Target audience research

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2. QUESTION ONE This shows that the majority of people that answered my questionnaire are male. However, this does not give me conclusive data about my research as it could be that males are more likely to answer a questionnaire. 3. QUESTION TWO This shows me that the main age ranges that I need to appeal to are 1218 and 19-24. This is the kind of result I was expecting of the singer/songwriter genre. 4. QUESTION THREEThis is quite interesting from my research as it shows a split between the importance of having the focus in a music video on the artist. From my previous research on the singer/songwriter genre I have found that it is common for the main singer to be the focus. However, this could be linked to artist branding. 5. QUESTION FOURThis clearly shows that the majority of people like to watch a narrative music video that tells a story. This is evident of the singer/songwriter genre. With examples such as Ed Sheeran and Gabrielle Aplin. 6. QUESTION FIVE If my audience had to chose a gender to have star in a singer/songwriter video they would chose a female. However, ultimately its shows that my audience does not have a preference as to who stars in the music video. 7. QUESTION SIXThis is also very interesting as people prefer the music videos that are relatable but linking to the pervious question have no preference to the gender. This is interesting as you would think for the video to be relatable you would need to have the same gender, in a sense this seems slightly contradictory. 8. QUESTION SEVEN Again the majority of people that answered my survey showed that they preferred a music video that followed a love story. This is again typical of the singer/songwriter genre and exams of this include Nina Nesbitt and Lana Del Ray. 9. QUESTION EIGHT This suggests that people perhaps do not always watch a music video if it is not by an artist in which they are that interested in. So I think watching a music video relies heavily on that individual. 10. QUESTION NINEThis allowed me to analyse all the types of music videos that people are fans of. This ranged from Miley Cyrus to The Beatles. This shows that all the audience that answered my questionnaire having varying tastes even if they are potentially close in age and even same gender. 11. QUESTION TEN The main props that people believed to be in Singer/songwriter genre videos are Acoustic guitar, An instrument and flowers. This are certainly all props that a lot of the time appear in singer/songwriter genre music videos. Therefore we can incorporate this into our overall video.