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Spokesperson Phil Merletti



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Research & Comments Written by Phil Merletti

Edited by Wayne Leach

Draft #10





The Executive Council / Governors Council,

The Revisors Office, The 13TH Amendment

& The Constitution of Maine

In keeping with my intent of creating information in a manner that the average person could understand, I now create part 2 in the series “100 Years of Law and (un)Justice”, I provide information which relates to or is based on the information in the booklet “100 Years of Law and Justice”.

After releasing the first report “100 Years of Law and (un)justice”, more questions than answers were created for the reader. The problem with exposing research is, we have researched this for so long, we forgot that the average reader is not as knowledgeable on this issue as we are. The other problem is, everyone is not on the same level of understanding and knowing the base for the information that we provide. As a result, I must go backwards into time and establish the facts that the average reader can use in order to go forward.

Most of the problems that we suffer as a free society from the U.S. and Maine Legislature is caused by ignorance, insensitivity, greed (money), power & control or any combination of the five reasons that I state. Identifying any of the fore-mentioned is only scratching the surface; it is the motivation that is the important issue. We all can be guilty on some level of having the last three issues as a driving influence, but when we act out and hurt another person, we have crossed the line. If a person or persons willfully conspire to hurt others or groups, it becomes horrible. When trusted agencies, corporations or countries cause this blatant corruption, this is evil.

What was covered in the first exposé of the 100 years of Law and Un)Justice was pure corruption and evil. The main players involved with this corruption and evil were those behind the scene pulling the strings of the puppets of Maine State BAR Association Lawyers (this was clearly written and recorded in their own MSBA booklet). If you will remember I gave a little leeway to some of the lawyers that may have been fooled, used and misled by the MSBA. They essential were purposely guided as useful idiots that never realized how they were used. Behind the scene were global and local professionals who skillfully planned the corrupt court system that ignores our Constitutional Laws (Common Law).

I cannot help but to somewhat respect and venerate with awe for them; I have a bit of envy for them because their plan was so perfect and well designed that they have fooled the entire population of Maine (and the nation) for more than a century! Before I unravel and expose their obvious plan, please allow me to turn the clock back to explain how our laws began and then explain how the criminals deployed their multi-front plan.

But first you must know that slowly for decade after decade we have essentially lived under and inside a systematic and formulated operation of greed, power, crime and fraudulent activities that have chipped away at our freedoms and liberties. This was done with a coordinated effort of Bankers, Lawyers, Justices, Legislators, Governors and Presidents that have created willful fraudulent laws that are currently enforced by unsuspecting Sheriffs and a Police Force that do not realize they are enforcing unconstitutional laws. Unfortunately, just like the military, the law enforcement agencies have no other recourse than to follow what the legislators create against the U.S. & Maine Constitutions. This places the true believers and followers of the U.S. & Maine Constitution into a predicament. Do the law enforcement officers follow the fraudulent law or the Constitutions that they have sworn an Oath to.


A good government and its leaders and followers support the intent of a righteous court that supports and protects its people. Moses and Aaron were not government officials, but yet, they understood the need for consistent, logical guidance in the form of worthy, sound, moral and virtuous laws and tribunals that enforced ancient laws (The primitive forerunners of our early U.S. & State Courts).

Recorded in the ancient history of law is the “Code of Hammurabi”, it is written: “The first duty of government is to protect the powerless against the powerful”. Hammurabi, Moses, Aaron and even King Solomon knew that without logical, natural common sense laws to guide and maintain the population, tyranny, anarchy and slavery would soon follow and guarantee future lawlessness, controlled by the elite, the oligarchs and dictatorships. They also knew that all laws not only had to be just, but they had to be equal among the population (equal justice not social justice). They knew that once one group of people that had power over another with unrestricted power would soon follow and guarantee governmental tyranny.

After 5,000 years of evil or satanic rule, our founders tapped these honest ancient laws of GOD, common sense, and natural law. They established what I believe to be, written with the help of GOD, the sacred writing of the Declaration Of independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The founding fathers understood the need for independence and separation from oppressive governments and dictatorial rule. The founding fathers being Englishman already knew the principles of the laws of the Magna Carta and how Common Law was supposed to be utilized in the court systems of King George.

I remind you that John Adams served once as a Lawyer under the British Law system defending the British Royal Troops that fired on the Massachusetts Colonialist, March 5 1770, called the “Boston Massacre”. And once again after the Revolution, before 1820, John Adams helped to author the Maine Constitution by incorporating the Declaration Of independence, the Articles of Confederation, the U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and Common Law. 20 years later, John Adams son John Quincy Adams served as a lawyer in New Haven Connecticut after the slaves killed crewmembers and took over the slave ship Amistad on July 2nd 1839. This time J. Q. Adams served as a lawyer for the accused slaves using the U.S. Constitution and Common Law.

During and after the revolution, John Adams willfully chose to transition from the courts of King George to the new Constitutional Law and Common Law. It was this knowledge that was incorporated at the Maine Constitutional Convention in 1819, which helped to establish the “Courts of Common Pleas in the State of Maine”.

Over the next 60 plus years, honest and loyal judges, lawyers and legislators provided for a court system for the people. But with all good intentions, comes the bad. Behind the scenes were citizens that were still loyal to the Crown of England and the elite that were connected to the European banking systems. It was these people who slowly and patiently infiltrated our legal system and governments. They knew that once the courts and the governments are corrupted, the people have no longer any true rights, but essentially government rights that are controlled and given and allowed only by the government.

To give a brief history, after decade and well over a hundred years of slowly planning, implementing and weakening the original intent of the Maine Constitution. They finally got a significant foothold in 1875, 1909 and 1976 which turned our Constitution to a mere “public law” and a Republic to a Democracy by creating more criminal, fraudulent and unconstitutional amendments to the Constitution of Maine. In 1929, a bill was created, which literally destroyed the Maine County Court Systems and instead combined all courts under one umbrella. In 1959-1966 Common Law was ignored when the 1959 “Law & Equity Act”, combined all other man made court laws. Then in 1973, they tried to destroy the Governors Executive Council and transfer the power into the hands of the Legislature (they were finally successful in 1976). Again in that same year, they ignored the Constitution of Maine once again and sat justices on the illegal courts without being commissioned; from that point on the justices were only certified without being “Learned in the Law”. It can be said that today, every Maine Court, every Justice, every Prosecutor, the Attorney General, every Lawyer has worked in fraud and every person brought to that court was tried without their “unalienable secured rights” that are protected by the Constitution and Common Law. Over the years, they even fooled the Grand Jury, which is detached from the Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Today, the access to the Grand Jury must be done through the Attorney General, who no longer works under the Common Law.

You are probably wondering how did these judges and lawyers sneak their laws past the legislators and voters in plain sight without being caught? The plan was to infiltrate the Legislature with card carrying Maine State BAR Lawyers that were elected influenced the discussion for “reformation laws” and many of them served on the ‘Judicial Committee’ and the committee on ‘Criminal Justice and Public Safety’.

Another group of insider criminals that work within the legislative halls are called ‘Legislative Councilors’ and the ‘Revisors’. These Legislators and