Take Your LinkedIn Ad Campaigns to the Next Level with Sponsored InMail

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Transcript of Take Your LinkedIn Ad Campaigns to the Next Level with Sponsored InMail

  1. 1. Take Your LinkedIn Ad Campaigns to the Next Level with Sponsored InMail Candace Kim Product Marketing Manager
  2. 2. Well cover 1. Step-by-step set up of a Sponsored InMail campaign 2. New best practices for developing the personalized InMail content your audience craves 3. Upcoming features and enhancements for Sponsored InMail 2
  3. 3. Be the most effective platform for marketers to engage with professionals LinkedIn Marketing Solutions mission Be the most effective platform for marketers to engage with professionals
  4. 4. Market to Who Matters: Target the Right Professional Audiences Rich demographic data Job Function, Seniority, Company Name, Geo, Industry Interest-based targeting Group Membership, Skills, Field of Study Persona targeting Job Searchers, Opinion Leaders, Mass Affluent, Business Travelers Your own audience data Target account lists, website retargeting, contact targeting
  5. 5. Organic: Build your brand and content On your Company Page Showcase Pages Through long-form posts On Slideshare Market to Who Matters: Engage Them with Content Paid: Reach a targeted, and broader audience In the LinkedIn Feed In the LinkedIn Inbox Early in the purchase process Through other native ad formats
  6. 6. LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Send timely, convenient, and relevant private messages to the people that matter most to your business
  7. 7. Unique product, uncluttered environment, and effective results Mobile-optimized design for easy clicks Persistent call-to-action button remains on top of content while user scrolls Real-time delivery ensures timely reach Sponsored InMail messages are only delivered when members are on LinkedIn Uncluttered professional context Strict delivery frequency caps ensure your message gets maximum mindshare Flexibility to tailor your content Send a personalized message that will resonate most with your target audience
  8. 8. How to Set Up a Sponsored InMail campaign
  9. 9. Pre-recorded demo
  10. 10. Sponsored InMail Best Practices
  11. 11. Youve launched your first Sponsored InMail campaign. What now? Heres what you can do to take your Sponsored InMail campaign to the next level 11
  12. 12. Keep your message short and sweet Did you know that the average human attention span is 8 seconds? Be concise, personal, and relevant. Body texts under 500 characters have 46% higher CTR. 12
  13. 13. Use friendly, low-pressure calls-to-action (CTA) Commitment is hard Members dont want to commit to signing up. Nip that fear in the bud with breezy CTAs such as try or free. Top performing CTAs 1 2 3 4 5 Try Free Today Click Apply 13
  14. 14. Create 1 or 3 word calls-to-action (CTA) There is no in-between CTA buttons with 1 or 3 words have 13% higher click-through rates. 14
  15. 15. Add hyperlinks in your body text 15 Make your message interactive Additional hyperlinks in the body lift CTR by 21%.
  16. 16. Keep your Sponsored InMail campaign running during weekends Dont miss a beat. Always be on. Members click on Sponsored InMails the most during weekends. They open Sponsored InMails the most on Tuesdays. 16
  17. 17. 17 Boost your Sponsored InMail performance by running Sponsored Content in parallel 2 is better than 1 Advertisers gained 37% higher Sponsored InMail click-through rates when running Sponsored Content to the same audience on the same day.
  18. 18. 18 Roadmap
  19. 19. Sponsored InMail Recently Released Conversion Tracking (Q2 2017) Track how many times members converted after clicking on or even just viewing your ads Matched Audiences (Q2 2017) Better engage the audiences that matter most through: Website Retargeting, Contact Targeting, and Account Targeting Smarter opt-out options for LinkedIn members (Q2 2017) Provide you more reach - members can now opt-out from receiving InMails from specific advertisers rather than all InMails
  20. 20. CTA redesign More prominent CTA on desktop to drive even more clicks Expected July 2017 Upcoming release for Sponsored InMail
  21. 21. Lead Gen Forms Collect even more quality leads from your Sponsored InMail with seamless pre-filled forms Expected Q3 Upcoming release for Sponsored InMail jstein@abc.com
  22. 22. API Externalization Set up, manage, and report on your Sponsored InMail campaigns more efficiently via our partners Expected Q3 Upcoming release for Sponsored InMail
  23. 23. Cheat sheet for driving ROI Take a multi-product approach Use Sponsored Content to boost Sponsored InMail CTR by 37% from your Sponsored InMail campaigns on LinkedIn Look out for upcoming enhancements & features More prominent CTA design on desktop Lead Gen Forms is coming to Sponsored InMail by Oct 2017* Timing is everything Weekend performance is strong. Leave campaigns on during weekends. Easy ways to enhance your content and creatives Use friendly, low-pressure CTA keywords such as Try, Free, and Today Use CTA buttons with 1 or 3 words Keep your body text under 500 characters Add hyperlinks in the body text to lift CTR by 21% 23 *Pending product readiness
  24. 24. 2015 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.