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  • 1. Target Audience Research For the band Fij

2. Survey I targeted my survey to young Adults beingbetween the ages 16-24, since they would bethe target audience for Fij music. 20 surveys were filled out 3. Are you Male or Female?SalesMaleFemale 4. What genre of music do you listen to?OtherCountry RockRap DancePop Indie 051015 20We can see that the most popular music genrebetween the age group is Pop followed closely byIndie which is Fijs genre. This means our music videowill be relatable to our target audience. Since this is a question where more than one answer may be applicable we received many varied responses. 5. How do you listen to music?2520151050CDRadio MP3Internet Other Mp3 are seen the most common way for people to access their music with all 20 people choosing it as one of their ways of listening to music. Fij being an unsigned band cant sell their music making it unavailable to mp3 players so they will have to focus on promoting themselves through gigs and festivals. 6. Which do you prefer? CD or Downloads SalesCDDownloadsThis small percentage who prefer CDs show us that downloads from the internetIs the most common form of accessing music in this age group. Fij in order to reachthis market must promote themselves through the internet actively. 7. How important is the album/ singlecover to you?16141210 8 6 4 2 0 VerySomewhat Not This shows us that to our consumers the album cover is considered however would not affect the persons discoing on whether to buy the album or not. 8. What sites do you download music from? Itunes Youtube Spotify OthersKnowing that YouTube and ITunes is the most commonway for our target audience to access their music meansthat Fijs One More Year should be accessible through them.Their song is on you tube but however being an unsigned bandis not on ITunes as of yet. 9. Do you watch live music? Yes NoThis means that since the majority watch live musicFij should perform at as many gigs and festivalsas possible in order to promote themselves. 10. Do you watch music television shows?If yes circle which: The hits, Viva, MTV, otherYesNo6420The Hits Viva MTV Other 11. Does the music video affect youropinion of a song?YesNoSometimesThis shows us that the majority ofour consumers thinks that the musicvideo does or sometimes does effecttheir opinion of a song. So in our musicvideo we must make it complimentthe lyrics and tone of the song. 12. Do you think downloading music is aproblem?141210 8 6 4 2 0Yes No 13. Critics with Questionnaire We decided to emulate the accurateness of ourquestionnaire and draw attention to components of itwe should have gone about differently. Firstly, havengiven out the questionnaire in school this gave us abiased result with the majority of them being filled outby 17 year olds. This meant that the opinions of our fulltarget audience of 16-24 wanst as strongly presentedas we had wished. We also have recognized that thatthe last question was not clear for all people answeringthe questionnaire since we didt clarify that if illegallydownloading music was a problem in compassion tojust downloading music. 14. Conclusion Despite this critiques, the questionnaire wasour way of carrying out target audienceresearch and gave us a deeper understandingof Fijs consumers which can help us whenportraying the bands image through our musicvideo.