Talent Acquisition (Recruitment) Lesson from Movie SULTAN

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Transcript of Talent Acquisition (Recruitment) Lesson from Movie SULTAN

  • Talent Acquisition Lesson & Knowledge Sharing (TALKS) Learning from Movie

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  • Talent Acquisition Learning from Sultan -2016

  • Six steps in successful recruitment SULTAN Way

    S- Specification (Job Description, Roles and Responsibilities)

    U- Understand (Understanding the KRA & KPI )

    L- Leaning ( Learning Keywords, Synonyms) To be used in Search, Communication

    T- Tele- Screening ( Profiles received through various sources)

    A- Assessment ( Interview)

    N- Negotiate (Offer)

  • Every Requirement start with Simple position with few details Demand comes only for two reasons


    New Hire due to Business expansion

  • Mitti means basics any successful recruitment needs basic in place-First Focus on Fundamental (qualification, Age, Location) etc. and then Functional Requirement & KRA & KPIs to be evaluated

    1. Fundamental Parameters

    2. Functional Parameters3. KRAs &KPIs 4. Motivational

    Parameters (CTC, Benefits)5. Timelines (SLA,TAT)

  • Think, Think, Think, (Give some space for planning sourcing strategy Internal or External source IJP, Employee Reference, ATS, Portal or head hunters

    Portal Execution Social

    ATSInternal IJP

    Search Firm External

    Print Advt

  • Once planned, Channelize all your strength, focus and concentration to achieve the

    right profiles, No deviation this time else you will lose out the direction

  • As a good recruiter always focus on assessment before sharing with hiring manager- since assessing the right way is USP for the recruiter few assessment techniques

    Telephonic Assessment

    Face to Face Assessment

    Personal Profiling Thomas, Watson etc.

  • With assessment, simple understanding transforms to tough assessors since its pure play career of an individual and any bad hire may cost huge loss to organization, Also after assessment of niche skills, generic recruiter transforms to specialized recruiter

  • All possible.. YES, All possible ways and means to evaluate the best candidate before it goes to series of selection

    Technical Questionnaire

    Behavioral Questionnaire

    Project Case evaluation

    Social Media Footprint


  • Tough competition in final round so that even offering one the other candidate should appear as back up. (no more rework needed) and in case of any back out Plan B is ready

    First Telephonic Round

    Second Face to Face round of


    Final Round Technical and


    HR Round and Offer Negotiation

  • AND the Success Follows with All three Universal key performance indicators for Talent Acquisition across globe.




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