Target Audience Research

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Transcript of Target Audience Research

In the post in I will be using secondary data from UK Film Council to identify the percentage of people that enjoy fantasy/thriller films. This breakdown of demographics and market segments shows that the primary target audience for fantasy/thriller films is males 35 and over in the social class C2. From this I can also see that the secondary audience is females under 35 in the social class C1. This means the genre will appeal to a variety of people.

This data shows the genre of films the general public would consider their favourites. Both the genres I have chosen to do are in the top 10. Thriller being second with 26% and fantasy being tenth with 9%. This tells me that the target audience is mainstream.

This data backs up the diagram by breaking down the results.

This diagram shows the genres the public would like to see more of in the future. There is aspects of both of the genres I have chosen in the top three. These genres generally appeal to males over 35 which means that my chosen genre will have a wide target audience.

This table also backs up that fantasy/thrillers have a mainstream audience.

To conclude, fantasy/thrillers have a mainstream audience. This can be seen in the statistics in the UK Film Council report. It also means that I have a wide chose in who I would like to aim my film opening at.