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1. One-stop Personalization Solution for E-commerce 2. Core Team Saurabh Nangia, Product Development Expertise: Personalization and machine learning veteran. 5 patents pending in recommendations domain, and over 4 publications in international conferences Launched Personalization at: Education: Masters in Computer Science, specializing in Machine Learning from University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign (USA) and a BTech in the same from IIT Guwahati (India). Rahul Singh, Business Development Expertise: ~5 years of work experience across various geographies including India, Europe & Middle East in areas of Marketing, Market Entry & Growth strategy, Internal corporate strategy & Business Process Innovation Companies: Education: B.E. in Electrical & Electronics & MSc in Physics from BITS, Pilani and MBA with specialization in marketing from SP Jain. Supported by a team of expert machine learning engineers from firms such as Amazon, Lovefilm, Woot, inMobi, Sapient, Healthkart, Rediff 3. Proud Clients Recent Media Coverage Serving 50+ clients across 5 countries 4. Problem: How to Increase Conversion Rate, Repeat Purchase, Average Order Value, Expose Long Tail for E-commerce sites? Use best possible personalization system without investing minimum 2 years to develop an algorithm using a full fledged team that lacks guarantee of success & costs up to $ 300,000 annually Solve the Problem of Plenty/Tyranny of Choice & Abandoned Card for customers where more choices confuses them, making them less likely to choose Take important business decisions based on data instead of going by mere instincts Watch George facing these problems at 5. Personalization Service using Software as a Service (SaaS) model Right product for the right user at the right time 6. TargetingMantra Web/ Mobile Solutions Customers coming through Web or Mobile Homepage * We also provide customized widgets apart from ones listed above as required by clients TargetingMantra solutions interact with 10-35% of all customers visiting the site depending on the solutions used by companies Personalized Banners & Deals Dynamic Best Sellers & New Arrivals Recommendations Category Page Product Page Cart Page/ Thank You Page Category wise Dynamic Best Sellers, New Arrivals Now Trending Catalog Ordering Customer who viewed also viewed Customers also bought Recommendations Frequently Bought Together Cross Sell Cart Recommendations based on Purchase 7. Omni-channel Personalization Seamless, Relevant & Personalized recommendations across multiple devices for every customer 8. How TargetingMantra Works Inherent Attributes Catalogue Data: Description of product, color, size, weight, etc. User Data: Gender, Location, Age, Income Bracket , etc. Personalized Recommendation Solution for Web & Mobile TargetingMantra Proprietary Machine Learning Algorithms and Big Data Techniques + Company Specific KPI Requirements Behavior Attributes Real time User Behavior Data : Browsing, Add to Cart, Purchase, Reviews, Ratings, Likes and Wish- list 9. TargetingMantra Performance ~19% revenue through TM solutions, >15% increase in conversion rate Additionally ~20% increase in Customer Loyalty for clients after using TM Status till Dec 2014: Widgets rendered by us: 1.4 billion | Revenue generated through us: US$ 100 million 10. Platforms Supported 1-click personalization & 16+ personalization solutions in less than 5 minutes for Magento & Shopify stores Platform Support for Native SDKs such as iOS & Android & 30 Day Free Trial Magento clients can find us at recommendations-suite.html Shopify clients can find us at and all other platforms 11. One-stop Personalization Solution for E-commerce Building Partnership