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  • 1. Task 1 Melissa Storey

2. John Stezaker Historical/ Contemporary- Contemporary (1949-Present) Traditional/Non-Traditional- Traditional British artist John Stezaker is fascinated by the lure of images. He takes classic movie stills, vintage postcards and book illustrations and makes collages to give old images a new meaning. His work is based on examinations of relationships, documenting the truth and the symbol of a modern culture. He couples a male and female identity and slices the faces in half. He will then place both images next to each other where they would most likely meet the most on the facial positioning. By adjusting, inverting and slicing separate pictures together to create new images Stezaker explores the subversive force found images. It is said he correlates his images to see the, personalities become empty, rendered abject through their magnified flaws and struggle for visual dominance. He does not use Photoshop to place these images together, he just simply places them with his own hands and takes a picture of them when he is happy with the outcome. 3. John Stezaker One of his most famous series of work was the marriage series. In his marriage series he focuses on the concept of portraiture, both as art historical genre and public identity. Using publicity shots of classic film stars, Stezaker creates icons that dissociate the familiar to create sensations of the uncanny. Another of Stezakers famous series is called Mask. Here he fuses the profiles of glamorous movie stars with caves, hamlets, or waterfalls, making the images eerie but beautiful. -His work is found in galleries such as the Saatchi, and in art books. 4. Florian Imgrund Historical/ Contemporary- Contemporary (Present) Traditional/Non-Traditional- Traditional German photographer Florian Imgrund acquired his first film camera in 2010, and he develops the pictures himself in his own dark room. He produces exciting double exposures from his film camera and usually expresses human nature linking natural landscapes to a personal feature like with Wooden Vision you can see the bark taking form onto his face and he looks to be part of the woods. His work would be classed as fine art and would appear in galleries, art books or to be bought for someones personal use. 5. Florian Imgrund This quote really explains whats his works feels like because of the analogue film camera. Self-developed, and free from any computer manipulation, his beautiful images evoke a feeling comparable to that you get listening to an old vinyl crack or watching an old movie before it gets digitally re-mastered, repackaged and rereleased as a 3D blockbuster. This makes a good piece of art work, you dont need 6. Stephanie Jung Historical/ Contemporary- Contemporary (Present) Traditional/Non-Traditional- Non-Traditional Stephanie Jung is most famous for her multiple exposure photographs that cleverly convey the fast, intense and manic feelings while experiencing a busy city where the senses are on constant overload. But her work is not just about city life, it's about time and caducity, about capturing special moments getting lost in time. She layers many similar photographs over the top of each other using the help of Photoshop and this is what gives her the fast moving feeling in the photograph. Her work has been published in different magazines as well as exhibited in art galleries. 7. Hannah Hoch Historical/ Contemporary- Historical (1889-1978) Traditional/Non-Traditional- Traditional Hannah Hoch is well known for her involvement for photomontage. She was one of the first people to do this sort of photography. Many of her pieces criticise the fashion beauty industry at the time it was first introduced to the media. She wanted to make it clear that women didnt all have to look the same and no matter what you looked like you always had the same rights and opportunities. She combined images from newspapers and magazine and mixed and re-created a new piece of art to make a statement about life and art in the Dada movement. Her work would be found in galleries, art books and art exhibitions. 8. Hannah Hoch The Nazis branded her a degenerate and the Dadaists tried to edge her out but this did not stop her trying to get her point across about how sexism and racism is portrayed in the media. 9. David Standish Historical/ Contemporary- Contemporary (Present) Traditional/Non-Traditional- Non-Traditional David Standish is usually a fashion photographer but he has produced some album artworks for people such as Paloma Faith. Paloma Faiths album art work is striking and dazzling. Paloma has always been striking and unmistakeable because of her iconic style. The custom made clothing, dazzling hair and makeup, have all been captured in the photograph to form the public display to become one of the most dramatic and celebrated album art images available. This work is commercialised as it is to promote Paloma Faith and her album. It can be bought on the front of her album cover and it very recognisable. It is all edited on computers therefore follows a non-traditional technique. 10. David Standish Paloma said "I am thrilled to be able to exhibit these artworks. The photographers involved are all amazing and I am so proud to have worked with them. In an age where we are all downloading music, it's wonderful to be able to appreciate fully the work that goes into creating the beautiful imagery surrounding an album"