TAPPA Tribune - January, 2015

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The monthly magazine of the Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association

Transcript of TAPPA Tribune - January, 2015

  • The TAPPA Tribune Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association

    January, 2015

    Photographer of the Year Michael Landes

    Print of the Month Explained

    Kira Derryberry

    Top 10 Photographers

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    ContentsPresidents Message 3

    This Months Program 16

    Next Months Program 27

    Print of the Month Explained 28

    Meet our new sponsor, Studio 3 29

    Photos from the Holiday Party 30

    Upcoming Events 32

    Print of the Month Rules 32

    FaceBook Removes Meta Data from Photographs 33

    TAPPAs TOP 10 Photographers for 2014 36

    Education Opportunities for Photographers 37

    More Photos from the Holiday Party 38

    Committees 40

    Board of Directors 40

    Photo by Kira Derryberry

    Kira will be speaking at the January meeting Tuesday, January 13

    On the cover: Photographer of the Year, Michael Landes

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    Presidents Message

    Happy New Year!!! May 2015 be a year of good health, prosperity and joy for you!

    I am honored to be taking over the reigns as TAPPAs president for the coming year. To begin, I want to extend many thanks to the wonderful team that served us all in 2014.

    First, a huge thank you to Kevin Newsome for being an outstanding president with a genuine heart for TAPPA and its members.

    And as a group, a big thank you to our board and committees. Each one of you are so greatly appreciated for continuing to fulfill your leadership roles to ensure our success. Its clear that I have some pretty big shoes to fill following the excellent guidance and leadership of our past presidents. As I accept the responsibilities, my intent is to do my very best and to try and make an already amazing organization even better.

    I have three goals for 2015.

    First, I want to heighten the awareness among the photographers in the Tampa Bay area of the tremendous value that comes from being a TAPPA member. Reaching out will take many forms with a primary focus on changes to our website for higher attraction and interaction. The vision is that our site should be a go to

    place for great and helpful information. With the incredible talent that lies within our membership, we should be able to offer enticing content with benefits to be enjoyed by both the reader and contributor.

    Ive always been of the opinion that our members are what makes TAPPA as strong and great as it is. When I look back over my own life and professional growth path, I see the faces so many of my mentors who have helped instruct and inspire me right here, in our TAPPA family. I cannot begin to imagine where I would be today had I attempted to do it all on my own

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    without the personal interaction and intervention.

    My second goal is to model professional behavior and continued growth practices with ongoing education, print competitions and pursuing degrees and achievements. It is my hope that this will encourage and assist others in their journey to professionalism and success.

    Print Competitions - It was members of TAPPA who encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and to compete in the monthly print salon. (Well, sometimes they pushed and sometimes they tugged, but their persuasion made me go for it.) These same members helped build my confidence to take the next step and enter local and state competitions. I will continue in this direction by entering in regional and national levels of competition.

    I encourage all members to join me in participating. It is a huge growth opportunity and you will gain so much. With that same focus, dont be shy to reach out for critique and guidance. Weve got some of the finest awarded artists right here within our reach. Not sure who to reach out to? Your TAPPA board members are here to serve you. Just touch base with one of us and well certainly assist in connecting you.

    Certifications , Degrees & Education - Im proud to be a Certified Professional Photographer. This is greatly due to the drive and focus of a group of our members who banded together to prepare and

    study for the CPP examination. Those times are such important treasures to me. The bonds of friendships that grew from our time together are priceless. Im a certainly a more proficient and confident photographer today as well. I highly recommend pursuing this credential, you will not regret it.

    I will continue to work towards my FED. Its my hope to earn it this year. I strongly support and will be at Florida School. It is the best investment that I give to myself and my business each year. FPP Spring and Fall workshops and FOCUS our state convention are also on the list of must attends. The exciting news.Im going to Imaging for the first time! Two firsts.going to Imaging and going to Nashville.

    My third and ultimate goal is giving back some of whats been so graciously given to me. I hope that this forward momentum will spread and continue. We can achieve more together by sharing our knowledge and skills than working alone. We can shine brighter in the professional world of photography as many candles burning in unison, than single wicks in the dark.

    Its certainly going to be an exciting year and I cant wait to get started. With that, Id like to offer you some food for thought as we kick off this New Year... In this changing, cyclical industry, our outlook is a personal choice. We can choose to adapt and continue to grow, or refuse to change or even take a new

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    direction. Remember, there will always be a place for skilled and properly trained professional photographers, a need for tangible printed photography and small businesses that are run to earn a profit.

    Where do you want to be when the wind blows another direction? If we choose a positive outlook on each of our life situations, well enjoy greater, more immediate peace. Each of us knows by experience that life brings us many things, including challenges and hurdles. If we decide to approach each event as a stepping stone or growth opportunity, our mind will always seek for the good in the disappointing, and the lesson for improvement in difficulties.

    Each time I overcome a challenge, I find myself in situations where I can help or encourage someone else because of my own my trials and tribulations.

    This past summer I had a dream-come-true opportunity to go to Italy and Spain. There werethings however that I hadnt considered. First, the impact of taking ten full days away from my business. Second, not working at all while I was away. This one was really different for me as I always make all time away trips working vacations and the real foreign experience, having a camera in my hand for my own pleasure and enjoyment.

    During the trip a question began to burn in my mind. Being so far away, I wondered if something happened and I didnt make it home, how I would be remembered by

    those I left behind. It was a very heavy thought and Im not sure why it rang so clearly in me at that point in my life.

    What is important is the answer! My priorities needed to be realigned.

    Six important beliefs became clear in my mind.

    One, I am thankful for my life experiences as theyve helped me to become the person I am today.

    Two, I do my best to use my hardships and hurdles as growth lessons.

    Three, I love and adore my family!

    Four, I want to be an encouragement and positive influence on those who cross my path.

    Five, Ive seen my worst and most difficult times turn to blessings.

    And, six, I want to be a positive and good team leader for TAPPA in 2015!

    Many Blessings,


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    The TAPPA Photographer of the Year was awarded at the TAPPA holiday party after a close race. Photographer of the Year is awarded based on points earned during the year from Print of the Month awards, Salon awards, meeting attendance and service to the organization. This year, the winner is Michael Landes.

    Michael Landes credits his 32 years of membership in the Florida Professional Photographers along with the Professional Photography Guild of Mid-Florida and the Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association for his photographic successes. He is a Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer and holds the Florida Photographic Degree of Photographic Excellence, the Florida Service Award and the Florida Lifetime Membership Certificate.

    He has had images in the PPA Traveling Loan Collection, the Disney Epcot Exhibit and the Photokina International Exhibit. He has over 500 combined Salon Merits and over 100 combined First Place Awards. He has been awarded Photographer of the Year 10 times and Digital Artist of the Year 2 times from the Professional Photography Guild of Mid-Florida this is the 3rd time receiving the Tappa Photographer of the Year Award.

    He has been the Commercial Photography Instructor at Pinellas Technical College for the last 5 years and also promotes his Art on his website PhotoWallDesigns.com

    Photographer of the Year Michael Landes

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  • TAPPA Tribune 9Photo: Michael Landes

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  • TAPPA Tribune 13Photo: Michael Landes

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  • TAPPA Tribune 15Photo: Michael Landes

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    This Months Program

    Meeting DetailsTuesday, January 13, 2014

    Social 6:00 Dinner 6:30 Program 7:00

    Member with PayPal RSVP by Noo