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  • 1. Task 8- Target AudienceStereotypical Audience of Indie Rock Music

2. The stereo typical audience profileWho mainly listens to that music the genre is stereotyped to be associated amongstmales mainly.Gender -maleAge - 16-24Social class working/middle class, in educationEthnicity whiteInterests Music, Instruments, Tumblr, Photography, iphones, instragam, piercings, tattoos,clothing, shopping, dressing up, bands, gigs/concerts (local bands etc in small clubs)festivals, smoking, reading, cats, twitter.Dress sense suits, shorts, jeans, acid wash, baggy shirts to put over t-shirt, jackets, denimshirts and jackets, brown jackets, jumpers, band t-shirts of indie rock bands or older bands,jewellery, studded stuff, scarf, pretty little shirts for girls with printed stuff on, old vintageclothing, glasses, hippy sunglasses, backpack, dyed hair (natural look though or dip dye)necklaces for girls, natural look, curly hair.Why they listen to indie rock they like to go to festivals, they like to do photography like avintage professional look on bands, they like to listen to them because they tend to be moreguitar based and they like that.How often they listen to the music very frequently, as it can be away to relax them.What they would like in magazines they would the magazines to contain current artistsuch as arctic monkeys etc. they would probably buy magazines like Q or NME magazine.My Target AudienceOneName: StephAge: 16Ethnicity: WhiteCurrent work status?: Studentcurrent hometown: BrighouseWhat magazines you buy/read?: NME,Kerrang! 3. How do you download your music or do you listen to it in any other ways, if so what? TubidyFeelings on magazines?: I like reading magazines a lot, I find them something to lookforward to when I do have money to buy themWhat bands/artist/genres do you listen to? I like indie rock and indie music, I like a lot ofother music but indie is one of my favorites, I like listening to arctic monkeys, the kooks, thevaccines etc.What on the front cover attracts you to wanting to look at the magazine? The image andcoloursWhat would you like to have in the magazine yourself personally? Free things and moreexclusive interviews.How much would you pay for a magazine? About 3-4 for a good quality magazine.TwoName? KatrinaAge? 18Ethnicity? White BritishCurrent hometown? Birmingham UKWhat magazines do you buy/read? I hardly buy magazines but Isometimes buy NME or Q magazine.How do you download your music or do you listen to it in any otherways, if so what? I buy CDs or I buy them off ItunesFeelings on magazines? I like them if my favourite bands/artists arefeaturedFavourite Band/artist/genre? Mainly pop and indie rockInterests?I like to draw, read and go to concertsFavourite part of the magazine?InterviewsIf you dont buy a magazine, why? Prefer to read them onlineWhat on the front cover on a magazine attracts you into looking at it? The main picture andheadlinesHow much who you be willing to pay for a magazine? Depends whats in it, Id probably buyit if its got my favourite artist on it so like 4.99Why do you like indie rock? Because its really good to listen to and theres songs that fitevery mood 4. ThreeName HollyAge 18Current hometown? Birmingham UKCurrent work status? EmployedEthnicity White BritishDo you buy magazines? NoWhere do you download your music from?Torrents (bad I know) Itunes, youtube, spotify.Feelings on magazines? I sometimes reallydislike how they keep mentioning the same bands over and over again, feels too mainstreamFavourite genre/artist/bands?Metal, alternative, indie, etc.Interests? Festivals, going out, musicFavourite part of the magazine? Reviews and music interviewsWhat puts you off buying magazines? I can get the same information online for freeWhat attracts you into buying a magazine? Free stuff and a good coverHow much would you be willing to spend on it? Not sure, about 2-5 pound depending on if itsmonthly or weeklyWhy do you like indie rock? Its catchy, you an sing along without it being cheesy.FourName DaisyAge? 