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  • Initial Ideas and Feedback Task 6 Alan Smith
  • Idea 1 I could make five Italian recipe cards of common foods but in a vegetarian style. This is because of the research found and the males aged 19-26 preferring Italian food and when asked where the best food came from, Italy was also the answer. 1)Three-Herb Cherry Tomato Pizza 2)Spaghetti with Lemon and Toasted Walnuts 3)Tomato Risotto with Pine Nuts 4)One-Pot Pasta Primavera 5)Ravioli in a Light Vegetable Broth The text for both the Method and the ingredients will be placed on the white space in the flag. Image of the food will be found outside the on the Green and red parts of the flag. This layout can be the same throughout and only changing the food. This would create its own identity and if successful could lead to doing many more Italian recipes Having images with the same background can help it blend further in.
  • Feedback 1 What do you like about the idea? I like the idea about the background of the image blending with the colour of the card itself. The layout is clear and concise, so will appeal to a wide range of demographics. Already getting the specific recipes was a good addition to the slide, good preparation for the task. The addition of the demographics about the males was a good addition and helped explain why you went with the features you did. What areas of the idea could be developed? The type of font that will be used could be specified. Even if its the same font as featured on the idea, it would be useful to say what font. Is the layout going to be clear and concise? What did you find out about the layout in task 5? What do you find interesting about the idea? The way in which youve set out different parts of text in the columns of the flag, its a really good way of doing it, one way I havent thought about.
  • Idea 2 Another idea could be to use flags of certain nations and have the recipe on the square piece. This can attract a younger audience and make cooking Fun. This encourages people to use the new recipes as it is eye catching and no so similar to the old recipes. Doing this would mean that you can broaden the idea and if it is successful one for every country or region may be made and could do very well. This would be targeted at a younger demographic and will encourage people to be vegetarians at an earlier age.
  • Feedback 2 What do you like about the idea? I like how your idea varied a lot from the previous one. A whole different demographic has been thought about and the further addition of different countries gives the idea a multi-theme. What areas of the idea could be developed? What images will be used on the card, one or two? Font? A link to task 5 about relevant demographics could have been added. How many children answered your survey and what did they look for in a recipe card? What do you find interesting about the idea? The way youve thought about different stages of vegetarianism. This idea was for younger vegetarians and you have stated that, which is good. The design and layout is unusual also, people normally think about featuring the flag, but dont think about using the flag as the whole card.
  • Idea 3 The third idea would be that of providing a recipe that is in shape of a jigsaw piece and the more recipes of that collection to buy you create an image of a certain region. For example, A vegetarian recipe from India can be placed on a piece such as this image. It will be the same shape. Then a country or location close can do the same and they can fit together after being laminated to form one full map.
  • Feedback 3 What do you like about the idea? The idea of a jigsaw is good, its a good layout, while the idea is unique. The layout is not just thought about, you also thought about the actual financial side to the production, should these recipes cards actually made in a mass batch. What areas of the idea could be developed? Some people may think they wont complete the map, so wont bother buying any of the map pieces. However, people will only buy the cards they want anyway, leaving the ones they dont like. Overall this idea is strong, only if you can add the recipes from these various countries to fit in with the brief though. What do you find interesting about the idea? This idea of the jigsaw is unique, I didnt think about this design. It doesnt just appeal to a certain demographic, the mass market will be appealed to by this idea. While it is an idea more aimed at a child, adults wont be put off this design I dont think.
  • Idea 4 Days of the week can be made on each card. From Monday to Sunday. This adds an incentive so do each recipe on each day of the week encouraging you to cook each day. The layout could be that of an egg timer. This will be a good effect and can split the text to image ration up well. This could prove to be a good yet simple card. This will be aimed at a younger audience as it is slightly educational and can you start off to an easy diet if you are a new starter to vegetarianism Ingredients Method etc Monday
  • Feedback 4 What do you like about the idea? This idea of a meal idea for each day of the week is good, especially if someone is cooking the same thing week in week out, it might give them a variation. While vegetarian options are already reduced compared to regular food, this recipe card will give a vegetarian more options. Like design 2, youve also encompassed younger children into the idea, a good feature to include a demographic in the idea stage. What areas of the idea could be developed? While the two ideas for children are good, this is not the mass market. While I understand you may want to target a certain demographic (due to your research), you may want to include features for an older audience too, or add features on the side of the card, maybe something like an alternative recipe that has more formal lexis included. Like many of your ideas, colour, text and font arent mentioned. Its not important at the idea stage, but could have been added to give an idea of the layout side of production. What do you find interesting about the idea? The shape of the recipe card, like many of your designs, they are unconventional styles of laying out a recipe card. The way youve though about splitting up the text is also good, especially when youve linked it to a particular demographic, children.
  • Idea 5 Idea five will be that of having a best of British set of recipe cards including Yorkshires food as well as other regions. This can allow me to have such as choice of recipes The style will be in that of a bookmark shape so it can be used for other purposes. Also being in that shape and what it can be used for can suggest it is for older people and with the traditional food from Britain this will be targeted at an Older, more Sophisticated audience. They will come as part of a collection, giving incentive to the buyer to purchase the whole set. The image will be located at the rear of the rectangle leaving the method and ingredients to fit on the top half. The same layout of this will stay similar throughout. Best Of British Yorkshires Finest! Vegetarian Yorkshire Puddings
  • Feedback 5 What do you like about the idea? The multi-purpose layout of having a bookmark and a recipe card is a very good idea. Variation between a different demographic this time is also good to see. The financial side of the production has been covered, like in idea 3. What areas of the idea could be developed? Your other ideas that youve created so far have been creative in layout. While the multi-purpose nature of your recipe card is good, the layout looks a bit restrained and boring. While it is aimed at an older, more sophisticated audience, features such as another way of doing the recipe in simple terms for children could be added. This would allow for a mass market targeting, while it will increase the income of the design because it will appeal to a wider audience. What do you find interesting about the idea? The multi-purpose use, I think a design that can be used as something else is a good idea. Its different to the rest of your ideas, which have come in different sizes this far, instead, this one is simple, yet effective.
  • Summary of Feedback What do you agree with from your feedback? I agree that the ideas should be developed on with fonts, colours and sizes to be looked at in more depth. I also understand that a variety of ages should be targeted at, not just new, young vegetarians. When looking at Idea 3, it was a good point made about people not wanting to finish the jigsaw should they not like the recipe. This has made me think about the layout and overall design of the card. I agree that having a Multi use for the card is a good idea due to always being used and that recipe being kept and maybe told through word of mouth to others about its importance. I agree that the ideas are unique and do have a certain something which looks at a younger audience as seen in the research. What do you disagree with from your feedback? I disagree with not having looked at which exact images will be used in the design. I believe this will be done at a later date to then the original idea stage. Also when looking at Feedback 3, I think the idea will fit in with