. Very popular among middle class and upper middle class people. Popular among fashion conscious people whose are by behavior ambitious.
  • BANGLADESH MONITOR Popular tour and travel magazine in Bangladesh. Circulated mostly on Hotel, Restaurant, Airlines, Export-Import house, theme park etc. Content: 1. EXPORT-IMPORT related news. 2. AVIATION News 3. TOURISM News 4. CARGO & SHIPPING News 5. HOTEL & RESTAURANT. Circulation: 10,000 copy
  • Bangladesh Monitor is the exclusive magazine for travel, restaurant and export-import related issue. Its distributed in every hotel, motel, restaurant, airlines, export-import company and top corporate house. Its concentrated news coverage make it popular to the traveler, executive who regularly visit different countries, exporter and importer.
  • CANVAS Top monthly fashion magazine in Bangladesh. Circulated mostly on parlor, spa, fashion house, food shop. Target Customer: fashion and beauty conscious youth and adult, beauty expert of middle to upper middle class. Circulation: 15,000 copy best fashion guideline in Bangladesh. Cover all new trend of lifestyle.
  • BUDGET Detail No of Incretion Total Amount Prothom Alo-Noksha 5 892,500.00 Daily Star- Life Style 5 255,000.00 Kaler Kantho-A-to- Z 1 22,950.00 Canvas 2 68,000.00 BD Monitor 4 228,650.00 Total 1,467,100.00 Agency Service Charge 7% 102,697.00 Grand Total 1,569,797.00
  • POPULATION HIT PLAN Dailies Single insertion Hit No of Incertion Total population Hit Prothom Alo-Noksha 505110.00 5 2,525,550.00 Daily Star- Life Style 40862.00 5 204,310.00 Kaler Kantho-A-to- Z 250230.00 1 250,230.00 BD Monitor 10000.00 4 40,000.00 Canvas 15000.00 2 30,000.00 Total hit by the plan: 3,050,090.00
  • Total Cost: 1,569,797.00 BDT Total population hit: 3,050,090.00 people.