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1. Photography Planning 2. Front Cover For my front cover I will use a picture that is a medium close up of a boys face. It will be shot in a studio and I want the picture to have a small shadow of the subjects face on the white background. I will have the subject wearing an item of clothing with some aspect of red on it to match with the masthead font. With the rule of thirds most of the subjects face lines up with the middle vertical column and the eye line matches with the top horizontal line, I want this to happen on my picture that I take in the studio for my front cover as I think it gives the picture depth. I want my subject to be giving a direct address to the audience as it can give the audience as it makes you feel a connection with the subject. The picture will be taken against a plain background as it puts a lot more focus on the subject of the image and I feel it makes the picture look more professional. 3. Contents Page For my contents page I want to have 4, 5 or 6 smaller images that I will dot around certain bits of the page. One of the pictures will be a bit bigger of the main focus of the magazine(the person I am putting on the front cover) and the other pictures will be of other people or things and be a bit smaller. I will do this so that the magazine does not look like it is focused on one person and has more too it than just pictures that have been taken in a studio. I will do this to give the magazine variety. Some of my pictures will have more than one person in and some may only have one person it. Other pictures may not even have any people in. 4. Double Page Spread For my double page spread I want one big picture on one side of the page and one very small one in the bottom corner of the page with the writing on. The reason I just want one big picture is because I want the reader to be able to use the picture as a poster. The big picture will be of the individual that I put on the front. It will be a full body/from the waist up/from the thighs up.