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  • 1. Target Audience Profile Account By Katie Adelaja

2. Her The profile I have created is aimed for a newly, teenage girl aged 13-14 with a strong influence in her self-image and fitness. She attends her weekly commitments such as, swimming club, horse riding and rock climbing.AgeGenderHobbies 3. Her Due to her British heritage, she has a very traditional lifestyle when it comes to experimentation with new foods and religion her parental influence effects many of her daily decisions and the morals they have grew her up with have everyone speaking good things about her.ReligionPersonality 4. Her She is a family orientated young female who enjoys spending time at the local theatre and cinema, going out with friends and is very fond of her teacup yorkie (Prince). The responsibility that comes with having a pet, especially small and vulnerable such as a yorkie, gives her an understanding of freedom and trust.Hobbies/InterestsResponsibilities 5. Her The selected beauty products she likes to wear shows she is keen to be up-to-date on local advertisements in shops like Superdrug, Boots and various department stores. The price range of perfume specifically, isnt cheap and she is still in education so relies on the generosity of her parents for most of what she gets.AppearanceIncome (support) 6. Her St. Marys (Chestnut) is where she is currently studying, year 8 pupil, she is very lively and takes part in each sporting event going. She is very much the explorer amongst her group of friends, her enthusiastic nature allows her to interact with people of all groups, but can be influenced when around the aspirer her materialistic loves get the better of her and feels necessary to share them with everyone around her (appears arrogant about her wealth some would say).Psychographics 7. Her Due to her education, her peers assume she is only interested in pop music, but because of her outgoing ways she likes to rebel and takes particular attention to those musicians which stand out amounts the rest, e.g. Nicki Minaj embodies her more rough approach to life. For many years, she has idolised Justin Bieber in everyway. The influence of social media and technology, e.g. iPods, has broadened her knowledge on various topic areas for example, film and reality TV.InfluencesSocial mediaIdolises