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2. Takashi Miike 3. Takashi Miike: Does he retain his auteur status after transcending the East/West divide? 4. Things to consider in Miikes films

  • Glossary
  • Films
  • Themes: Family, The Outsider and Order
  • Depiction of violence in Ichi the Killer
  • Eastern cinema: Conventions of film violence
  • Auteur status
  • Conclusion

5. Glossary

  • Dove style violence Popular in contemporary Japanese filmmaking, where people abuse each other with a detached cruelty

Yakuza Japanese mafia Tom Mes Midnight Eye website editor and critic of Japanese cinema,with an interest in Takashi Miike Munchausens by Proxy The exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses by a primary caregiver 6. Films

  • Focus film:
  • Ichi The Killer (2001)
  • Other films:
  • Audition (1999)
  • Chakushin Ari (2003)

7. What is an auteur?

  • A director is like an author; an author writes with words, a director writes with film.
  • Characteristics of an auteur
  • Why I chose the films


  • Themes:
  • Family

9. Audition 10. Chakushin Ari 11. Themes: TheOutsider 12. Ichi the Killer 13. Audition 14. Themes: Order 15. Ichi the Killer 16. Chakushin Ari 17. Depictions of violence 18. Depictions of violence towards men

  • Violence is more graphic and depicted on screen
  • Mes suggests that: Violence against men in the falls into the comical category
  • Mes, violence and audience response

19. Film stills depicting violence towards men Kakihara (r), torturing Suzuka to find out who killed his boss Just a little torture Ichi slicing in half a pimp 20. Depictions of violence towards women

  • More realism in the violence
  • Is it misogynistic?
  • Mes, violence and the audience
  • Representations of victims
  • How violence is shown on screen

21. Film stills depicting violence towards women Nipple slicing scene 22. Eastern cinema: Conventions of film violence

  • Focus on the physical
  • Audience reaction
  • Emphasis on physical suffering
  • Dove style violence
  • Emphasis on consequences
  • Japanese audience voyeur audience

23. Auteur status

  • Awards
  • Work in S-T-V/V-Cinema
  • Hostel and Masters Of Horror
  • Film Festivals
  • Cult status
  • Agitator : Tom Mes and Miike

24. Conclusion (Can I answer my question?) 25.

  • Im happy that my films were discovered by chance by foreign film festivals. That makes me realise more that there is a world outside Japan too.
  • For me, its an occasion to meet many people and experience directly the responses of international audiences to my films.
  • But for me, as a director, my attitude towards making films hasnt changed with the fame
  • I feel its not good to change as a person anyway
  • (Takashi Miike)