Task 1 work fashion tom craig

Task 1 work fashion tom craig
Task 1 work fashion tom craig
Task 1 work fashion tom craig
Task 1 work fashion tom craig
Task 1 work fashion tom craig
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  • 1. Unit 57: Photography and PhotographicPractice Research of other photographers work (P1, M1, D1) Photographer: Tom Craig From Vogue Paste 6 images here include the name & date of image

2. Theme or focus of images The photographer Tom Craig is trying to convey the fashion in the 1980s, we know its this time period as he dresses the models very retro and vintage looking. Also the car is quiet an expensive aged jaguar. He uses only women in his photographs, maybe to show the different styles women wore from fur to leather. In all photos the woman is the dominant image. However around her is either land or 80s themed props. In one photo the girl is sat beside the jaguar car, as the car is black and so is the three dogs sat around the woman, this contrasts between the colours of the clothes she is wearing, a very pale pink with a floral pattern. These photos were taken in Arizona, the suburbs. So not only is he portraying 80s fashion, its focused on American 80s fashion. Composition On almost every photo the background is blurred out so the image is only focused on the model. Each photo has land in the background apart from one. The reason why he focuses on the women is so he can show the clothes close up; the detail of what the women is wearing. On one photo, it shows a woman sat by a car surrounded by three black dogs; she is leaning on a black jaguar. At first glance we notice the woman stands out from the black chosen props. Not any of the car is cropped in the photo so obviously the photographer wants to show that not only what the model is wearing is fashionable, the sort of cars and dogs were also. Craig seems to take the photo when the women arent directly looking at the camera, almost as it seems like the photo is unexpected. There is a variety of camera angles used such as close up and long shot. He also makes the models stand nearer to the edge of the photo, very rarely in the centre. Which makes the photo look a little bit more edgy and unfocused, again looking unexpected. Techniques used The lighting on each photo varies from dark to light. One photo is located in a forest, full of green trees and dark shadows; this creates a damper mood. Whereas the bright photos create more of a happy, energized mood. One photo seems like the photographer has edited it too make it look granulated, which to me adds age to the photo, it makes it look older and more vintage. Strengths & Weaknesses I like how the photographer focuses on the fashion of that time period. Fashion is most probably something Id like to take photos of. He also bases his photos on the 80s which is fun and a good insight on different things people would wear and how it contrasts to modern day fashion. If I was a fashion photographer however I would maybe use more than one model in a photo and have more fun attention grabbing settings and locations.