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  • 1. Rianne AddoMusic Video Questionnaire Analysis

2. My Music Video QuestionnaireIn order to gain more information on music videos, my group and I decided to conduct a questionnaire based on music videos. This questionnaire was sent electronically to 10 people aged 16-20. The results from the questionnaire not only allowed me to achieve a greater understanding of the interests of the target audience, but also aided me in knowing what was suitable for a music video targeted at this audience. 3. 1. What is your gender?Male440%Female660%This shows that 6/10 females completed the questionnaire and 4/10 males completed the questionnaire. Although more females completed the questionnaire, the difference between the genders is not great, therefore analysis of information received from this questionnaire can be based on both genders. 4. 2. What is your age? 16-209100%21-2500%26-3000%31+00%Although 10 people completed the questionnaire, one participant did not want to reveal their age. Nonetheless, the majority of the participants fell into the aged 16-20 category. This allows generalisation between results and patterns found with this age range, and to focus on this category as my target audience. 5. Student (Sixth Form)89%Student (College)111%Student (University)00%Working (Part-Time)00%Working (Full-Time)00%Other3. What is your occupation?800%These results show that 9 participants are students, and one participant did not want to reveal their occupation. Again, as the vast majority of participants are students, I can generalise the results to students who are aged 16-20. As I am a student aged 16-20, I may be able to relate to the participants interests and taste in music, making the production of the music video relatively easier as opposed to producing a music video in which I am totally unaware of their interests. Arguably, this allows the music video to have more scope, as I am able to manipulate with features of a music video, with still adhering to the target audiences preferences. 6. 4. What is/are your favourite genres? Hip-Hop822%R&B822%Pop13%Rock25%Grime13%Dubstep13%Reggae38%Acoustic25%Jazz38%Soul25%Rap38%Heavy-Metal00%Classical13%Other25%Out of all 10 participants, 22% of individuals liked Hip-Hop and another 22% of people favoured R&B. From these results, I can conclude that students of ages 16-20 consider Hip-Hop and R&B as their preferred genres. In contemporary music, Hip-Hop and R&B crossover a lot, so again this allows me to branch out of the stereotypical Hip-Hop genre and also include some conventions of R&B without subverting the interests of my target audience and without allowing the R&B conventions to outweigh the Hip-Hop conventions. In addition to this, as my song for the music video carries a few Jazz and Soul vibes, the results reassure that my target audience will still listen to the song, as 8% like Jazz and 5% like soul, showing that although it is not the most favourite genre amongst my target audience, it is still relevant to my target audience. 7. Yes990%No110%5. Do you watch music videos?These results show that the vast majority of my target audience watch music, whereas only 10% dont watch music videos. This adheres to the dominant representation associated with students aged 16-20, whereby they are social, as music videos provides them with a topic of conversation with their friends and peers e.g. Have you watched Eminems new music video, its really cool. This also reassures the extent to which I can be adventurous but still adhere to the conventions of a music video, as nearly all my participants watch music videos- showing that it is a popular activity amongst my target audience. 8. 6. How often do you watch music videos? Every day220%Few times a week330%Once a week110%Once a month440%Never00%Other00%The majority of my target audience watch music videos quite frequently, as the once a month category is the most popular with 40% of participants falling into this category. This is shortly followed by the few times a week category at 30%. This suggests that music videos contribute to the lives of students aged 16-20, as they watch music videos almost religiously. 9. 7. How do you watch music videos? On the internet990%On TV00%Other110%90% of my target audience who were questioned watch music videos on the internet, whereas 1 participant from my target audience who was questioned watches it on the internet and on TV. This shows that my target audience are parallel to the advancements of technology, whereby music videos on the internet are easily assessable, as opposed to waiting for it to come on the television. This allows me to notice that my target audience like the internet, implying that they are advanced technologically wise, therefore this aspect of them may be able to be incorporated in the music video. 10. 8. Do music videos play a vital role in your experience/pleasure of the song? Yes550%No550%The results were even (50% each) as 5 people said that music videos play a vital in their experience/pleasure of the song, whereas 5 individuals said that music videos dont play a vital role in their experience/pleasure of the song. Reasons for why people think music videos play a vital role were that it helps with the illustration of the song, the message of the song, and allows us to associate the music with the visuals. These results allow me to make the narrative of the music video impactful as this mode of a music video appears to be very appealing to the individuals who think that music videos play a vital role to the song. Reasons for why people think that music videos dont play a vital role were that the lyrics and sound mean more than the video. This suggests that this part of my target audience need more than just an ordinary narrative to help the music video play a vital role to their experience of the song. This can be achieved by making the lyrics meaningful through the narrative and performance modes of the music video.9. Why? ^What the participants said on reasons why music videos do play a vital role: You're able to understand what the song means to the artist. You also get a better illustration of the song. Its lets me as the audience to understand what message the artist is trying to send. depends on whether I like it or not sometimes they give a good insight into the background of the song i.e. The meaning of the lyrics or what they were inspired by. Because you will associate the music with the visuals and if the visuals are sub standard then it may affect your perception of the song.What the participants said on reasons why music videos dont play vital role: If a song's good, a song's good. A video can help to tell a story but that's it. The lyrics mean more than the video. because I can understand what the artists lyrics mean without a video The song is about how it sounds 11. 10. What do you expect to see in a music video? Descriptions of what my participants would expect to see in a music video a story, something original and differentI like music videos with some form of a story line, I also like music videos where the artist is performing to masses of crowds, filmed and used for the music video.Something that fits the song. I expect to see a story and/or a performance from the artist.Nothing in particular, the visuals have to be captivating and maybe original.A storyline that makes sense but is out of the ordinary or a storyline that the audience can relate to and will help them understand the meaning of the song.A narrative/story The artist dancing or singing with things in the background that relate to the song. The artist in a narrative or a images that are somehow relevant to the topic/lyrics of the songsomething that make sense with the music and something interesting..- The main trend with these descriptions is that the music videos need a narrative/story. This allows me to take this into consideration and incorporate a narrative into the music video, perhaps being the main mode of my music video. Other trends seen with most descriptions is that music videos need to be unique and relevant to the lyrics of the song. This adheres to the conventions of a music video, whereby audiences want to see something that makes sense and something that will set the difference between one music video to another. This ensures that I follow the regular conventions of a music video, and therefore allowing me to manipulate the narrative and performance parts of my music video(where something unique can be incorporated). 12. 11. What do you expect to see in a hip-hop music video? Descriptions of what my participants would expect to see in a hip-hop music videoa proper hard music video.. gangsta one or like a fun one/ RapDancing Females prancing around males.The artist performing his/her/their song.DANCING!!!Expensive cars, rappers, dancing women, a party scene If it's a good video then I don't expect to see no hoes, boasting about money etc unless it's helping to set the scene or isn't serious or something. I expect to see some real life stuffThe rappers wearing gold chains or expensive clothes with expensive cars (sometimes). The females who are in the video are dressed inappropriately (sometimes). Or just a performance from the rapper. hoes. big booties. sagging pants. juju. guns. rappers leaning on cars they can't afford. objectified women. city landscape. money cars girls etc..- All of these descriptions adhere to the conventions of hip-hop music videos, whereby the main conventions are luxurious items, girls being objectified, and dancing. As I am limited to the items I can use for my music video, I may have to compromise in order to adhere to the Hip-Hop genre, as my song is of the Hip-Hop genre. One participant said that they need to see aspects of real life, therefore a sense of empathy being displayed in my music video may also be fitting to the genre. 13. 12. What is your favourite music vid