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  • 8/8/2019 Tarot Layouts Book


    Tarot.Layouts.REF - complete versionReference Guide about Tarot LayoutsVersion 4.0.0 - 07/01/1996Compiled by David C. Jones (djones@ponder.csci.unt.edu)

    Copyright, 1996, David Clark Jones. Please see the table ofcontents for the location of the full listing of the copyrightnotice.

    "When we lay out the Tarot in the Spirit of Wisdom, we objectifythe subjective, make the invisible visible and provide form for theformless. The Tarot exteriorizes the interior life, it reveals theinner life like disclosing fluid."

    -- Naomi Ozaneic, _The Element Tarot Handbook_

    Table of Contents=================1) The Layouts

    1.1) Action Spread (#5, C2)*1.2) Eliphas Levi Wheel Spread (#5, C3, X)

    1.3) The Line Spread (#5, C1, L)1.4) Spread of the Elements (#5, C2)*1.5) Chakra Spread (#7, C3, X)1.6) Magic Seven Spread (#7, C4)1.7) Soul Dreamers Spread (#7, C4, SX)1.8) Spirits of the Circle Spread (#7, C4)1.9) Split Hexagram Spread (#7, C4)1.10) Four Seasons Spread (#8, C5, S)1.11) Hearth Spread (#8, C2)1.12) Planetary Spread (#8, C3, A)1.13) Amanda's Fan (#9, C3)1.14) Arianrhod Spread (#9, C4, 1year)1.15) Awen Spread (#9, C2, L)*1.16) Mandala/Alchemical Spread (#9/13, C3/4)1.17) Spiral Layout (#10, C1)1.18) Tree of Life Spread

    1.18.1) Davis' Tree of Life (#10, C5, X)1.18.2) Doane's Tree of Life (#10, C6, X)1.18.3) Peach's Tree of Life (#78, C7, X)1.18.4) Comments and Variations

    *1.19) Trinity Spread (#10, C3, L)1.20) Yes or No Spread (#10, C2, Y)1.21) The Celtic Cross

    1.21.1) Waite's Celtic Cross (#11, C4)1.21.2) Danburg's Celtic Cross (#11, C4)1.21.3) Peach's Celtic Cross (#11, C4)1.21.4) Lines within the Reading (C7)

    1.21.5) Variations and Comments.*1.22) Cup of Relationships Spread (#11, C4, S)1.23) Key Spread (#11, C4)1.24) Four Trines Spread (#12, C5, A)+1.25) Twelve Houses Spread (#12, C5, A)+1.26) Astrological Spread (#13V, C4, A)1.27) Magic Cross Spread (#13, C3)

    aka Christian Cross Spread1.28) Planetary Spread (#14, C4, A)1.29) Qabalistic Cross (#14, C3)

  • 8/8/2019 Tarot Layouts Book


    1.30) Daily Spread (#15, C4, 1day)1.31) Fortune Teller's Spread (#15, C3)1.32) Thoth Spread

    1.32.1) Original Thoth Spread (#15, C4)1.32.2) Peach's Thoth Spread (#16, C4)

    1.33) Wish Spread (#16, C4, S)1.34) Grand Source Spread (#21, C6)1.35) Playing Deck Spread (#21, C3, L)1.36) Pyramid Spread (#21, C4)1.37) Romany Spread (#21, C2, L)1.38) Twenty-One Card Spread (21, C6)1.39) Sephiroth Spread (#26, C9, A)*1.40) Triangular Spread (#28, C8)1.41) Magic Mirror Spread (#29, C5, S)1.42) Spread of Thirty-Six (#36, C4, L)*1.43) Story Spread (#45, C7)1.44) Solar Spread (#49, C5, LA)1.45) Life Spread (#50, C9)1.46) Three Fans (#54/78, C9)1.47) Ladder Spread (#78, C9)

    1.48) The Waite Spreads (#43/78, C9, L)1.48.1) The Forty-Three Card Layout (#43, C9, L)1.48.2) The Thirty-Five Card Layout (#35, C5, L)

    *1.49) Geomancy Spread. (#V, C9, AX)1.50) Name Layout (#V, C3, L)1.51) Tetragrammaton Spread (#V, C7, LX)1.52) Timing Spread (#V, C2, Y)

    2) Layout Modifiers2.1) Additional Card Modifiers2.2) Extending the Path2.3) Rotating the Layout2.4) Yes/No Answer2.5) Querent Cards

    2.5.1) Personality Traits2.5.2) Astrology2.5.3) Physical Traits2.5.4) Open Deck2.5.5) Random Selection2.5.6) No Querent

    *2.6) Ateration of the Elements*2.7) Multi-line Associations

    3) Useful Information3.1) Astrological Houses3.2) Planetary Symbols3.3) Astrological Symbols3.4) Divination w/ normal deck of playing cards3.5) Timing Information

    *3.6) Astrological House Numbering*3.7) The Four Elements and the Tarot

    A Lesson in Relationships between Cards3.7.1) Stage One: Traditional Method3.7.2) Stage Two: Elemental Rules3.7.3) Stage Three: Positions

    4) Rituals of Meditation4.1) Mandalas

    4.1.1) Daily Focus Point4.1.2) Contemplation Ritual

  • 8/8/2019 Tarot Layouts Book


    4.1.3) Opening the Door4.2) Qabalistic Cross of the Tarot Ritual (4)4.3) Suit and Function Meditation (14)4.4) Figure of Eight (22)4.5) Square-Triangle Layout (78)

    5) Useless Information5.1) Copyright Notice5.2) Where to find this document5.3) Administrativia5.4) Who am I and how this list got started5.5) Really Useless Information*5.6) How to Use this Document.

