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Target Audience Research

Opening SequenceTarget Audience Research

I carried out research to identify my target market. I have displayed it clearly in the format of a Facebook profile page. I took into consideration of age demographic and the psychographic lifestyle. Takers

Genre of my movie!Young group of men aged around 20-25. Fits my target market age group of about 16-25!Male gender which is my target market and the demographic group of 20 years old. Lives in East London which is notorious for crime and trouble!Previous movies that fit the same conventions as mine. Crime and male squads!

(What my target audience likes)Stereotypical things that teenagers and young adult enjoy doing. Playing football and drinking is a classic thing for males. In my opening sequence I will try and make as many of these as possible to link with the audience and give them a sense of realism and feel close to the movie!As well as the interests these are the things they want to see in the movie. They are boisterous stuff with scraps and danger. Watching a movie with danger and being able to link yourself with it makes you feel like youre capable of dangerous acts. I will involve these things to appeal as much as I can to the audience.

Pictures of young adults. Muscular and determined like the audience want to be!Shows interest in crime and violence with mug shot and the gun!