15Current hometown: Coventry, United KingdomEthnicity: White BritishWhat magazines do you read or buy? vogue and kerrangHow do you download music if you do or do you listen tomusic in other ways if so what? onlinefeelings on music magazines: theyre good but can get 5. proper boringWhat music and bands/artist:genre you into? frank ocean sambrookes joy divisionrap,indie,acousticWhat are you interests: sleeping, friends, concertsFavourite part of a magazine- probably the posters!What on the front cover on a magazine attracts you into looking at it? Good images12. For the front cover what kind of sell lines do you think would attract you to readinganything with big font13. What price do you wish to spend on a magazine if you do or dont buy one? 10 or under14. Why do you like indie rock? peaceful and cute reallyFiveName: TomAge: 16Current hometown: Birmingham UKCurrent Work Status: Student and part time jobEthnicity: White BritishWhat magazines you buy or read? NME and Q and KerrangFavorite bands/genre/artists: I like alternative, rock, screamo, indie, indie rock, I like amixture, I like bands like the kooks, the vaccines, paramore, the beatles etc.Feelings on Magazines: I like them, I think they are great to get good exclusive interviews,information, gossip, tour/festival dates but sometimes it can get the same old, like when Ilook at the magazine I feel sometimes it goes on about the same thing, I know sometimes forexample it will be a build up for the realise of a new CD from a band but they can go toomuch over the top especially if you dont like the band but you still buy the magazine.Interest: I like to play bass guitar with a few friends in a band we are setting up, I like to writemusic, listen to music, draw sometimes, go out with my friends and my girlfriend, walk mydog a lot of the timeFavourite part of the magazine: Interviews and photosIf you dont buy a magazine why? Sometimes I have no money because its expensive orthey dont have bands I like in thereWhat on the front cover attracts you? The image or the colours or fonts used 6. How much would you be willing to spend on a magazine? Under 5 poundWhy do you like indie rock music? I like it because its not fake, its not so edited that whenyou see them live there is a dramatic difference like some genres of music do, they useproper instruments, they have guitar solos, great beat and tune, good lyrics that arentcheesy and have some meaning unlike some genre again.SixName: LukeAge: 15Ethnicity: White BritishCurrent hometown: London UKCurrent work status: Education, school, StudentMagazines you buy: noneFavourite bands/genre/artists: Ed sheeran, Paramore,Kings of Leon, Lana Del Ray, The black keys, TheMaking, more.Feelings on magazines: I loved buying them now Idont have the money to keep buying them when Iwant to buy other things but occasionally I will flickthrough or buy one, I like the images used I feel like I can get a lot from magazines andinterviews are exclusive to the magazineInterest: Going out with friends, learning guitar and drums, playing xboxFavorite part of a magazine: Tour datesIf you dont buy magazines why? They are too expensiveWhy do you like indie rock music? Its relaxing and a good genre to listen to. 7. SevenName: EllaAge: 14Ethnicity: BritishCurrent Hometown: Birmingham UKCurrent work status: StudentDo you buy or read a magazine? I subscribeto Kerrang but I need to stop cos I dont like itanymoreHow do you download your music? iTunes orYouTube converterHow do you feel about magazines: I dont likehow they suck up to certain bands and dislikeothers that arent the exact genre that they likeWhat band/genre/artist do you like: I like everything - pink floyd, adtr, boards of Canada,loads more genresInterests: Make films and blogFavourite part of magazine: Posters or band reviewsWhat attracts you to a magazine: Good bands on the frontWhat would you want/wouldnt want personally in a magazine: No Black Veil BridesHow much would you be willing to pay for a magazine? 2/3Why do you like indie music? Cos interesting music and takes on thingsSummaryFor this task I was able to see what my target audience really wanted from a magazine andtheir music opinions. I wanted to be able to see what they thought of indie rock/indie music,what they thought about music magazines and what kind of magazines they were interestedin so I could look and kind of make my magazine like theirs in the same kind of style andhouse style and ethos, this would mean basing it on NME and Q magazine. I also knowroughly what people are looking for in their magazines such as interviews, festival andconcert dates, more unknown bands, also I know what price theyd be willing to pay for agood quality magazine.