Target Audience (secondary) research

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Transcript of Target Audience (secondary) research

Target Audience (Secondary) Research

Target Audience (Secondary) ResearchIndie music

Google SearchesFrom Google searches I found a lot of previous work done by students who had chosen the same genre as me. It gave me an in depth anaylsis of the demographics of my target audience and I think that these were the most helpful overall. Through these presentations, I discovered what the age, gender, ethnicity and social class of my target audience is:16 24 year oldsFemale (66% Female, 34% male)White britishWorking classNma also back up that the genre has intensely engages audiences of 16 to 24 year olds

Youtube stats



Gig stats

Case studiesInformation from a case study on says that there had been a massive growth in indie musicians and singers over the past decade. It states that: things are actually much better for independent musicians than in the past, just as we would expect. In fact, there's been an astounding 510% increase in independent musicians making their full time living from music in just the past decade.

This shows that there is a growing demand for indie music and that it is much more popular than it was a decade AGO

spoifySpotify also identifies that there is a market for indie music now. When lookg at 2016 wrapped up on Spotifys website it is clear that people liked listening to indie music throughout 2016. in fact, the first suggested genre of music is indie when it comes to 2016 in music. Number 3 and number 10 of the top tracks of 2016 are both by indie artists showing that indie artists are increasingly successful.

Niche/mainstreamWhen looking at all this data, along with the primary ta psychographics and general opinions on the genre, it is clear that indie used to be a niche genre, which is understandable considering it independent however there is much more of a demand of it now, and it is certainly becoming more mainstream, this is suggested by the information from

conclusionThe data recorded from this target audience research helps me to identify my audiences demographics (for indie rock) so that I can progress onwards with the planning of my music video in the same genre. It tells me who to interview for my primary target audience research so that I can hear, first hand and in depth, what my demographic likes and dislikes about indie music videos, so while this gives me mainly quantitative data, it tells me who I need to speak to for some qualitative data, which is very important. This also helps me find out the psychographics of my target audience too, so I know where and how to market my product once it is ready FOR RELEASE.