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TANGIER. THE BEAUTY & HISTORY OF. THE BEAUTY OF TANGIER. BEAUTIFUL HENNA ART. Used by women of all ages. Used for special occasions Holidays Circumcisions Weddings Used as part of the “ Bridal Henna Night ”. THE HENNA PROCESS. BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPES. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Did you know that Tangier brings hundreds of thousands of tourists to the country of Morocco each year! Located on the strait of Gibraltar, this Northern African city has many attractive features that draw in the tourists. The culture, its people, the food and more. What we are going to focus on today is the Beauty & History of Tangier.1THE BEAUTY OF TANGIER

2BEAUTIFUL HENNA ARTUsed by women of all ages.

Used for special occasionsHolidaysCircumcisionsWeddings

Used as part of the Bridal Henna Night.

Henna is the beautiful, temporary tattoo dye used by women of all ages in Tangier, Morocco. The Henna process starts by taking leaves from the Henna plant and ground to a paste with an acidic juice, the ink combines with the skins natural proteins to thicken during application. After the desired drying time, which can be up to several hours depending on the amount of Henna, you are left with a beautiful artistic design that should last for well over a week.

Henna is used for a variety of occasions such as: holidays like the Muslim New Year, circumcisions, which are performed as a celebration of life, and weddings.The art form is traditionally used as part of the Bridal Henna night. This a special night reserved before the wedding where the bride is anointed with special oils & perfumes and adorned with beautiful Henna art covering her hands and feet. A beautification process that symbolizes her as a treasure to her new husband.


Broken down based on notes description in previous slide.4BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPESTangier boasts beautiful scenic views.

Old Town ports

Ancient architectural designs

Rich and colourful markets

Tangier also boasts beautiful scenic views throughout the city. The old town ports give extraordinary outlooks to the Strait of Gibraltar, Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. These old ports are now a tourist sight-seeing option.

There are also many beautiful architectural buildings including old hotels like the El Minzah which has housed royalty, public figures like. Sir Winston Churchill and celebrities like Rita Hayworth, and Farrah Fawcett just to name a few. The creative architecture carries on in churches, museums and more.

The Grand Socco which is a the market strip, is also lined with beautiful architectural buildings but, is known for its vibrant colourful markets where local merchants sell their beautiful products. The Grand Socco means the big square and is a significant landmark to the independence of Morocco in 1947. The square is now the market hub in downtown Tangier.

5BEAUTIFUL ARTISTRIESEvery year tourists flock to Tangier seeking Moroccan art pieces.

Carpet and Textiles are the top sellers.

Clay pottery is produced in rich, vibrant colours.

Marquetry is a traditional wooden crafting.

Each year tourists travel to Tangier and bring back a beautiful, authentic piece of Moroccan artistry as well.Rich Carpet, Textiles, and fabrics are amongst the top exports for the country of Morocco.

The vibrant hues of clay pottery is also a large seller, with the unique patterns and designs, similar to those found in the Henna art.

Marquetry, which is the traditional wooden crafting of furniture, chess boards, and decorative items like picture frames inlaid with ivory or bone is quickly becoming a popular investment with tourist looking for a one of a kind piece.

6TOP 5 EXPORT COUNTRIESData from CIA-MoroccoExports - commodities:

clothing and textiles, electric components, inorganic chemicals, transistors, crude minerals, fertilizers (including phosphates), petroleum products, citrus fruits, vegetables, fish

Data taken from CIA Morocco7THE HISTORY OF TANGIER

All of these things seem reason enough to visit beautiful Tangier, but the city is also as rich in its History as it is in its beauty.Tangiers history dates back to early 5th century BC and has been passed through the sovereignty of many rulers, including Greece, England, Portugal, and Rome. As a result, the citys history is quite diverse and so are its landmarks.

8THE CAVES OF HERCULESBoth natural and partly man-made caves.

Believed to be the resting place of mythical God Hercules.

Swimming is not recommended although it is permitted

The Caves of Hercules are both a natural and partly, man-made cave that is believed to be the resting place of the mystical God Hercules, before his 11th labour of retrieving the golden apples from Hesperides Garden. This is one of the most visited attractions in Tangier.

The caves can be viewed from the inside during low tide, but can be very dangerous as the tide changes due to the strong current. Swimming is not recommended although it is permitted.

The caves can be accessed by land and by water.9THE RUINS OF VOLUBILISAncient Roman city built during the time of Cleopatra

Lush lands were once a mass producer of olive oil

Now restored and open 7 days a week for tourist tours

Another popular historical landmark is the Ruins of Volubilis. This ancient Roman city was built for the son in law of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. During that time the lush lands made Volubilis a mass producer of olive oil, a main export. As the Roman empire crumbled so did Volubilis and now the once fruitful city is now barren land with only the architectural remains.

The Roman city housed various ethnic diversities that included Africans, Syrians, Spaniards, Jews, and more during its prime. The ruins are available to tour seven days a week.10KSAR OF AIT BEN HADDOUBeautiful tourist attraction

Located between the Sahara and Marrakech.

Backdrop to many successful Hollywood moviesGladiatorAlexanderThe Mummy

Ksar of Ait Ben-Haddou is a fortified city located off the Sahara.In Arabic the translation means castle of Ben-Haddou the founder of the city. This beautiful ancient city is a large tourist pull with its scenic views and well preserved state. It has also drawn the attention of many Hollywood film directors since the early 60s. Ksar of Ait Ben-Haddou has been the backdrop for many box office films, including GLADIATOR, ALEXANDER, AND THE MUMMY.

11THANK YOUTHE ENDThe diverse group of cultures and peoplethat have crossed through Tangier over the course of timehave made for a city that exudes a wealth of Beauty and History and makes Tangier, Morocco such an attractive place to visit.

Thank You and any questions.


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