    5.6.1) If you are new to tarot....5.6.2) If you are new to this document....5.6.3) Supplements and version numbers5.6.4) Paradigm Spread5.6.5) Maps and Legends

    6) References and Thanks7) History of this document

    A - Astrological Spreads.L - Line Spreads.S - Specific Question Spreads.X - Cross Subjects.Y - Yes/No Spreads.

    + indicates new information was added to this section since v3.0.1* indicates a totally new section in this FAQ since v3.0.1- indicates that part or all of this section was removed and/or

    incorporated elsewhere


    1) The Layouts

    1.1) Action Spread (#5, C2) (Morison)Layout:1 5

    2 43

    Deal: Numerically as shownReading:Card 1: The question itself, important aspects of the question.Card 2: Past Events.Card 3: How the querent has reacted to the matter or character

    strength which are more relevant to the matter.

    Card 4: EnvironmentCard 5: Solution to problem.

    1.2) Eliphas Levi Wheel Spread (#5, C3, X) (Guiley)Layout: 1



  • 8/8/2019 Tarot Layouts Book


    Deal: Numerically as shown

    Reading:Card 1 - Present situationCard 2 - Waning influences. Obstacles already overcome. Changes

    which have occured in the past.Card 3 - Hidden or unconscious influencesCard 4 - Emerging influences.Card 5 - Synthesis. Draws together the other four influences.

    Comments: The layout is so named because it is based upon theEliphas Levi Wheel, a version of which is seen on Trump 10 in theRider-Waite deck; Levi did not invent this layout. Levi's Wheelassigned letters of the Tetragramaton (Yod, He, Vau, He,respectively) to each of the four positions shown above. Levi'swheel also offers some additional interpretations of the four tarotsuits, the four ranks of court cards, and the meaning of theletters T, O, R, and A. For further information, consult some ofhis works on the subject.

    1.3) The Line Spread (#5, C1, L)

    Layout:5 4 3 2 1

    Deal: Right to Left

    Reading:Cards 4 and 5 represent the futureCard 3 represents the prenysentCards 1 and 2 represent the past

    Variation: A simple, and very commonly used, variation of the FiveCard Spread works as follows: instead of placing two cards on eachside of the present card, place three our four, yielding a seven ornine card spread (or go higher if you wish). The further you getfrom the center card, the further into the past/future you arelooking.

    1.4) Spread of the Elements (#5, C2) (Carr-Gomm)Layout: N

    W Q ES

    Deal: Querent, East, South, West, North

    Reading: Use to gain insight into aspects of the self which need

    balancing or development.Card Q: QuerentEast: Intellectual or Mental Life

    South: Sensual and/or Instinctual LifeWest: Emotional Life

    North: Intuitive and/or Spiritual Life

    1.5) Chakra Spread (#7, C3, X) (Guiley)Layout/Deal: Using only the major arcana, deal seven cards upwardforming a single vertical line.

  • 8/8/2019 Tarot Layouts Book


    Reading: Each card corresponds to one of the seven chakras of thebody. Proper study of the subject would be advised when using thislayout and the list below is intended only as a reference guideextracted from Guiley's book. Interpretations of each position mayvary depending upon your learnings.

    Card 1 - Root Chakra. Self-preservation and instincts.Card 2 - Sacral Chakra. Sexuality.Card 3 - Solar Plexus. Emotions.Card 4 - Heart Chakra. Higher consciousness, unconditional love.Card 5 - Throat Chakra. Creativity and self expressionCard 6 - Brow Chakra. Psychic abilities, spiritual enlightenment.Card 7 - Crown Chakra. Individual level of conscious evoluion.

    1.6) Magic Seven Spread (#7, C4) (Doane)Layout:

    1/ \


    \ / \ /X 7 X/ \ / \3---\-----/---2

    \ /4

    Deal: Numerically as shown above.

    Reading:Card 1: Past event leading up to the present stateCard 2: The present stateCard 3: Immediate futureCard 4: Suggested Solution, what the querent should do to obtain

    more control over the current situationCard 5: The current environment and/or its affect on the matterCard 6: OppositionCard 7: Result

    Variation 1: Change the following cards (Davis)Card 4: Issue to be dealt withCard 5 and 6: Opportunity and limitation (these positions flip,use your intuition as to which is which in a given reading)

    1.7) Soul Dreamers Spread (#7, C4, SX) (Silbury)Layout: X X X X X X X X X X

    X 5 X

    X 2 XX 1 6 XX 4 XX 3 XX XX 7 XX X X X X X X X X X

    X's are used merely to show relative position of the cards. Thecards should be placed such that they create an outward clockwise

  • 8/8/2019 Tarot Layouts Book


    spiral and should be more circular that the above diagram appears.

    Deal: Select card 1 as you would a querent card. Shuffle the deckand deal numerically as shown

    Reading: This reading is intended to help one understand a dream'smessage or meaning.

    Card 1 - Key. Choose a card the represents the dream situation oryour feelings about the dream.

    Card 2 - Dream Situation. Tells something about the dream'sevents, such as when where, how, and why.

    Card 3 - Energy Within. Primary energy of the dream.Card 4 - Conscious Meaning. What the dream means to you in

    'walking life.'Card 5 - Subconscious Meaning. What the dream means to you on an

    inner psychic level.Card 6 - Serpent Energy. When energy is needed to cause the dream

    to manifest physi