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Transcript of Target Audience Research

Target Audience ResearchIndie/Indie Rock Music


Google SearchesFrom google search's I found a lot of previous work done by students who had chosen the same genre as me. It gave me an in depth analysis of the demographics of my target audience and I think that these were the most helpful overall. These presentations gave me the age, gender, ethnicity and social class of the primary (and secondary) target audience(s) for Indie Rock:16 24 year oldsMale (66% Male; 34% Female)White BritishWorking Class often in education.NME also backed up that the genre has intensely engaged audiences of 16 to 24 year olds.

YouTube StatsHere I have compared YouTube stats from two music videos, one from the Indie Rock genre (Imagine Dragons Radioactive) and one from a different, more mainstream genre (Will.I.Am; Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana - Feelin Myself - Rap/Hip Hop). This shows which is more popular, over a period of years too. It gives indication as to what kind of music videos people watch more of.

There is a clear difference in all the stats between the two music videos. Radioactive has been watched almost 5 times more and shared many more times. The line on the graph is much steeper too, indicating increased interest in the video/genre, compared to Feelin Myself. **(although the graph for Feelin Myself starts in 2014 the song was released in 2013 the same year as Radioactive)

UK Top 40Today (Jun 29th 2016) there are plenty of Indie artists within the UK Top 40, such as Bastille, Twenty One Pilots and Lukas Graham.

This here proves that there is still a liking and a demand for the genre and that it can still become very successful holding a place in the Top Charts list, therefore indicating that there is an audience for the genre and its music, along with its music videos too.

On top of this, 7 Years by Lukas Graham has held the top spot for a number of weeks in the past, deeming it very popular.

Inforg.ramRather than telling me who my target audience actually is, Inforg.ram told me how popular the Indie Rock genre in nowadays and gave an indication into the success of the genre. This tells me whether it is more niche or mainstream and suggests how many people it reaches.The chart shows peoples favourite music genres in 2011/2012, and the percentage will have undoubtedly only increased for Indie in the years after.The award stats show how success can be measured within the music industry, and they indicate that the Indie genre has been very successful in recent years.

The fact that we've found the majority of indie rock/alternative rock fans from our survey are from London/South East England coincides with the raw and rustic look of indie rock bands. So for our music video, as an example, the setting could be the city of London itself, or a location which our target audience can identify with which draws parallels with Blumer and Katz audience theory because the target audience can have a personal identity with the location of London because they live in or near the city.

We found out that the target audience prefers to keep up to date with indie rock/alternative rock artists through social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This further suggests that the audience demographic falls into the materialist psychographic category. This also suggests that due to audience's need for creative mindset, they will most likely aberrantly read into the band's music. Therefore this has inspired us to provide links to our artists Twitter and Facebook page on the website which explains the ideas behind their material in order to alternate the audience positioning for the target audience for a negotiable read into the material.

Gig Stats

Our findings from this particular question were highly one sided. We found that the fact that the majority of the young target audience, only occasionally attend gigs and festivals, which in a way challenges our initial research into indies audience demographic. However, we can relate their attendance to gigs and festivals to the psychological needs of the audience. In this case it is associated with getting drunk and raving at music gigs and festivals in the summer (occasionally). This also relates to the belonging needs of the audience, in terms of them feeling a sense of belonging within a group by attending gigs and festivals within their social groups.

Music Machinery

Music machinery tells me which gender favours what genre. It supports the finding that males do like Indie Rock and that they are our primary Target Audience.

ConclusionThe data recorded from this Target Audience research helps me to identify who my audience is for the Indie Rock music video I will be producing, and it also tells me who to interview within my Target Audience Interviews and member profile, which will lead to me having more depth information about the people my product is aimed at. Discovering the demographics of my target audience helps me lead onto finding out the psychographics of my target audience too, as I now know who to ask about the genre, and they will give me insight into what they like and dislike in a indie rock music video.Psychographics will be discovered through my Target Audience member profile and interviews