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Transcript of TANGO DORADO

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    Christiaan van Hemert - bandonen, artistic director

    Jacqueline Edeling - bandonen Alexandre Mota Kanji - violin

    Derk Lottman - violin Margreet Markerink - piano Eelco van de Meeberg guitar Maaike Wierda double bass

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    With a line up consisting of seven musicians Tango Dorado is one of the few large tango ensembles in Europe. Inspired by the Argentine tango in all its musical forms, artistic director and bandonenist Christiaan van Hemert decided to found an orchestra which would be able to play all the possible tango styles: from the classics of the golden era of tango to the modern compositions of today. The unique combination consisting of two bandonens, two violins, piano, double bass and electric guitar was an absolute must for this purpose. A concert by Tango Dorado is both for the experienced tango listener as for the novice an exciting adventure and takes the listener on a journey through the history of tango. With the help of comprehensive spoken explanations in between the compositions it is possible for the audience to immediately recognize the specific elements which characterize a certain style. A special place in the repertoire of Tango Dorado is reserved for the experimental compositions and arrangements of Piazzolla's "Octeto de Buenos Aires" which are now performed again for the first time since 1954. These innovative musical pieces combine a typical tango sound with elements of jazz and modern classical music. Tango Dorado is the only ensemble world wide to play this wonderful and often surprising repertoire . In the still young existence of Tango Dorado it has become well known in the Netherlands and gave several very well received concerts in the "Amsterdams Concertgebouw", one of Europe's most respected and important concert halls. The dedication and enthusiasm with which the musicians of Tango Dorado perform the Argentine tango give the impression the golden era of tango has not yet past. CHRISTIAAN VAN HEMERT, 2004

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    WEBSITE www.tangodorado.com

    For more information please send an e-mail to: info@tangodorado.com or amkanji@gmail.com

    For bookings and tourplanning contact Tango Dorado under "Specials" at www.effacta.nl


    Francis Wouters Tel.: +31-497575030

    Facsimile.: +31-497575281 Bremdreef 5

    5571 AD Bergijk The Netherlands


    Guido Nederlof

    Tel.: +31-235324690 Raamsingel 50 rood 2012 DV Haarlem The Netherlands

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    POSTER TOUR 2005-2006

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    Tango Dorado plays with an abundance of heart and soul and with the true spirit of the Tango. (This 2-CD set is) a fine release that will provide considerable pleasure.

    This set offers a really fine cross-section of twentieth century Argentinean tango music.

    The romantic yearning of the vocal work from Richard Prada on Absurdo by H. and V. Exposito is memorable.

    Highlights include Piazzollas Zum and Tangata and Bardis Gallo Ciego, all of which go some way to demonstrate the mystery of tango.Michael Cookson from Classic CD Review

    The Tango-hype is still going strong, and this 2-CD set offers one of the most exciting Tango groups of the moment: Tango Dorado.

    The great classical tangos of Piazzolla, Gardel and Pugliese: electrifying performances, full of passion and fire!Amazon.com editorial note

    Tango Dorado and passion Leave the outbringing of such emotions to these amazing musicians.

    They have it all: from the classic tango to the most experimental form introduced by Astor Piazzolla.Nicolet Steemers from The Twentse Tubantia Times

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    Christiaan van Hemert Bandonen, arrangements, compositions, musical direction Started playing bandonen after receiving his bachelors degree for violin and double bass. Already settled in the Dutch tango-scene on both instruments, bandonen seemed the logical step towards an even greater dedication to this Argentinean music. He

    is one of the very few bandonen players who ventured into the jazz scene playing mainstream as well as modern jazz. Besides being a sought after musician his skills as a composer/arranger/conductor are widely recognized.

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    Jacqueline Edeling Bandonen A true expert on bellow-instruments she plays almost every such instrument imaginable in every style. A definitive choice for tango led to a complete focus on the bandonen, playing major concert halls in The Netherlands and abroad,

    either as a soloist with different orchestras or as a member of several professional tango groups. Jacqueline is also an arranger/musician in Fuego Latino an has her own solo theater show. At this time she performs in a new Dutch opera entitled "De Boevenkoning".

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    Alexandre Mota Kanji Violin Started his studies classical violin in his native country Brazil with Alberto Jaff and received his bachelors degree in Rotterdam (the Netherlands), where he studied with Andras Czifra and Jean Jacques Kantorov a o.

    after studying at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with Vera Beths. He can now be reckoned as one of the leading violinists in this style in the Netherlands. Besides playing in Tango Dorado he can also be seen as regular guest of the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra and the baroque orchestra of St. Laurens Church Bach Orchestra. Alexandre also performs regularly with his string quartet and as an actor and violinist in the play Amadeus by P. Shaffer staged in The Netherlands during the 2005 theater season, alongside actors as Jeroen Krabb and Marc-Marie Huybrechts.

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    Derk Lottman Violin Studied among others with Olga Martinova at the Rotterdam Conservatory, Jaap van Zweden (former concertmaster of

    the Concertgebouw Orchestra) and Dorothy Delay at the Juilliard School of Music, New York. Besides playing in Tango Dorado he is a member of the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra and the Alma String Quartet. Together with Alexandre he provides for a strong violin section capable of sounding like a complete string quartet.

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    Margreet Markerink Piano, arrangements, compositions After her classical studies at the conservatory she specialized in tango, performing, composing and arranging, under the supervision of

    renowned pianist/composer Gustavo Beytelmann and bandoneonist/pianist Carel Kraayenhof at the Rotterdam Conservatory. Being influenced by many musical styles (from classical to jazz and Balkan music) her compositions are highly original yet never leave any doubt of being tango. Besides playing with her trio, she has accompanied many tango singers, including the renowned Juan Carlos Tajes.

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    Eelco van de Meeberg Electric guitar After a classical education in his early childhood he switched completely to playing and studying jazz. He was awarded his Masters Degree after studying at the Jazz Department of the Conservatory of Rotterdam. Being an avid jazz composer and arranger, he

    is currently working with his jazz quartet. Became interested in tango during his studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory where he met his fellow colleagues of the Argentinean Tango Department. This led eventually to his participation in Tango Dorado as one of the founding members together with Christiaan, Jacqueline, Margreet and Alexandre. He toured extensively with Sexteto Canyengue through Europe and with Juan Jos Mosalini through Taiwan. He was the 2003 winner of the prestigious Erasmus Jazz Award leading his own jazz quintet. After that, in 2004, Eelco studied in New York with Peter Bernstein and Mark Whitfield. The sound of the electric (jazz) guitar is an essential part of tango nuevo but can also fit perfectly into the old traditional tango style. He has his own guitar school.

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    Maaike Wierda Double Bass Studied classical double bass at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and spent the past few years playing in the major symphony orchestras of The Netherlands as well as chamber music ensembles performing different musical styles, ranging from classical to

    tango, jazz and country music. Knowing all the special techniques required of a double bass player in tango she can execute them to perfection. The combination of piano, guitar and double bass in Tango Dorado makes for a killer rhythm section!

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    Richard Prada Tenor The Brazilian tenor Richard Prada studied at the Opera Academy of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague with Gerda van Zelm, Meinard Kraak and Christina Deutekom, finishing his studies in 2000. He has since been invited to sing with The

    Dutch Opera and Capella Figurallis. As a tenor he has a wide repertoire from Baroque to Romanticism. His love for the Argentinean tango comes from the early recordings by tango singers such as Carlos Gardel which he heard in his childhood. His voice fits perfectly in the authentic sound of Tango Dorado and he moves effortlessly through the different tango styles that are played by this ensemble.

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