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Transcript of Target Audience Research

Research Into A Potential Target Audience

Research Into A Potential Target Audience By Bob Mackenzie

Secondary Research

Sinister 2

As we can see from this comparable profile, this particular horror film is targeted towards audiences ages 15+. More pacifically, audiences aged between 15 and 24. Sourced from Pearl and Dean films - - 31/10/15

Insidious Chapter 3

Sourced from Pearl and Dean films - - 31/10/15As we can see from this comparable profile, this horror film is also targeted at audiences aged 15+. 95% of the audience are aged between 15 and 44, and 0% of the audience is younger than 15. We can also see that 53% of the target audience is female.

The Conjuring 2

Sourced from Pearl and Dean films - - 31/10/15The comparable profile for The Conjuring 2 is again similar to the other horror films. 0% of the audience is below 15, the main focus for the target audience is between 15-24 (59%). Like insidious, slightly more females are attracted to the film than males.

How Will This Research Affect My IdeasFrom this research I now know that my biggest target audience is between 15 and 24. I also know that females are slightly more drawn to the film then males. Therefore, I know not to use fancy fonts that would be to the attraction of the older generation, or not to use big superhero like titles that are really bright coloured and childish. I will use modern day locations such as a house or somewhere outdoor. The film should be set in modern day, therefore it isnt old fashioned or futuristic. Finally, I should use an actor of this age group, therefore its more relatable for my target audience.

My Target Audience-Aged between 15-24-Mostly female, however also male-Teenagers to young adults who enjoy film -Mostly middle class (C2), people who have skilled manual occupations (by definition) -Potentially people who study at university or college/just began full time work

Why This Target Audience?Looking at other horror films which I imagine my opening titles to be similar to, these films have this group as their target audience. As my film will hopefully be similar, this is what I imagine will be my target audience.

Primary ResearchResearching Into A Potential Target Audience

Questions For My Target Audience(After watching this trailer genre do you think this trailer is? Why?-Do you think the fonts are appropriate for the audience and genre? -Do you find this trailer appealing? Why? -What is your favorite horror film? Why?-What elements of this trailer make it match the genre?-Do you find this trailer scary? Why?-What scares you the most when watching a horror film?-Do you only enjoy films of this genre when theyre scary?-Do you find other films of this genre appealing? Why?

The People Who I AskedJessica JinksAge: 19

Jack SnowAge: 23

Niamh CullenAge: 16

What genre do you think this trailer is? Why?Jess: I think this is trailer is for a Horror film. This is because the events that are shown within the trailer provoke fear, and many of the characters are shown also to be in a state of terror. The music used within the trailer is sinister and the shots are very fast which makes the viewer feel uneasy. The use of a boogeyman figure also suggested that the family were at risk of harm, some of which was shown within the trailerJohn: I think this is a horror film as I felt scared and on edge whilst watching.Niamh: Horror, because of the characters and the background noises and music

Do you think the fonts are appropriate for the audience and genre? Jess: The fonts were very simple and not very related to the horror genre however their background and the details such as the cracking round the edges of the image and the shadowing did relate to the horror genre as they are dark and eerie. John: The fonts used were effective as I could read them clearly, and the scary back ground still gave an overall scary feelNiamh: I think the font itself is not scary but put into that genre it adds to the scariness of the trailer

Do you find this trailer appealing? Why? Jess: Yes and no. I liked the shots being fast and fragmented as it portrayed the chaos that was in the film. The music was good because and engaged the audience, especially the childrens/record player music as it was calm and contrasted with the shots showing the characters in a state of despair. I didnt like how much content was in the trailer as I feel like I know too much of what is going to happen which has deterred me from watching the film and ruined the element of surprise.John: I did yes. I enjoyed the thrill and scare of it. I felt on edge and didnt want to stop watching.Niamh: it is a good trailer but I do not enjoy horror films, I had to close my eyes when the music stopped as I knew something was going to happen

What is your favorite horror film? Why?Jess: Insidious 2 as it has a good story line and also used music as a way to further affect the audience. I also believe that the fact the main affected characters were children makes the film more scary overall. John: I really enjoyed The Conjuring. This is because I could relate to the character and therefore I found the film extremely scary.Niamh: the woman in black, it's one of the only ones I've seen, and the story was not very relatable so therefor was not as scary

What elements of this trailer make it match the genre?Jess: The trailer depicted the story of many families being haunted/ harmed by an antagonistic character in this case named as the boogeyman this in its self makes for a horror film as people are being harmed which is conveyed to the audience. The characters were often shown in a state of terror shown by their facial expressions and reactions such as screaming or crying. The music was eerie and often contrasted with the events being shown in the shot, which made the viewer feel mixed emotions, often mainly fear.John: The location of the trailer and the use of a scary character made the media feel like a horror.Niamh: The jerky music and nursery rhyme tune

Do you find this trailer scary? Why?Jess: Yes. Mainly due to the scenes where people were being killed or hurt which makes you feel at risk yourself. The revealing of the person/character who was haunting and harming the people also provokes fear as you do not want to come into contact with this character when personally feeling at risk. The shots of the boogeyman character always came paired with a loud and brash sound effect which in turn makes you feel nervous/scared. John: Yes, the jump scares and the loud music made me jump. The main character is also very scary, the make-up on his face is terrifying.Niamh: Yes I find it scary as it builds tension using music and silence throughout

What scares you the most when watching a horror film?Jess: The act of harming a person scares me the most within horror films especially when that person has been shown to be relatable to you or vulnerable such as a child. John: Clowns. I hate clowns and they scare me in films.Niamh: The thing that scares me the most when watching a horror movie is anticipating what will happen next. Also things/scares enhanced using the music

Do you find other films of this genre appealing? Why?Jess: I enjoy most films of this genre because they are very good at engaging the audience and making you feel emotions that you wouldnt normally feel in real life. Its always exciting to live out scenarios through a film that you wouldnt want to/arent able to do in real life.John: Yes, I really enjoy being scared. Its a feeling no other films can give to you.Niamh: I don't really enjoy scary films but watching them when with friends makes it easier. I'm always interested to see the ending in hope that it is happy, but I do not particularly enjoy this genre

Reading Through ResponsesNot everybody loves horror films, therefore I cant be disheartened if not everybody enjoys my opening titles.People have agreed that you dont need a scary font, instead you need a scary theme surrounding that font.Having a scare character is essential.I need to use music to my advantage, making it louder in more scary parts.My target audience all identified the trailer as being horror., therefore I need to include stock ideas in my opening titles to make it obvious that its a horror film.Im surprised that there was such a variation in what scared people, I didnt realise you could be scared by so many different things!

How Will This Research Affect My IdeasThis research will help my greatly. Having people give direct feedback who are in my target audience is a huge benefit. I have learnt that I need to have a scare character to make the film scary. I should also have relatable characters in my film, therefore its more relatable and scary for my target audience. I should use music to my advantage, making some elements loud and noisey and others quiet. Using louder noises during jump scares is something that the audience will find scary and therefore I should include.