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Transcript of Target Audience Research

Target audience research

Target audience research Music Magazine Questionnaire Responses


Females 53.8%Males 46.2% The first question I asked was what gender they was. The reason I asked this question is because I wanted to know if the answers were going to be bias, more feminine answers than masculine vice versa. Here I can see that it is not overly one sided and that the answers are going to be quite un bias as there was nearly the same amount of males as females who answered my questionnaire.


Yes 41.7%No- 58.3%I wanted to see how many people actually buy music magazines, I found out that more people dont actually buy music magazines to the 41.7% who do. The reason I wanted to find this out is because there could be something missing in the magazine such as a certain genre etc. By finding who does and who does not buy magazines I can look into and analyse what people look for in a magazine and go on to look to see if something is missing that needs to be included in my magazine so that more people buy it.

How often do you buy a music magazine?

Daily 7.7% Weekly 0% Fortnight 15.4%Monthly 23.1%Never 53.8%This next question tells me about how often people buy music magazines, we can see that over half of the people asked do not buy music magazines at all. It then goes to monthly at 23.1%, this shows me that people would rather wait a month and read what has happened since the last time they read the magazine so they are caught up all in one go instead of having to read potentially boring and small articles on whats happened in the past seven days. I can also see this because 0% buy there magazine weekly. This also tells me how frequently I would need to publish the magazine.

How much would you pay for a music magazine?

1.50 30.8%2.00 7.7%2.50 7.7%3.00 23.1%3.50+ - 30.8% The answer to this question is very different this is because the same amount of people said they would pay the lowest price at 1.50 where as the same amount of people also said they would pay 3.50 for a magazine, to reach the needs of my future consumers I will need to agree on a price which will fit all consumers and not just one.

What genre of music do you listen to?

R n B 20%Rock 20%Hip-Hop 10%Indie - 30%Metal 0%Dubstep 0%Drum and bass- 10%Other 10%From this I can see that the most three top listened to genres of music are, indie, R n B and Rock. Instantly from this research I know what genres of music to include and which to not include. From this I can see that I should defaintly not include genres such as metal or dubstep because nobody really listens to this anymore. I know that I need to include indie music in my magazine as this has the highest percentage but I could/would also include Rock and R n B genres in the magazine too.

What contents of a music magazine are you mostly interested in?

Interviews with artists 8.3%Upcoming festivals/events 41.7%Music gossip 25%Reviews 16.7%Competitions 8.3%I can see that most consumers would want to see what upcoming festivals/events are close and to reach this need I would need to include pages on my magazine which includes advertisement for this. I can also see a large proportion would also like to have some music gossip included in the magazine, I could do this by including questions and answers by very famous artists by Beyonc and include exclusive interviews etc.

What colour theme is best for a magazine?

Dark blue 16.7% Baby blue 16.7%White 16.7%Black 8.3%Red 8.3%Pink 0%Purple 8.3%Green 16.7%Other 8.3%

This answers includes 4 colours which the same amount of people chose for a magazine theme. These colours are; Dark blue, Baby blue, White and Green. From this I can see which colours would instantly attract consumers more and these are the colours I will use as the theme. The reason for this is because using colours that the readers prefer means that they will be more attracted to the magazine.

Are you more likely to buy a magazine which includes a give away?

Yes 84.6%No 15.4%Many consumers like to have a freebie given to them when they buy a magazine, this is due to 84.6% of people said they would more likely buy a magazine if there was a free give away inside. This tells me that if I include a freebie inside the magazine, there is a potential chance of having more readers as they would want to buy it as they are getting something out of it and not just the magazine.

What interests you when looking at a music magazine to buy?

Competitions 0% Articles - 0%Freebies 69.2%Layout 7.7%Images 23.1%When looking to buy a music magazine I know that consumers look for certain things to interest them into the magazine such as exclusive articles or freebies. My research has shown me that more people are interested in magazines which include give aways and the images that are used in the magazine. This tells me what I need to focus more on in the magazine i.e. the images and the freebies included but at the same time the layout on the magazine and to make it look presentable.

Would you take part in any competitions in the music magazine?

Yes 61.5%No 38.5%I asked this question so I know whether or not to include competitions in the magazine or would it just be a waste of space in the magazine which I could have used for other things such as advertisement. I can see that many people would take part in the competitions therefore I know to add this in. The reason for adding it in to the magazine is because would more likely purchase the magazine if there was also a chance of winning something inside such as festival tickets.

Do you listen to music often?If yes how often?

Yes 84.6%No 15.4%Daily 69.2%Weekly 0%Monthly 30.8%This question helped me see how music is used in peoples every day lives. I can see that a majority of people listen to music often however only 69.2% of people listen to music daily compared to the other 30.8% who listen to music monthly. However from this I can see that a large majority of people listen to music very often and therefore show an interest in music, this means I could include a free give away such as headphones or an ITunes voucher etc.

What do you dislike most about magazines?

Too many pages 27.3%Not enough articles 54.5%Other 18.2%I chose this question so I knew how to correct other music magazines mistakes, for example one thing people dislike about music magazines the most is that there is not enough articles in the magazine, therefore to correct this mistake I would add more articles in my magazine or I would decrease the amount of pages that are in my magazine which is also another dislike about magazines which is there is too many pages.

What would you prefer to read on a double page spread?

Interview from artist/band 69.2%Article about an artist/band 23.1%Readers ask questions and celebrity answers 7.7%From this I can see that a majority of consumers want to read an interview from a band or artist in the magazine, however some said they would prefer to read an article on an artist/band. This tells me that I would need to do interviews on my double page spread a majority of the time because this is what a larger proportion of the people said but I would also need to include articles on artists and bands some other weeks for those who prefer to read about whats going on.