Target Audience Research

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  1. 1. The definition of horror is an overwhelming and painful feeling caused by something frightfully shocking, terrifying, or revolting; a shuddering fear. R- What audiences choose to watch horror? In our opinion, we think the main target audience for horror films is roughly aged 15-25. We think this because of the age range in cinema screenings. We also think this because of age restrictions on movies. The main age restrictions on horror movies are 15 and 18. I think teens are more influenced to watch horror movies because of the scare and fright that they give to the audience. Horror films have an added element of entertainment and excitement, audiences choose to watch horror films mainly because they have the Thrill Factor compared to other genres such as comedy which are designed to be humorous or action films which entertain in a different way. Target audiences for horror These graphs shows the audiences that watch certain films. This particular graph on the top is for Black Swan. It shows that under 18s watch horrors more than any other age. Males and females tend to be appealed to horrors the same as each other. Both genders watch horrors as much as each other, the only age group with this doesnt apply to is under 18s. The mean for males under 18 is 8.4 but females are 8.3. Overall. the amount of males and females that watched Black Swan were the same. Because of both genders watching Black Swan a lot, this gives us a good reason to target our film to both genders. The graph on the bottom show the type of audiences that watched the film The Call. Although the amount of men and women that watched Black Swan were the same, for The Call, the mean of women that watched it was higher than men with 7.1 but men being 6.6. I think this may be because of the storyline based around women/girls being victims and is something women are more interested in because it is about their gender being victimised. Although the genders were slight;y different to Black swan, people aged under 18 were the main audience that watched the call. The highest mean was females under age 18. As the ages went up, the mean went down but even as the ages went up and means went down, females mean still remained the highest throughout the chart. Tuesday, 28 January 2014
  2. 2. Our target audience Through our target audience research through the films that influenced us the most, we discovered that people ages under 18 were most likely to watch horror films rather than any other age. Because of this we have decided to make our target audience aged 15-18. We have done this because most horrors which are scary or gory have an age limit of 15 because of what they contain. Weve decided to target our film mainly towards females because of the storyline and woman being victimised. Although it will mainly be females being targeted, men will also be targeted with it because males ages under 18 tend to watch horrors and thrillers as much as females. The storyline is based around females being victimised by males and therefore females are more likely to watch it because they like the feel the emotion of the characters. Whereas, males are the gender being portrayed as evil and the bad character and therefore men may avoid watching it because they know that males will be discriminated against.Tuesday, 28 January 2014